Scam Letter(s) from Alsu to Nietis (Spain)

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Letter 1

Greetings my great friend! I'm sorry probablythat I will write that message. had some doubts, and even now as may be you have woman?. But nevertheless I decided. I made it. Also I hope that you'll not delete it, you can read about myself. And if you will have an interest in me. If you are single and handsome man, and you are in search for half who rescue you from this loneliness? And hope I am not mistaken and as well looking for a right man who will rescue me from same. I am very energy woman and in life at all. For me very important to have a serious man. Do not want any games. It's impossible to play upon heartstrings. And also did not tell you, I'm Alsu by name, I was born and I live in my country Azerbaijan. I have a work every day and do many sport. will wait attention back from you. Alsunka

Letter 2

I am glad that I write to you, but only now and it is interesting. I come now both I check my mail and I see your answer. I thank you for each your word to me and for me now not important age difference. To me of 25 years and I live to Azerbaijan, near to our capital Baku. And only at once that I also wish to inform you serious. Both of us should understand, that we not children here again are not present a place to games. I ask you to understand accurately it, and to get rid of all bad thoughts and consequently that we get acquainted only on the Internet. So I only can tell, that I do not want and I do not wish to play in any games, and I think, that we will not be disappointed in each other. I wish to learn only more about you, and hope we will continue to get acquainted. I search for the present relations for a life, and for me it is important to give care and love to my man and to devote all my life. So I would like to conduct me correctly. But only it should be the serious man who knows that he wants in a life. I understand and as it is difficult to understand and make a correct choice in this world. But we should make it with correct mission and mind. To find the one to whom we can trust our feelings and try all together in this life. I include the TV and I see only horror which occurs in the world. So still I could tell to you about me, and what will be interesting to you?? I have finished institute in Baku and it just our capital. I think that the main thing for the person - to live and rejoice to each moment and that comes to our life. Always to study and rejoice lives. That as to my relation to the man. If for example to take serious relations then all attention only to my man and it would be so pleasantly, to have feelings. Always to share all pleasures with the partner. So I would like to tell all it to you and that I wish to find really my half in a life and I have no requirements. If you wish to know about my relations, I never would be married and I have no children. The matter is that after death of my father I had to become early adult and most to solve my vital problems. Therefore once I was engaged in own business connected with sale of things for people in shop and we had our own place. The most part of time I was engaged in these affairs and had no time for private life construction. Now I am engaged more in me and to be beautiful and to meet my love, last year I try to go once a week to an exercise room, and also in pool at least two times a week and also I try to run every morning.
I would like to learn now more about you, in more details, to know about you??? Than you like to be engaged and what do? I think, that between us there is a big distance. But why it should us stir now? And also the difference age, very important also will not stir to me. I do not know, if all is interesting to you it, but I would like to know your opinion. And I will wait and even if it will occupy time to answer for you. Alsu for you

Letter 3

It is very pleasant Zuhaus to me to see your answer when I come back and I check my mail. It is very solar weather here and thus I will sleep and have good thoughts today. So to see pleasant for me your interest. So if you can write often and more? We can speak about all and I ask you tell as you today?? Who knows that waits for us ahead and I like to live. I want, that you also liked to live, and if we set the purposes necessarily we reach. I willingly would speak with you more in real conditions.
But that the nobility about the friend the friend is more before, I do not trust last time much. I think that in it there are even pluses, that we speak now in letters. So we can understand us better and then if we see each other. And it is not important how many to us of years, the age should not have value for us, it is not important where we live and than we are engaged. Actually I have again come here to use the computer. I do not use social networks and I do not have on it time. I often to go on work and I contact clients in my country of Azerbaijan. I have close girlfriends who often goes to have a rest in other countries. Earlier I went more to buy huge complete sets of things and various souvenirs, to sell it in a place where we rent a premise here. I have a lot of interest in you and I wish to be interesting to you first of all. I think you also as well as I have open heart that only we could share with each other.
It is pleasant to me of a place where it would be possible to have a rest and enjoy with the man. But no danger is necessary to me and the more so. I am engaged in health and a food, and I think as any other woman. I never at all did not smoke a cigarette and to concern alcohol also with care I do not use any drugs, it is an interdiction for me. Also it is interesting to me as your way of life? What would you like to change and only to the best? I think that you love sports. But that that at you in heart? I think that you have no bad thoughts. But each person wishes to change something. We only should not be afraid of these thoughts or any changes, should put before us specific targets and which can be reached and it is necessary to aspire to it only. All should be only in a positive spirit and a manner. And only efforts to come to it. I will be glad if you can share your thoughts on all it. I hope to study the computer better, to understand here programs. I only hope that my letters go to you correctly? You can answer me when you will have possibility and I hope soon. So could send again to you my photo. Alsu

Letter 4

It is the first question at me Zuhaus in thoughts so if you answer. It is always pleasant to me to read your words and I do not want that we have stopped. I would like to know every day, and how you spend day and than you were engaged, and what was interesting at you? So that we were in touch. I can sometimes see my girlfriends so within day I work also in the evening only I can think again and how you feel you? I think we have many difference in time, I do not know how many hours. Just interestingly for the information.
What are you going to do in the evening? I try to see that is interesting to you and to understand you better. So we should reach accurate understanding between us. I think, that any should not be given only to work completely and it is necessary to have always time for a life. All needs to be able to find time, actually I and am engaged in it. Work takes away recently a lot of time and forces. But when I go home, I do not have no conditions and cares, love and which mutually I wish to give also every day. It certainly always is difficult to transfer own desires in words, the thoughts, and the main thing that me understood. So I try to tell to you about it, and I do not wish to feel loneliness. I have got used to communicate with people in convenient vital conditions. Dialogue, I like to talk, my girlfriends often come to me home and we can arrange colloquial evening. And to do a lot of tasty a dish, to try, or to do sweet pies. There is enough to live. Actually I wish to have and meet the necessary man in a life. Here I try to write to you and also I hope for mutual feelings?? I only am grateful to destiny that we are familiar with you.
Here in our country everyone can freely choose, and what way of life needs to be conducted, but for women it is more difficult, and as is less than the rights. And when women marry, then the situation becomes other. In our country usually it happens so, that they cease to watch themselves and dress frequently only dark clothes and persons, also the gloomy. I do not wish to adhere to it, and I have no husband.
I never was married, I can conduct an active way of life and dress that I want. I can rise on high heels or dress a beautiful dress for the evening or a holiday. It will depend only on my mood but if the man forbids, I will obey.
I do not put on easily always! More likely, I put on in more official style is more often to look more strict, because I have no man in a life. To which I could listen, concerning style or another if we to go with you somewhere together. Tell to me, what you like to dress on you? If it also an official style? I never would ask about those things about which the person does not wish to speak. So I think, that if you and wish to share with me something, you will tell. I only will be glad to support you. When I will come back home, I do not wish to feel loneliness again. As any other woman, I would like to receive attention, and to live happily. I consider that the woman always should be weak, in relation to the man. I wish to send to you my embraces. Kisses Alsu

Letter 5

How your mood today? Only I come back now to you and was happy to see your answer. I wish to ask you how you spend your evenings and where you most of all like to have a rest? So nevertheless if for a minute to present that we now together. So could speak and spend our time more. I hope, once we could have together rest, and I the woman, I always to aspire to make all the best for home life and house heat. Nevertheless I only hope always to the best and I trust in the best - and this main thing for me. Only I hope, that you the correct man and very careful. If we choose each other? I can tell only about me, and I will never turn away from the person if I will love.
I do not wish to be in loneliness and spoke to you about it, nobody wishes to be without love. I conduct me accordingly and if I will have the man nearby. So it will be the leading person for me, I will be only conducted. Each woman seems to me it, only wants ordinary love and care. But the life absolutely another, and sometimes is the moments when only you do not trust in it. But then other days as now when I write to you come. These are light days for me. I only wish to give all my tenderness and love only to the unique man to lives and I write to you about it so that you knew about my desires. Sometimes it is necessary simply to be able to be silent to concede to the man. I do all my opinions and conclusions itself in a life and for a long time already. I try to help always to people also to feel back and it so it is pleasant. I also never to visit with empty hands and I take gifts. So human qualities always need to be appreciated and I do it and consequently that probably I also itself love gifts. If someone does my good, I will multiply it kindly several times also I can not on another. In our country serious relations - can mean a word on a miscellaneous for people. For me this main thing and for this reason I did not dare. I wish to meet such person whom I can love and live together. I only think, that it is necessary to live a life together. I seem to me I can sometimes be very emotional and day and night. I can not sleep and only read all night long the book. I could read the small book for a night. I would like to know about you everything, but what you will tell to me? I could make something with my hair and to make better. And another that could come to all to me mind in the evening.
I also am accustomed to save in all and as I know the price to money. I try to smile and communicate often. If it is interesting to you to read about all it or? I very much love children though I still have no my own. But I can give my love even to other children, and never it is a pity. Much my girlfriends have children and home life.
I would like to live with the man every day to feel a life. And only breath of the person which you love to have heat and pleasure every day and to give each other. I will trust, still ahead.
We should understand only, that the life and in general to live it perfectly. And to rejoice to any thing, or the person that enters into my life. I will wait your answer and your thoughts. I will answer then at once as soon as there will be a possibility or will write to you also again later. If you have thoughts on a life or what precisely the woman is necessary for you. Or this choice does not influence, and it is necessary to see each other to speak about feelings and also I understand it. I try to ask you here about it. My kisses Alsu

Letter 6

Always I test emotions as soon as I read your words and to thank you for each your word that you you write to me. I start to think of you more and more throughout day and I smile when I speak this truth to you. And also I would like to rise early in the morning and to do something. All that I could today, in the morning it to go to an exercise room and I try to go there in day again, and to watch my figure. You often go in for sports? So I represent, if we with you lived together, both only for a second and at all I am not afraid these thoughts. I really could decorate your day and even if you tired after work. And we could go somewhere always and to see beautiful places that our eyes rejoiced. To me to like to walk in the evening, before a dream it is a little, before I will go home. I can sleep better this day and if I do. If you go on walk in the evening before a dream?
And still also in the relation I wish to aspire, my thoughts it always to do something positive for my man. I will never surrender and even during a hard time, I will always struggle for love, for the relation, and never and the truth.
I see in you some kindness, correct thoughts, and care as at the real man. Also I wish to see it and also other qualities and to like me it.
I very much hope, that we will not disappoint each other.
I only wish to add growth to our relations. And not to look back back and to go only forward. It seems to me we we are similar also we can rejoice lives. We can leave all in the past, only in memoirs. Also it is necessary to work always over relations. My man always will rejoice lives and also to take pleasure in all moments with me. I think, that I always will be interesting and to raise my man. I never will allow to lose courage or feel badly. I would open to you my deepest dreams, and I wish to know you. All your feelings then and if you have it.
What can we discuss here? I feel some communication and even when I write to you. My heart starts to fight often and I think of you. I think of what your day and I want, that all was good also you I have made all planned. That you could achieve always in a life that you want, wish you it. I do not wish to be mistaken here when I tell about me. Also I do not wish to fly only in clouds and we live just now. I really take pleasure that I learn you better. When I come here and then I forget that outside. It is interesting to me to know more about you either to ask something, or to tell. You would like to share what thoughts with me. But the main thing to speak with you and full understanding of the validity, any danger and only confidence.
To me to like it is a lot of to think and read and spoke to you about it, it is possible not so well. I want, that at me lives were the man and also the man, it is main, it is a head. I can always speak about it and that is necessary for me. But what is necessary for you in general and also from a life??? And if we here write each other about all.
I would like to be with you somewhere once where it is possible, and we could give more attention and contacts. So I speak with you my thoughts so I think it and there is a life. Important everything, that is connected with us and we should pay to this attention also.
Important for me the nobility and if you meet the correct woman in a life and whom you want. You would like to plunge completely into these feelings and these moments, to feel caress and love? And also to learn to take pleasure in it, and to reject all unnecessary of a head, it will be for a long time, is faster till the end of a life. We should not hesitate of our thoughts. I only try to ask something for me interesting you. And when today I will go home to make tea with a jasmin, I will add mints. So I will take pleasure in the evening today. I at all do not know that else I can tell to you now. I will wait the answer and if you like to drink coffee in the morning in the morning?? I will wait your answer and in general any thoughts. My kisses Alsu

Letter 7

I like so mutch, that we write each other with all emotions. I again come back to answer now here to you and would like to inform that I'm fine. I only wish to feel you more and to understand your thoughts and probably imaginations. As to me all of us we have it, I usually miss at home in the evening. So today I wished to visit an exercise room, and I think I will not have time. Then I also will be better to go home, and then again to wait other day and again to see your letter. I can rejoice in heart.
I hope when you read all it, it is not absolutely boring for you? If I can ask, what films you look and in general if you go to the cinema with friends often?
I only hope, that you can receive some pleasure and rest. Actually I do not write much and as you have noticed. Sometimes I have more thoughts but when I come here then all I forget and I write absolutely another. Sometimes I delete my words from the letter and I write again. So that on another to formulate thought to inform you on what I think.
Last time when I saw my mum. I could not to miss the moment and to share news. That now we correspond and we send a photo. Also my mum says, what if it is all really? I have told, that already it is other century here again all really and probably. I to send you congratulations from mum. I could go yesterday home and notice again as to me alone. I would like to have possibility to present you nearby.
That we could go together as pair, and I could lay down my head on your shoulder and not to think of what and only to know, that I not one. And to forget about all and only to see you before me and when closed eyes. I wish to see you always the happiest man. I think, in general and that you have other desires and thoughts, I hope that I entered into your thoughts a little. And if we have general plans, it will be better, you can tell to me.
I would like to relax together, at first to sit and have a supper in a romantic place. And then, if we and certainly want the house each other. Then to type a bathroom full of foam and sea salt. To lay, but it should be then the big bathroom that both of us were located and smile. I did not accept for a long time such bathroom, and earlier it was much more often.
I do not know if I can ask all it. And also various questions on the relation of the man and the woman. What is important for you and also all your thoughts on it? I have already asked, but if you can tell your imaginations. I think, that we approached is better, and to know all. That you kind both sympathetic and the main thing responsible also know, that you want in a life. If you have definite purposes then to achieve it by all means. I still think, that I young and attractive to you, and I wish to feel so. No age difference, in our distance will frighten me. I do not pay to all this attention. And the main thing, that in the person, is private world that we can trust each other, our hearts. This life will learn all of us more and new. If you the man, also can make concessions in the relation?
I think, that I have already asked much and still I will wait your letter. I will be glad to learn even more and of what you think, and that you cannot reach. So probably we could make it together. I hope to you there is no the same, as me. My kisses, Alsu

Letter 8

I wish Zuhaus to tell to you thanks for each your word and your answer always I wait now always so I can get only all your support and your thoughts. I hope that you also feel something when receive my letter, that I test these days with you and is very glad. I only want that to you it was good. I wish to write even more often, but I do not want that you lost me and if I suddenly do not answer. So we always will be on communication and even if here. I see that you are not afraid of me and also I try to trust you. And always I feel bad from apart, but here I feel only all positive. And only usual thoughts it is and still interesting to me. Never would think, when I open mail and it changes mood on all the day. Tell to me as you and if all is good at you? Today I went and also in the next city much to receive some clothes for sale. Also it was necessary to bring back to the place of our warehouse, and it is very tired. But it will not stir to me, and now I only have smiled. I wish to send to you only the most cheerful mood and that you have been charged by a positive. It seems to me that here I can reveal before you. And you can understand me and as I see that also serious. Our letters really do us more close. I wish to notice all qualities and that I wish to see in the partner. I think that in the relation people show only high qualities. And still then there passes time and they vary, and do not notice it. Problems thus begin. But to support family heat and the centre. It is necessary to bring always some a variety in relations. Various walks or trips, campaigns on the nature or on a beach. Together probably to go in for sports or morning gymnastics. You will come in the evening and I will give you only positive energy. And still when the person feels was got tired for all the day then it needs to be removed. To do various massage and to give pleasure each other. All various caresses and to iron each other.
I would like to open all these feelings. I very serious between us also think that you can understand me. The man nearby who could respect me is necessary to me and always protect. That I could be quiet in a shower and my heart has been occupied. I also would like to respect my man always and to carry by it in long years. I only know, that it is not necessary to try to change the person. It is necessary that the man behaved on another. And each woman needs attention and to us also, it is necessary to give the female attention to you. We can receive also various flowers and rejoice the moments. That we live and we love each other. We like each other and only we speak about the future and it is necessary to understand each other. Any person does not need to be changed and I will never try. For me the main thing honesty and never insults. I think that all problems in relations can be avoided and only to be always in harmony with each other. I think that under any circumstances we should be able to solve a problem and to be reconciled, also to keep nearby and if we wish to keep relations. I wish to see always in the man a positive spirit and we should not release our purposes. And to be only sincere with each other and a trust basis. The care and caresses would like to be now there, where always. That all fires and candles were lighted and there passed this strip of a lonely life. The best Would be desirable to trust in something and to be already close to it. And I do not wish to trust only, and it is necessary to do. I understand that we know each other only from the Internet, but it does not stir it. If we place our part of our life or heart here in letters. Then it are not simply letters. And also as the whole page from a love story from the book.
Where there is always a good ending and I so think. I will always tell the truth and also that better that I feel. I will not hold in myself angrily and this basis of all diseases. So I understand now that when people store in themselves many bad thoughts and try to forget it and not to talk to anybody. Then it remains inside as a deposit and then passes in serious illnesses. And we should not suffer or that we was ruined by something from within. It is not necessary to give each other mental anguishes and consequently that these wounds very long heal. I think you understand it? And consequently that we do all should be realised. I will try to open to you even more. And still I will see what you will tell to me? I would like to feel again love. And we women such that will not open at once. I only smile here and to send to you kisses. I would like to write often, but I have no house computer. Tell to me that you will do in the evening? You can sleep at night easy? Or there is an alarm and you think, that was throughout day. Sometimes I think and I can not sleep to 4 morning. And then to sleep only two - three hours and again to rise. I think, that we deserve peace of mind and care about each other. Very much would like to keep all it warmly here. Also I do not wish to release it or to lose. I send to you my kisses yours Alsu



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