Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Efimova to Peter (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Peter, How are you doing? How is the weather at you? My day today is fine the weather is fine today. Your letter today has decorated my day. I have got used to your letters, and I every day hasten to the workplace to see your letter. I have a smile on my face when I read your letter. It is very pleasant for me. I like to know new moments about you and your life. Peter, I ask you to excuse me, probably I set many questions? You may tell me about it. Now it is already much easier to me to write to you letters in comparison with the first time. I am really worried very much, when I wrote the first letter to you, but now I write to you letters much easier. I write to you, that I feel. I trust you, and I tell you about everything. I also hope very much, that you are sincere with me. You know, every evening, being at home I, think of you, I think, whether you will answer my letter tomorrow. Peter, I treat you as my friend. Yes, us there is a big distance between us, but I think, that it not a barrier to be friends. You are very nice for me. Today it is a usual day at work, I worked much on some orders. I am very responsible at work. I try to carry out her perfectly. It is important for me that clients were pleased with the work done. I think, it will be interesting for you to know about the schedule of my work. I work from Monday till Saturday. My working day as usual begins at 9.00 and comes to an end at 18.00. I work approximately 48 hours per week. Work allows me to have good earnings. The earned money I receive in every two weeks. My workplace is in about 20 minutes of trip from my apartment. For work I reach by auto. I have a Russian automobile, it is VAZ-2110. This automobile I got at the beginning of this year as soon as I got the document allowing to drive the automobile, it is my first automobile, it costs many months of working. Earlier I reached my work by public transport, we have no problems with it in our city, but now it is very convenient, when I have my own automobile. Tell Peter how do you reach the work? I am glad to receive from you answers to my questions today. You also can ask me any question, and I shall answer you if I, certainly, I shall know the answer :-), only a smile. I hope, you understand my sense of humour. Dear Peter, please tell me your favourite season? My favourite season, is spring! I love spring because in the spring all comes to life, the nature wakes up after winter, the cheerful rivers flow, trees become covered by green foliage. I think, that it is fine! In the spring all receives a new life. Also I like summer because it is warm in the summer, it is possible to bathe, visit a beach, to sunbathe. Tell, have you a river or lake near your house? Do you like to visit a beach? I like to visit a beach, in Russia we can do it within two months in a year. We have a temperate( mild )climate, and in August it becomes cooler, and actually in August the swimming season is closed.
In the south of our country it is possible to bathe till October, it is great! Once I visited a beach resort in Abkhazia, this resort is on the border of Russia and Southern Caucasus. I send you my photos.
Where I had a rest in Abkhazia.In the photo, me and my girlfriend, we had walked in the evening on the beach. On the beach there was a disco.
And another picture when we walked in the afternoon on Abkhazia. By the way, in Russia we have 30 days of a vacation every year. It allows to have additional efforts to work. This year I have not yet used the vacation. I visited Abkhazia within 2 weeks, I enjoyed fine beaches and pure mountain air. When I have come back home and felt like vigorous and healthy. The beach and bathing in sea water helps to be healthy. I am sure, ocean water makes people healthy. I always dreamed to see ocean.
Also I never visited Your country, I know, that it is very beautiful country. I hope, that in the future my dream of visiting Your country, To be carried out. Last year I visited Bulgaria, I had the tourist permit. I enjoyed a mountain landscape.
The mountain landscape is beautiful at any time of a year! There are many mounting skiing resorts are in Bulgaria. I love this kind of sports, and I try to master it. Peter, tell to me about your vacation and travel. It will be very interesting to me! Yesterday I have told to my parents that I had acquainted with a man from other country. They have been very much surprised. But their reaction can be explained. My parents acquainted not in such a way as we though they also wrote to each other when my daddy was in army, but this correspondence was by means of post service. Presently there is the Internet, and it is very convenient, also due to the Internet we have got acquainted with you.
I am grateful to the Internet. Letters will go by mail probably very for a long time, from the Your country to Russia, therefore I think, that the Internet is much more convenient. My parents asked about you much, and I answered all their questions. First of all, it was interesting to my parents what is your name? I have told, that yours name is Peter.
Will our relations proceed? I think of it! Do you think of it ? I think, that I would like to speak with you and to learn about you more. I am interested in you. I want to thank you that you are always fair with me.
I trust you. After my last relations my heart hurts still and it is very difficult for me to be restored. You help me in it Peter and I thank you for your understanding and trust.Have a nice day! Write to me as soon as you will have time... Yours Elizaveta.
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