Scam letter(s) from Irina Kvitka to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
I want to speak:)
I am alone modern chick from Ukraine:) Now Im looking for top-grade Man:)
E-mail at: and then I am going to reply to You my photo attach,
Letter 2
When I looked though my e-mail today I didn't find your letter there for pity.
I have been waiting for your answer!
Maybe you don't like my appearance and have decided not to answer?
Why haven't you reply to me?
I want to find a nice friend and we could be good friends. Send me an answer please! P.S. if you check your spam-folder you could find there more letters from me I think.
==== Hello!
My name is Iryna again :--)))
I hope you remember me as I've sent you a letter not long ago. Now I am sending you my e-mail where you can write me.
I am sure you've got a lot of questions to me and you want to know more about myself. I am going to tell you about myself.
I'm pleased to get acquainted with you. I am 28 years old and I am a single girl without husband and children.
How do I look like? You can see my photo at the attached file; I am 5.5 (170cm) height and 110(51kg) weight.
What kind of woman am I? I am a tender and sensitive girl who believes in love and wants to meet a man of my life.
I want to find a serious man who wants serious relations too.
It is very important for me to know what a person has inside of him in his heart, appearance is not important for me at all.
I want to meet a kind and honest man.
I want to be loved and to fall in love with a man, whom I can take care about, spend time together talking, walking or doing nothing.
I live in Kiev; it is the capital of Ukraine. Do you know this country?

I have a very nice work; I work in a beautiful shop of women clothes as an assistant.
Everything is okay in my life except the country of living. I don't like Ukraine at all.
I don't feel stability here and I want to life abroad.
I am sure that I can find a good job abroad and earn enough money for living as I can do everything and I like to work.
Life in my country is very difficult and life abroad is different. I know that I'll be more protected if I live in any foreign country.
Every person needs support and I want to have a person whom I can rely on.
My heart wound is already healed and I am ready for new relations with my one and only man.
I really want to meet a serious man whom I can give all my feelings and emotions.
I am a common woman with normal wishes and I want to have a full life.
I am very honest to you and I hope you'll answer me soon and you understand me right!
I am sorry but now I have to go as I am writing you from internet cafe.
But sometimes I can use my boss computer. Hope I will not lost a job because we are not allowed to use internet or games and etc. at work.
Hope you understand me...
Hope I'll find your letter next time at my e-mail!!! ---
Letter 3
I was very glad to get an answer from you!
You know my close friends call me not by my name, they usually call me "KVITKA" in Ukrainian.
Only very close friends can call me "Kvitka". I'll be happy if you call me "Kvitka" too.
This name is translated "flower" into English.
I want to describe you my life in Ukraine. I am living in a small rented apartment.
I live alone and I don't need a big flat.
Moreover the rent payment in our country is very high.
But I like my apartment, it is very nice and cozy, everything is very comfortable here for pleasant life.
If I want to talk to my friends I use cell phone as there is no phone in apartment.
Unfortunately international calls are restricted at my cell phone.
My self-depended life started very early when I was 19.
That time I made a decision to start a life without parents in a new big city and left there.
From that time I've seen my parents not very often as we all live in different countries.
I am grown-up person now. I am 28 and I am ready for a new stage in my life.
I want to have my own family, my beloved husband and have a normal life as many people do.
I don't like men in Ukraine I am disappointed with them.
I like you. Maybe you'll tell me more about yourself. I am interested to know more about your real life.
Do you have a wife? Or had before? Have you ever loved any woman?
You know that first of all I am going to visit your country as a tourist and that will be great for us to meet and see one another and to get acquainted closer.
I don't want to live in Ukraine; this country has too many disadvantages for me to stay here any longer.
Life here is terrible.
Once I worked as a nurse in a family with small children. The family was very kind and pleasant.
My employer, the family helped me a lot with my speaking languages and now I can communicate without problems thanks to them.
My native language is Ukraine and Russian but I prefer to speak Russian of course.
OH! I am going to tell you about my hobbies but in the next letter. I am writing from work (my boss laptop)
and my time is over now, I have to go back to work.
Waiting for you reply!
Best regards! P.S. I'll write in a day and you can see my photo attached. Please tell me more about yourself. ---
Letter 4

The first day we allowed our true feelings to come out about each other, we feel asleep in each other's arms ...
I never wanted it to be morning, where we would go our separate ways.
I don't know how to describe my feelings, but all I know is I don't want them to go away.
We both have been hurt in the past but maybe in our future we can be the ones who are faithful to each other.
It has been 1 day since I've seen you and I can't stand being away this long ... I feel like I known you forever.
Things are so good even though we are both shy about things, you make me feel so good and now I wear a smile on the inside and outside, because I know you are mine. 'Til tomorrow ... I miss you, Sweetheart. P.S. I will have full info about the visa and docs this week or next and I will write it asap!!! ---
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