Letter(s) from Julia Diachenko to Reiner (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi, Reiner, thank you for the letter for taking my problem with understanding. You didn't leave me alone with difficulties and it proves again you are a true man. It is a man I need! I want to create strong safe family and its strength depends on man mainly. Thank you for being yourself. It is just great we have found one another! The simplest way to help me with the payment is to send money through the Western Union to my name, unlimited month correspondence costs 98.99 USD. You need my full name and address for that:
Julia Diachenko
Geroev Brestskoy Kreposty Block, 4/51,
But if you have any questions, you can ask the manager of the Internet Cafe directly, the e-mail is: InetCafeManager@front.ru
I am looking forward to your reply,
with love,
your Julia