Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Efimova to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hello Sebo, I am writing to you for the first time. I never wrote letters to people outside of my state. I tried to get acquainted on the dating site, but all the people with whom I met, looking for sex for one night or asked for a naked photo. Therefore, I applied to the marriage agency of my city, filled out a questionnaire. And they gave me your e-mail, they said that you are a very sympathetic, responsible and handsome man. I asked the marriage agency how I can get to know you if I do not know anything about you. They told me to write to you and tell me about myself. And you will certainly answer. I very much
hope that this is true, because I'm seriously looking for a relationship and will be waiting for a letter from you. Thank you in advance. I hope I was not mistaken. (smile). I can write to you every day. And I will be very glad to know you and take a closer look. I hope you will write me an answer, because I really would be very glad.
I just want to tell you that my name Elena. I want to tell you that I am not kidding you, and I'm real. I'm a real girl and really looking for a serious relationship. I hope that you understand me, so I'll wait for the next day to see an answer from you, and photos. I want to say, that I am cheerful girl. Usually I dont hesitate by dialogue with people, but now I am excited. My heart is beaten more rapidly! First of all, I worry that you will have a problem in understanding of my English language. I studied the English language at school, and then at university. Probably my English, differs from yours colloquial one.
Can you understand what I speak ? If something will be not clear for you, do not hesitate to ask about it. I do not want, that there will be the essential barrier of language between us. I live 800 kilometers east of Moscow. My town is called Kazan. My city is very beautiful and my city is more than 1000 years old. If you want to see my city, you can see it on the Internet in Wikipedia. It's very well written about my city. I hope, that it will not be a problem for our communication. I want to tell to you, that I dont like the Russian men and there is for a reason for it if for you it is interesting, I can tell to you in the following letter. I have solved to look for the love outside Russia, Because I want my standard of living to improve.
Now it's hard to live in Russia and we have many problems with men, it's very difficult to find a good man. So I decided to try my luck in your country. Also I hope that we will be better to learn each other.
I shall send the photo to you today. I'm not a fashion model, but I look after myself to look nice. Sebo, Now, probably I should tell you about myself. I am 32 old year, my Birthday is on December, 20, 1985. I am 168 cm, my weight is 60 kg, You better judge my appearance on my photo. I care about my appearance very much, I attend courses of aerobics and fitness, it helps me to keep my body and elegance top-level. It is very important for me because I am a girl and I must be beautiful. I think to you it will be interesting to learn about my work.I work for a shop assistant in a motor show Volkswagen. I sell to people car.
I have the higher Formation on a speciality "Marketing and Advertising". I very much love my work. I like it because it helps me to communicate with different people and we have a rallied group of workers. In our group the success of one employee depends on the previous success of other employees. Our friendship and unity are connected just with it. Work allows me to express myself and my individuality. My work helps me to be well-being. I live to work and I work to live. In the following letter I will send you my photos from my work. I hope that it will be interesting to you to look where I work. I live an independent life, and I liked, I do not like to need something. I live with my sister in two room apartment. The majority of the population in Kazan lives in apartments. My parents live separately from us in a country house, they like silence and fresh air. Our family lives friendly. I love and respect my parents, because they have presented me the most valuable thing that I have - my life.
Also, parents raised me, brought me up very well, and give me good education. I am grateful to my parents for everything, that they have made for me. Sebo, please tell me about your family. Sebo, I also want to tell you, that my purposes are very serious. I want to find the man of my love. I want to have serious relationship and have a good family in which relations will be formed upon love, mutual understanding, respect, friendship and trust. These traits are very important for me.
I want to find the man, who will be happy together with me and will support me in despair. Please, tell me about yours ambitions in your live. It is interesting to me to know about it. I am really interested in communicating with you. I had never had communicated with a man from in another country. I shall be glad to hear about you, about your family, your life. Sebo, please tell me, does the city where you live have places which are worth to see - theatres, exhibitions, museums? I like to visit such a kind of establishments in our city. In last weekend I have visited a planetarium with my friends. It was great, we had possibility to observe the star sky, also we observed planets. I liked it very much. Ok, Friend, I have to finish my the letter. I hope, you take my letter seriously. I want you take my letter with gravity and responsibility. I hope, it was interesting for you to know about me, and I hope it takes not much time for you to read my letter. I want to send you my photos, my favorite cat "Koster ", my beloved dog, my dog's name "Lucky". My always waiting for me to work, and always meets me at the door. Please, write to me. I wait with impatience for your letter. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Elena.
Letter 2
Hi my dearest Sebo, I hope, everything is fine with you and you have a fine day. How are you today? My day was very intense, I am tired of the trip. I shall sleep well today. I visited the UK embassy in Moscow today. My appointment was scheduled for 10:00. They accepted me at the embassy very well. The lady at the embassy told me that I had done well beforehand, now have established new rules for obtaining a visa and therefore the procedure for obtaining a visa takes longer, and the interview will also last longer than usual. I need to be sure, determine the purpose of the trip and other facts will determine to me the type of visa required in accordance with UK immigration law. As a visa applicant, I will have to meet all the requirements that are required for my visa so that I correspond to my visa. I worried very much, one can see my excitement, but I came through with my the thoughts. It is not easy to receive the sanction, and the visa to visit. Lady asked me kindly to tell the purpose of my arrival to the UK. I have told, that my purpose is a meeting with the man,who is dear for me, with you, dear Sebo. She understood the purpose of my travel and hastened to warn me from possible dangers of travel. She told to me, that there are cases when nobody meets a girl in UK, and she stay alone. But I assured her, that you are responsible and sincere man. I assured her, that we with you are the big friends, and we know, each other already for a long time.
The employee of embassy also told me, that it is not easy for a woman of my age to visit the UK, however I insisted on a meeting, even for a short term. So I have found out, that it is necessary to get the visa. It was told me, that for us with you the most suitable visa is "Tourist visa ", the visa of a bride, but it is very difficult to get. Getting of that visa takes a lot of time. To get this type of visa it is necessary for us to give proofs of that we have already met with each other, it is necessary to give our joint photos, hand-written letters to each other. I said, that I can give these proofs, but the term of getting this visa does not suit me. Besides we have no plans, to marry now, it is necessary for us to know each other better all over again. Then the lady in the embassy explained me, that more convenient type of the visa for me is Visa "Tourist visa", the visa of a tourist. This type of the visa will allow me to travel to UK as an independent tourist, I can freely move on all the territory of the UK. I have agreed, that this variant is the most suitable for us. After we have chosen the necessary type of the visa, I was suggested to fill in various questionnaires, to answer questions. I was explained, that registration of the visa will take 2 weeks, also according to this visa I can be in the territory of your country within several weeks or months. This type of the visa is really the most optimal variant for us. The action of my visa will be 180 days. But the first time staying in your country, I can only 90 days. This is written in the migration rules. In the future, I can extend the visa for 3 years. Therefore, if we meet with you, the first time I can leave you for a maximum of 3 months. It's a good news. Also they explained me in the embassy that I shall need the passport, it is compulsory to pass medical inspection, and already then I can start to registrate the visa. I knew, that all will be not easy. It will be really difficult for me, but I am ready to this process. I have already the passport, and it is a great plus. Our meeting depends on us, and we should realize. Dear Sebo, also I should tell you how much the official registration of papers costs.It costs much more expensive, than I could assume. The visa will cost 4000 rubles (52 pound sterling), medical survey which will be necessary for me I can pass free-of-charge because I have the policy of medical insurance. It will be necessary for me to fill in various questionnaires, it will cost additional 5500 rubles ( 72 pound sterling), consular fees 9500 rubles (125 pound sterling). I should give the embassy the information on the marital status, personal incomes and my activs in the country. As you see, it is necessary to do many things to be together with you. I think, that our meeting is the most important, than any money. Now, I want to sum up, cost of all that things . Official registration of papers, will cost about 19000 rubles (250 pound sterling). Also I will need to go to Moscow and live in Moscow for about 2 weeks. It's 14 days, I found out that the cost of a rented one-room apartment in Moscow costs 1000 rubles per day, then about 13 pound sterling. Since I will rent an apartment for 14 days, I need 182 pound sterling. And the road from Kazan to Moscow, this time I will go by bus, this is another 34 pound sterling. Total for my entire trip and visa registration I need 450 pound sterling. I have this money! It is not a problem for me. Tell are you glad that our meeting will take place soon? I have about 45000 spared rubles (593 pound sterling), I plan to spend this money on the process of getting visa. Also I should live in Moscow for a certain time, and certainly I shall need money for foodstuffs, payment of a public transport. I can cover that charges for the sake of our meeting. Dear Sebo, I think it will be fair, but I should tell you about it, I shall probably need your help. I do not want to injure you, but sincerely I need in you. All that depends on me these are documents, I shall prepare them, I shall make out all correctly for our meeting will have no delays and problems. It is very unpleasant for me to ask you to help, I was sure, that I shall cope with it myself, but nevertheless our meeting will be impossible without your support. Tell, are you ready to help me with tickets? My dear, I want to tell you that I do not ask you for money. I ask that you bought me tickets. Or if you do not have enough money for tickets, then we are together we can think how best to do to get me tickets. Inform me about it if you are really ready to help me with tickets, I shall visit the embassy again and begin the process of registration. As soon as I shall receive your consent, it will be necessary for me to come back to Moscow, and to be engaged in reception of the visa. So I believe, that I have made a big step to our future appointment, now you are the owner of a situation, but it is necessary for us to make a decision together! If I get your approval to help I shall be the happiest woman in the world. Sebo, also inform me please your nearest airport,I will inform this information for embassy. I am very tired today, it is rather late already and now I shall come back home.
I shall think of you, and to dream, about the meeting. Please, study my letter attentively. I trust you. Sebo, I will wait with impatience for our meeting. Once again excuse me if I injured you having asked the help, I really did not want to cause you a pain. I highly appreciate you and our feelings. I will be very happy if our meeting takes place soon. I want to care about our future. I listen to my heart and I hope that you also will listen to your heart Sebo. Well, I should go now I finish my letter. I send you my photo. I want that at you was cheered up and I will be happy, that it to like you. I want that I always was in your thoughts). Have a nice day! Only yours Elena.
Letter 3
Hi my lovely and the best in the world man, my dear Sebo. Thank you for your tender and very kind letter. I promise you that in the next letter, I will write you erotic thoughts. I watched the match England Sweden. I really liked it. England won and now she will play with the team of Croatia. On Saturday night I had a very sad mood, I watched football, unfortunately our Russian team lost on penalties. Football players of the Russian team played very well, but unfortunately could not realize the penalty. I do not blame the players, I think that the penalty shootout is like a lottery. Now I'll just watch football. Today, Belgium and France will play. I had a very good time on a Sunday. I had a very good time with my aunt in the museum of art galleries. The museum was called the Tretyakov Gallery. This is a huge museum, I really liked the museum.
On Sunday, I was with my aunt, spent the whole day in the museum. So that you will understand a little about this museum, I will tell you a little about the museum. The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art museum in Moscow, founded in 1856 by merchant Pavel Tretyakov and has one of the largest collections of Russian fine art in the world. The exposition in the main building "Russian painting of the 21st century
- the beginning of the 20th century" is part of the All-Russian Museum Association "The State Tretyakov Gallery", founded in 1986. Pavel Tretyakov began to collect his collection of paintings in the middle of 1850-th year. The year of the foundation of the Tretyakov Gallery is considered to be the year 1856, when Pavel Tretyakov purchased two paintings by Russian artists: N.Shilder's Temptation and VG Khudyakov's "Confrontation with Finnish Smugglers", although earlier, in 1854-1855, he bought 11 graphic sheets and 9 paintings of old Dutch masters. In 1867, for the general public in Zamoskvorechie was opened "Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov." Her collection consisted of 1276 paintings, 471 drawings and 10 sculptures of Russian artists, as well as 84 paintings by foreign artists. By 1917 the Tretyakov Gallery collection numbered about 4,000 works, by 1975 - 55,000 works. The collection of the Gallery was constantly growing due to systematic state purchases. The Tretyakov Gallery is the main museum of Russian national art, reflecting its unique contribution to world culture. My dear, I hope you liked the information I wrote to you. I feel it's filled with kindness and caress. I am very glad that soon we will be together. I feel that our meeting with you will change my life to a better happy side. I think that not only my life will change (smile). I think you too will feel yourself like in another way.
Already now I understand that you and your letters is very deep in my heart! I am very happy that you with me, even here I feel you! The idea on our meeting supports me very much. Sebo, I still cannot believe that you have appeared in my life... I am very, very grateful to destiny that she has presented you to me!!! You much mean for me. I am glad that soon we shall be together!!! My dear, today I made a medical certificate. I was discharged from the hospital with a certificate that I was completely healthy. I went to the embassy to attach my medical certificate to the general documents at the embassy. Everything went well. Today I went to the Metro for the first time. I really liked the subway, very beautiful. Each station is made in different styles. It looks beautiful. Also I want to tell you good news. My visa will be ready in 8 working days. I did not even expect that I could get my visa so quickly. Darling I am very happy. Darling my visa will be precisely ready already on 18 July Therefore I need tickets on 19 July. Because I will need to show tickets, in embassy and also to collect clothes in Rented apartment and to pay. Therefore it will be more convenient to buy tickets for 19 July. Today I also went to a travel agency and found out the cost of tickets, as well as the cost of life insurance. Tickets will cost 375 pound sterling , the airline company AirBaltic Airlines. Departure will be from Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow. I hope you can find tickets cheaper, but if you do not find it, you can see the website of AirBaltic. My dear, I really hope that you can buy me tickets in a short time, so that I can show information about tickets at the embassy. I do not know why the embassy was asked to show information about the tickets, but I said that I would definitely bring information about the flight.Since I am the first time I can stay in your country for 3 months, you can order return tickets for 15 October. My dear, today I'm very tired, so I'm going to rest now. I did all the basic work. Now I have to wait from you for tickets and a visa. Tomorrow I will rest. But I will certainly write you a letter.
Darling I send you my information that you have bought to me tickets.
Sebo, I send you my tenderest and most sincere kisses. Yours and only your Elena It is my information.
Name under the passport: ELENA
Surname under the passport: Nikishina
City Kazan
Str. Fabrichnaya 22-58
My Birthday is on ,December, 20 1985.
Number of my international passport for purchase of tickets.
62N4594795 P.S Just in case I am sending you a copy of my international passport.
Letter 4

My dear, I'm glad to see your letter. Thank you very much for buying tickets, I'm very glad. I'm really looking forward to confirming the purchase of tickets and immediately go to the embassy to show information about tickets. If you do this before, I will be very grateful to you. Until I show tickets at the embassy, the visa process will not start. The embassy needs a reason to start the process, so I need to show tickets as soon as possible. Why do I rush you? Because in Moscow it is expensive to live and so I want to do everything quickly and fly to you. I think the strongest win, our team was a bit weaker. But she has where she wants. My dear, I thought yesterday there would be a game, between France and Belgium and wanted to see. But after watching the schedule, I saw that the game will take place today. My dear, I will watch football today. Thanks for the support, I'm proud of your and my team.
When I think about you, I think you're near, I feel your breath waves, warm your body. Honey, you have no idea what you do to me! I live just for you! While you are on this earth, I'm not afraid of anything, I will overcome. Every day I thank God for what he helped me find you among the multitudes. for our great fondness, which will never end.
I'm sure of it. Today I had a dream. Do not believe it, but it was you. We walked with you on a wide field around us parted golden ears, and in the distance - a large wooden door. At first I was scared :
middle of the field where the door, and as we go further? Approaching it, we stopped in confusion. But some unknown force has prompted us to bend down and start looking for something on the ground. After some time, our eyes fell on the key. We took it, opened the door and the ill-fated went further, holding hands... You know, it was a good dream. field - it's our life , big and interesting. door - an obstacle that together we will overcome because we find a solution to this problem - the key. I sincerely believe that. You know, I have a dream.
She is very kind, and must therefore necessarily true. I want us to have a real strong family, that we love one another, not only during the honeymoon, but also, more and stronger. Let years only harden us and make each other tenderly. I hope that reading this letter, you are experiencing the same feelings for me. What do you miss too. You have no idea how I want to run to you, cling to your strong manly chest, smell your body. My dear! Believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I could not tell anyone what I tell you. Why? Yes, because never loved anyone as I love you! I surprised myself this, but can not do anything. Yes, and do not want to! You're the best person for me, for which I will go into the fire and into the water! Though on the edge of the world! At the end of my letter, I wish the two of us soon, I'm waiting like nothing else. I hope that the feeling is mutual. Bye, my dear. Do not forget to write me your tender letters. I kiss you and love you very much! Your Elena
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