Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Mavrina to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Good morning, Are you read my message? I'm happy that you're interested in me. I must start my message by saying the reason why i wrote you. You are very interesting for me as a man. I think that you're looking for girl for new relationships and create a family. I am right? If you are not interested in looking for a woman or you are just interested my **** fotos, please don't answer to my letter. I can understand. I wanna to find my man. Strong, brave and caring who will respect and love me. My name is Elizaveta, i'm thirty four. How old are you? In the profile i saw that you live in Usa? I live in Russia, i hope to get to know each other will not be a problem. I hope you like my pictures. By the way, i'm also wait for your pics. It's quite interesting and important to me. They needed to see a partner in order to begin communication. If you are interested, then we can continue our communication more detail in the following message. Have a wonderful day.
Letter 2
Have a nice day.
Today's Sabbath is not bad.
The time is now only 10:00 in the morning. And I already have so much joy and a charge for the whole day.
I think that this was your letter. Thank you for responding and responding to my letter.
It's very nice to get it and to get to know you a little.
I sincerely hope to continue our dialogue with you, and get to know each other more closely.
I believe that you are a good companion. With whom I can share my impressions here in Russia.
Tell about yourself and show you some of the sights of my city and country.
Russia has a big history. I think that you are a little familiar with Russia?
Now there is a large influx of foreigners in the country, as the World Cup is taking place.
I'm sure that you know about the World Cup. Are you keen on this sport? Do you watch the games?
I show a little interest in this sport and when there is a free minute I watch this tournament on TV.
In general, I am very glad that the football championship is held in Russia.
Since many people from all over the world have had the opportunity to get to know Russia and get to know it from the inside.
My friend, today my working day is short. And I can not linger, I have to close my letter.
I want you to know that I'm waiting for a response from you now, and I intend to speak with you. Tell me more about yourself.
I'm interested in hearing you. I attached one of my photos.
You can see that I have Russian hair, gray-blue eyes. I'm waiting for your new photos.
Forgive me for a short letter, in the next letter I promise to talk more about myself.
Have a nice day and days off. Girlfriend Elizaveta
Letter 3
I'm glad to welcome you! Hey.
You impressed me and interested me.
A little about myself. My eyes are blue. A little shade of gray. Hair blonde.
I think you noticed the picture. I hope today's picture you also like?
I will direct you more about myself so that you will better know me and my life here in Russia.
How are you in your country? I would like to know you and your life hobbies and adventures.
For example, I like to spend time in the fresh air. Now is summer time in Russia.
The nature is saturated with bright colors. It's nice to walk along the street and breathe the smell of fresh flowers, trees, growing grass.
How is the weather in your country? I think it's just as warm.
The temperature is currently an average of 19-22 degrees Celsius in Russia.
Sorry for the short answer. I promise that tomorrow will have more time to write to you.
But first, I would like to receive one more answer.
I hope that you will not leave my letter without attention ... I can not stay long next to the computer.
The office closes, and I need to go. Till tomorrow.
Letter 4

Good afternoon, Peter!
With your letter, my day has become brighter.
I used to not be in a chat with someone. But I decided to try it.
After receiving your next letter, I have a great interest in you.
I live in Nizhny Novgorod. This is a historic city with a population of 1.2 million people.
From Moscow is located at 420 kilometers. If you may be interested in my city. I think that you can view it on the Internet.
I think you will like it. This is a historic city. I myself come from Belarus.
When I was 10 years old. Mom decided to move to Russia. I have been living in Russia for more than 24 years now.
Peter, tell me more about your place where you live. Good?
It will be interesting for me to learn more about you and your life.
As you know, now I'm 34 years old. My birthday is July 20.
My height is 169 centimeters, my weight is 51 kg. I'm average height. In my opinion, the girl should be in good shape.
This keeps my body and spirit healthy! I will try to send you more of my photos. You can see my appearance and my life.
By the way, I will also wait for your new photos. It is very important and interesting for me.
Peter, I work in the garment industry.
The organization in which I work is engaged in tailoring for women and men. My position is "Technologist".
I check the products for quality.
As for my English. I know him well. I studied it at school and university. I also practiced it myself.
My friend, what else do you share, what are you interested in? ... I like good and gentle music.
In addition, I like watching movies. From romance to comedy.
I have a good sense of humor and a love of laughter over good jokes. Do you have a sense of humor?
As for bad habits, I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol.
Peter, I really like to eat fruits. Now is the summer season, and there are many different kinds of fruits on store shelves.
Vitamins are essential for health. I love making fresh drinks, refreshing well in warm weather.
I hope that our communication will help us to open up to each other.
I am happy to share with you about myself. I hope you are interested. And we continue our acquaintance.
Peter, I will be waiting for your letter and questions. I'll devote myself to dissociation.
Sincerely, Elizaveta
Letter 5
Good morning Peter.
I'm sorry that I did not write earlier. There were days off.
I'm glad that it's Monday and I can answer you.
You have a beautiful name !. I like the way it is pronounced. I find it interesting.
I hope that our acquaintance will continue and evolve. Reading your letter, I feel that you are a nice person.
I think that you will be interested to know more about me.
Now I'm at work, I have free time, and I'm writing you a letter. Basically I use the internet only at work.
I do not have a computer at home, so I write to you only from the workplace.
I have to work hard because working with people takes a lot of time.
My position requires a lot of attention and responsibility from me.
As you probably understand, I have a higher education.
I studied at the Nizhny Novgorod Technical University named after R.E. Alekseeva.
Has received education "Technologist of sewing production". I studied for 6 years.
Peter, I live in a rented apartment. Together with me lives my cat "Masiya.
When I come home tired after work, she makes me happy and does not give up.
My mother lives in a village, not far from my city. I have one sister. She also lives in Nizhny Novgorod.
She is married. I do not have any brothers. This is my moderate life here in Russia.
Dear Peter, however, until now I am lonely.
Men with whom I know here in Russia do not attract me, they are all passionate about themselves and only like to have fun in bars and various clubs.
And do not show respect for women. I'm not interested in a night life. I do not visit clubs and bars.
Peter, I've never been married. I have no children. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
But unfortunately everything is not the way .... I came to the conclusion that Russian men do not appreciate women.
That's why I decided to try to talk to you Peter.
My friend, I believe that definitely some sign from the top! Since your mail I noticed quite by accident.
Apparently my working computer issued a program crash, and your mail appeared on my computer line.
Peter, already for eight months I'm alone.
Our life is not eternal. Time passes ... And I would like to be with a reliable and kind person in the future.
A person who will respect me and not change.
Perhaps that's why I'm careful in my choice of men. This is the reason for the break-up of past relationships.
Yes, I found a man with another woman. He betrayed me and humiliated me. I do not want to talk about it.
I read that trust is the most important thing for me.
Without any trust, nothing is possible: work, friendship, love, life! I am a true woman.
Based on your letters, I understand that you, too, are the responsible man.
With whom I hope to continue the conversation.
It is necessary to work. I'm sorry.
Sincerely, Elizaveta p.s. Attached daily photos, as well as a photo of my childhood. - It was 4 years.
Letter 6
Peter! I am glad to welcome you!
Today, my alarm clock screamed at 07:20 in the morning. I woke up and thought about you ... For me it was awesome.
But it turned out to be a pleasant feeling that I felt! I washed myself, prepared my breakfast and coffee.
Usually for breakfast I eat bananas with cottage cheese or various grades of porridge.
What do you eat for breakfast?
I hurried to work to see your answer sooner. And now I write to you my thoughts while in the office ...
There is free time and I give it to you.
I would like to say more about my family and about me as a whole.
How did you notice that I am a Slav. And a Christian. I believe in God.
I believe that every person believes in his faith. I attend church when I have time.
My dear, at the moment my family is my mother and sister. I do not have a father.
I have never seen him and I do not know what the word "Papa" is. My mom's name is Tomma.
She is now 56 years old and she is engaged in housekeeping. The name of Sister Zinaida.
I attached a photo with them. They were made last weekend. I also attached various of my everyday photos.
Mom is my friend. She's a good-natured and good woman.
Peter, I remember that since my childhood my mother taught me how to cook.
Her efforts were not in vain. I cook well. As for my favorite food, I think it's a fish.
I give more preference to fish dishes. I also like fresh vegetables and fruits.
Peter, besides my favorite work, I have a hobby. In my spare time I enjoy various exercises.
I can go for a jog and do exercises. I also sometimes visit the gym.
I also like to spend my evenings at home and read books. I love drama and romance.
My friend, now my favorite season is summer. It's nice to feel the warmth of the sun, after a long cold winter.
The singing of birds and the smell of new-growing grass inspire me. The same as your letters. The weather is warm now.
As for travel, I was not outside my country.
And I have no idea what kind of life in other countries. Thank you for revealing it to me a little.
I myself will try to learn more about your country.
Peter, I wish you a nice day! I hope that my letter does not bore you.
Now I must go. I am waiting for your letter.
Your friend Elizaveta
Letter 7
Good morning dear Peter.
The time now is 08:00 AM. I recently came to work. I usually start my day from 07:00 in the morning.
Since at 8 am I should be at work. I work till 18:00 in the evening.
The work is not so far. Literally two blocks. And I get to work on the bus.
Peter, the air temperature today is 26 degrees. This is considered a very hot weather for Russia.
Dear Peter, I'm glad to hear and learn about you more and more. Thank you for revealing yourself before me.
I am grateful to you for your letters. I love reading them. Our letters with you served as the beginning of our friendship.
From the moment I began to enter into a conversation with you. I am always in a good mood.
It's great to have a feeling that there is a man in the world who I'm interested in and not indifferent to.
Dear, I try to check the mail every day, but sometimes I can not do it. Excuse me when I can not write a letter to you right away.
I want you to know that I think about you all the time!
Peter, I much more often have a smile on my face, in me more enthusiasm and energy.
I am grateful to you for this. Every day I feel something extraordinary inside of me. I find it interesting and enjoyable.
Peter, you sympathize with me. I see in you reliability and seriousness.
And I think that you are a decent man, to whom I can trust. I hope so ?
I appreciate our communication with you and cherish them.
My friend, much I want to tell you and share with you. What interests you in me? What would you like to ask me?
I told you about myself, about my hobbies, work and family.
I can not give the life itself in Russia and the internal society in a letter. It is necessary to be and feel it.
I would also like to visit other countries once and to know how much and how they live there.
Learn the culture, visit various traditional holidays. In a word, feel the atmosphere.
Peter, today at the workshop were signed some documents on the technical characteristics of products.
Also, the employees were asked if you were abroad? I answered that no. The question of the chief Technologist troubled me ...
I spurted what was it? He told me that the principal asked me to collect information about the employees.
And just reported that all employees must have an International passport. Today after work I will apply for a passport.
I think that it should be. Also can be useful.
I will wait for your letter with great impatience!
I embrace.
Your friend Elizaveta P.s.A photo in a blue dress - this dress was made by seamstresses and designers.
I needed to check the quality of the products. Do not think, I'm not a model.
I just check it for the performance of acceptable characteristics.
And sometimes I have to put the products on myself.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Peter.
I'm glad to open the computer and check the mail to see your letter. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.
Yes, I know that we are separated by a certain time from each other.
But I'm sure, we are not hampered by the distance and the time space between us.
Now lunch break and I'm writing you my letter.
How are you my dear? How is your day?
For the whole day, I could not work peacefully ... I could not concentrate. I'm still thinking about you!
I'm trying to imagine what you're doing, what you can do ...
Peter, I start to feel inner hormones, I want to love and be loved!
Every day I see how couples in love stroll around the park and chat sweetly.
Oh my God! I want to walk with my man, hold his hand, oh ... why we are not near you.
I would like to live with you on the same street and we could meet in a cafe, talk, walk during sunset and dawn.
Peter, last night I met with a friend. Girlfriend's name is Gulnara.
She lives in the next street. It is she who helps me take some pictures for you. I attached a photo to her.
Me and my friend, we know each other for a lifetime. We do not have any secrets from each other.
I told my friend that I have a friend with whom I am currently communicating.
Yes, I told my friend about our communication, I hope you do not mind it.
The girlfriend noticed the changes in me. She told me that lately I've become happier.
My friend is happy for us with you. She is already married and happy in marriage.
She wishes us happiness and development of our relations with you.
Peter, I thanked her for supporting me in communicating with you.
Now my girlfriend is the only girl who knows about our communication.
While I did not talk about our communication with my mother, my sister, but I think it's worth sharing with them.
I'm sure that their reaction will be positive.
Darling, my friend said you should see me no more. I agree with her. I want you to see my daily life.
That's why I try to always attach my everyday photos. And just to share with you about how my day went by.
Usually on weekdays I'm busy with work, after a hard day I head home to rest.
But sometimes I can walk around the park with my girlfriend. Now it's a pleasure to walk in the street.
This week, my friend and I planned to visit a specialized pool. Spend time under the sun and get a tan.
In my city flows the Volga River. And basically all people spend time on the bank of the Volga.
Weekends I usually spend with friends or in the circle of their relatives.
Peter, I feel that my life is beginning to change. There are pleasant changes in me.
It feels like I'm starting to feel for you. I have a warm feeling for you dear!
Every word that you read comes from my heart. Accept my kisses !!!
Something I got carried away with my letter ... Sorry, I must close now and go.
I will miss ... and wait for your letter.
Have a nice day dear! Your friend Elizaveta
Letter 9
Good evening, my Peter!
I am always very happy to see your answer. Your emotions.
My heart is getting warmer because I get such beautiful words from you.
My dear, I feel my life to become more interesting, because I communicate with such an interesting person.
I'm in touch with you Peter! Thank you, you make my life more rich.
Peter, I'm not interested in anyone here in Rossii.Lish you! Only your attention gives me happiness.
I want to share with you more and more about myself. So you know me better.
You ask me what you want and I will answer you. Good?
It is difficult to talk about feelings in letters. I want to look into your eyes, and listen to you.
A look can convey far more words. I think you agree with me?
Peter, the whole day today I was free from work and I decided to visit my mother.
I have not seen my mother for about 2 weeks.
And I decided to prepare for her a small surprise in the form of fruit and a small bouquet of flowers.
She was pleasantly surprised. We were glad to see each other.
During the conversation, I decided to share with her about our communication with you.
Yes my dear Peter! I introduced my mother to you. Just today I had a conversation with my sister.
I also told her about our communication.
My dear, they asked me about you. I was open to them and told everything I know about you.
I said that you are a kind, open, caring and considerate man.
I thanked them for their understanding and said that there was no cause for concern.
Peter, I hope that I was not mistaken in my choice. Please do not leave me without your letters.
Write me every day, I always wait for your words here.
Dear, my friendship with you very much. Your letters have become the most important part of my life!
Not a day goes by so I do not think about a man named Peter!
For a long time I have not experienced the feeling that is in my heart now.
I'm a little bit wary of this now ... But I trust you! I believe that you are serious about me and my feelings for you.
Peter, after meeting with my mother, I met with a friend.
We decided that today is suitable to relax by the pool and spend a day on the banks of the River.
I have some pictures taken today and I decided to show them to you. We spent more than 5 hours relaxing in the fresh air.
Now the time is already 19:40 pm. But I took the time to respond to your letter. Now I'm going home, the sun has tired me all day.
Peter, I want you and me to have a warm, bright relationship!
I would like to one day open my eyes and see you next to me. My dear, if you have the opportunity.
Come to me, and be near. I will be happy to spend time with you. To acquaint you with your city, country and your environment.
Share your thoughts dear .... I wish you a pleasant weekend. how do you think to spend them?
I do not have plans.
Kisses .
Your friend Elizaveta
Letter 10
Hello my dear ! How is your day?
My weekend was cozy and homely. I spent them with my cat Masiya.
My eyes sparkle with joy when I check the mail and see your letter. Thank you for the happiness you bring to me.
I feel the spiritual harmony within me, calmness.
You ask why? And I will answer you my dear. Because you are next to me !!!
Your words of care and attention, I am pleased.
Peter, it's so romantic - to read letters ... Our life changes, changes in one movement.
I'm not in my world anymore, I'm already in front of you! I learn about you, your day, your mood.
I study you and am in your world. And I like it.
I want the distance between us to melt in an instant, and we were together.
Dear, in my last letter, I told you about my feelings for you.
And now I continue to reveal myself to you.
Peter, it is difficult to express in letters all that warm feeling that you feel inside yourself.
I'm trying to ! I'm trying to express everything in these lines!
My dear, I believe that we will meet with you on any given day, and we will be able to talk without end.
I hope that one day you will be able to find a way to come to me. Every word I tell you, I say consciously and decisively.
Peter, I dare to assume that you are the man with whom I want to be!
You're elegant, uninhibited, smart, I'm interested in you!
I feel your inner beauty! Every day I start thinking about our meeting with you.
Our first meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know each other.
Peter, I said earlier that my passport is now in the process of preparation.
He will allow me to have a journey around the world. .
You know my dear, I have thoughts ... About the journey to you. I trust you completely.
And so today I fully revealed to you my spiritual state.
I said that earlier I had not come across a journey from the country.
And for me it will be something new and unexplored ... That's why I'm a little bit wary.
But I want to get acquainted with your country, city and of course with you my Peter!
I will think about my intentions ... I also know if I can get free from work and have a vacation.
Dear, I think you need to know all my data: My full name is Elizaveta Mavrina
Also information regarding my address:
ul. Kirovskaya 11,
Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod region., 603034
My dear, I would be grateful if you told me my data so that I had an idea of where you live.
I know that in my city there is Strigino International Airport.
My dear, when will you have free time? I mean, time to relax with me.
Peter, I wish to be special for you! I did not have such emotions before.
But now I feel that my heart is filled with you! I will wait for your answer.
I embrace you dear! Kisses! Your girl Elizaveta p.s. Today I attached some pictures that were made in a cafe.
My colleague and I broke down to take a glass of juice and rest after work. And in parallel watched the World Cup.
Letter 11
Peter, my beloved. Hello !
Today when I was at my job, I was thinking. I thought about you ...
I constantly think about you! I can not stop the flow of thought about you.
And I do not want to! My thoughts are full of you! I do not want to lose this thread that connects us.
A person can not live only in letters. Human life is unique and must be real.
It is impossible to lose even the moment of this life. My life is now in these letters. You are in the letters.
My life is you and our dream. My biggest dream! I want to look into your eyes to see all your love and tenderness.
You are the most special person in my life Peter! I have many ideas and see our future.
And all these ideas are very beautiful and romantic.
Dear, I hate the distance that divides us. I hate these miles and miles.
I'm afraid to be without you, without your attention, without your words! This is an incredible, unreal and unearthly love!
Every day a love that grows. Love that is so necessary for me. I've always been waiting for love!
And here it is, I feel this inner state.
My dear Peter, can you meet me if I arrive to you?
I hope you will not be hampered by this. I want to ask again, are you waiting for me?
What is your full name ?
Is there an international airport near your house?
I seriously think about it!
Beloved, I think that I will need to issue a visa and other documents for traveling to your country.
Today I learned that my passport will be ready tomorrow.
So I will prepare the documents and learn about how to have a journey to you.
I hope I can reach you and spend a great time with you.
Peter, I'd rather hear your thoughts. I apologize for the short letter.
But I must complete and continue my work.
Your beloved Elizaveta
Letter 12
Hello, my beloved Peter!
Already evening. My work day is over, but I stayed at work to write you a letter.
Peter, I look forward to the day when we will be able to realize our plans and desires!
You really changed my world! Letters can not touch .... Letters can not kiss. I wanna be with you!
I was looking for a person to reality.
We can write beautiful words a lot ... But the only real meeting can change our life! I am sure about it.
Only a real meeting will give us an opportunity to understand everything in order to understand the power of our emotions in order to understand our perspective.
Peter, in the near future I will have my vacation from work.
I found out, and I was allowed to take a vacation. Since already more than a year I work without rest.
I think that in the next 2 days I will finish all my affairs at work, and I will have a vacation.
While I did not receive the documents on the holiday and I do not know how many days of rest I will get.
I will report this to you later. We need to meet to know reality, talk, walk, be together! I do not want to be alone when I have you Peter!
When I come to you, I will see your life and your world. We can be together and feel each other.
I hope that this will happen in the near future, when your world will become my world.
That's why we need to take this step to our dream.
You are my closest person, you are my only man!
Peter, I want your love, tenderness, touch.
My beloved, I dream of your embrace!
Honey, I thank the fate that we are each other! I feel like the happiest girl in the world!
Dear, the whole day I learned about the visa and other documents. Today before work I took my valid international passport.
I applied for a visa. Conveniently, you can request permission in electronic form. Now I need to wait for the reply.
I want you not to be frightened of my actions,
I just want all my documents that are necessary for travel were ready and were in my hands.
And then we plan our meeting. I promise that I will tell each step.
I must go now ... You are in my heart Peter!
Yours and only your Elizaveta p.s. Last night my friend Nina called me. And she invited me to her daughter's birthday.
We had a great time with children.
Letter 13
Favorite Peter, good afternoon.
Peter, for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you!
Earlier, I left an application for a tourist visa at the embassy of your country.
Darling, I was surprised when the call came today. And the representative of the embassy addressed me.
We had a conversation on the phone, and I was informed that I should personally visit the visa center in Moscow.
It is necessary to talk with the consul about my visit to your country. I said that this is not a problem.
As you know that from my city to Moscow is not so much time on the road.
Only 420 km. Approximately 4 -5 hours by bus.
I do not want to delay, and I do not want to be denied a tourist visa. Therefore, it is necessary to act!
Most likely I will live in a hotel, because I do not have any friends in Moscow. All this requires a financial investment.
I do not know exactly how much I will need. I have accumulated savings, which I set aside for better times.
I think that I should be enough. I plan to arrive in Moscow tomorrow, and then I will tell you all the exact information.
Peter, I believe that the sharing of costs will be fair. How do you think? I beg you not to respond strictly to my request.
I think that the cost of air tickets is not great, and we can together cope.
Forgive my dear, I urgently need to close the letter.
They reported that now there will be a check for availability - Quality of the workplace. I have to prepare.
I will try to continue my letter in the evening.
Letter 14
It's me again. I continue my letter in an hour. The test went well.
You know Peter, I want to do everything possible that you were the happiest person in the world.
I believe that you deserve it! I have known you, your inner world and your life.
We have to learn more about each other. I'm looking forward to this hour. I can imagine how well we will spend our time.
You know that I need little to be happy. Only you were there. Walking in the park holding hands. Go camping.
Watch our favorite movies and enjoy each other. Feel your kiss. Your hug.
Peter, today is my last working day. And from tomorrow I can have a vacation. They will last for 40 days.
Peter, I have already prepared all the necessary documents and things for my trip.
Colleagues wished me a good rest. I'll need your support when I'm in Moscow. It's a big city, and I'll be there all alone.
I already bought tickets for the bus to Moscow. Check out time is at 07:10 am.
Tomorrow afternoon I will be in Moscow.
I promise that I will write you letters every day, I will visit the Internet cafe.
And tell you how things are going with the documents.
Unfortunately I can not take the camera with me. My cat accidentally threw it off the table and it does not work now.
I managed to take one picture this morning. A friend (colleague), a birthday today.
I bought a cake for her and congratulated her.
Then my friend took a photo with her camera..
Beloved, I am grateful to the fate that soon we will be together.
I love you with all my heart Peter! Our meeting with you is a big step in our relations with you.
And we need to be serious now and act together. Please do not ignore my letter.
Kisses! With Love, forever your Elizaveta
Letter 15
My dear man. Hello !
Early in the morning today I moved to Moscow by bus.
The road to Moscow was not easy. Now it's hot outside, and the bus was unbearable.
Though the conditioner worked. About 11:55 I was already in Moscow.
I stopped not far from the station "Bus station VDNH." This is not quite an expensive hostel "at VDNH."
You can say the room. I have the necessary savings and I pay for the hotel.
Now the money is very important for our meeting, and I strive to protect them.
I managed to do everything that is planned for today.
Peter, today I visited the embassy of your country. Communicated with the consul. I was surprised at their affability.
I was asked the purpose of the trip. I answered that it was a tourist trip.
They asked for your language, watched my speech and me. I provided all the necessary documents.
I was glad to see the consul's smile. They approved me and said that my visa will go into the process.
My love, now our question with you is with air tickets. I can buy air tickets more cheaply than before the flight.
My dear, I got to the airport by metro. I looked at the airport at the airport. I looked at economy class flights.
Peter, air tickets cost 300 euro.
My dear, I already paid the embassy registration of documents.
I also paid for the hotel. I need money to live in Moscow.
My dear, I can not get my own tickets. So I asked you to assist my flight to you.
I hope that you will not leave me alone here and will help our meeting.I think that all this time you were serious about me!
Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you is priceless!
I'm looking forward to hug you and be around!
Peter, I will close my letter now and patiently wait for your words.
I have a meeting with a bank employee. She must go.
Moscow is a big city and takes a lot of time and energy.
See you my love! If the cafe interent will be open. I will answer you later.
I came across funny pictures. And I decided to attach them to the letter.
I miss you!
Letter 16
My beloved, good evening to you. It was important for me to know how to solve the problem with the translation .
And so I decided to find out about the situation in the bank. Never before have I encountered this.
The bank explained to me that in the world there are many systems for transferring money.
They suggested opening an account. I said that I have a bank account.
I understood, according to the co-workers of the bank, that we can use Money Gram.
For a quick transfer of funds.
I was informed that you need to specify the data in the translation.
My full name is: Elizaveta Mavrina
Money Gram ;
Address: : Tverskaya st., 15, Moscow, 125009
Peter, are you familiar with this system?
I hope that this works and you will be able to help me to buy air tickets in the near future.
I'm glad that I managed to start the visa process. I hope that very soon we will be together.
I'm waiting for your help in the near future. I want to remind you that I need 300 euro.
Let me see the receipt for the transfer. The bank must provide.
I have done many things today. I'm very tired. I'll go to the hotel now.
The most important thing that is necessary for me now is your support.
I promise that I will write you letters every day, I ask you too.
I managed to get one picture today. I asked a passerby.
Peter, I love you! With great impatience I look forward to our meeting!
Please write to me soon. I send you many sweet kisses!
With love, forever is your Elizaveta
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