Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Kiselyova to Ken (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Ken!!! I have received your letter. Yes, I feel your desire to be with me. I want to tell to you too most, I dream of a meeting with you. You remarkable the man and I only can thank the God that has met you and now I am very happy. Our desires are mutual also we should go to our happiness. I shall use the best efforts, that we were together. I want to learn you, I want to nestle, feel your breath, to feel as your heart is beaten, I want to kiss you, mine Ken. I want to tell to you at once, my lovely, that I was in one travel agency. You know, that I work in advertising agency and I have in travel agency good familiar women. Our firms frequently contact. To me have told, that they can legalize papers for me for trip to your country and registration will borrow on time about one month. But for the beginning I need to make the passport. To me have told, that he will cost $260. My passport can be issued during two weeks, this travel agency will help me with it. I learn precisely about it, but for the beginning I need to know your opinion. You have written, that will help me, in fact if we shall solve together this question on my travel to your country we absolutely soon we shall together, mine Ken. You can make a remittance through bank system WESTERN UNION. You know this system of a remittance? She known enough worldwide. I shall write to you my full name and my full address: Kiselyova Svetlana
Street. Soviet, 71-53.
Index: 429000 Please, write to me in the following letter as I can soon begin registration of my passport. Now I very much worry, because for me it is serious enough step in a life, but I am ready to this, mine Ken. I want, that we were together and our life has changed. I want to tell to you, that now I can take holiday and I want to light this time only for you. At me always good mood when I receive your letters. As I dream to be with you beside. But in a reality we are now enough far apart. And me it is very sad. I want to trust, that we together can overcome all obstacles which will stand on our way. I shall try to do everything that our meeting has taken place. I want to love you, mine Ken!!! Well, now I need to go. I shall wait for your letter, my loved. Your lady from Russia misses and very much trusts. Your Svetlana!!!
Letter 2

Hi my dear Ken!!! It was pleasant for me to receive the new letter from you!!! My lovely, I should tell to you, that I am not offended on you that you did not trust me!!! I realize your position! It is really difficult to trust the person whom at all you do not know. For this reason I always asked you to write more about myself! You remember it? Remember as began our acquaintance? It is very interesting to me to recollect it! Earlier we also did not think, that is possible sometime we shall meet, there were only dreams! But now we can see, that our interest has to each other developed into something more strong, stronger!!! We have learned to trust each other! My lovely Ken, it is pleasant for me to hear from you pleasant news to both of us! It is pleasant for me to hear, that you are ready to help me! I never would ask you about the help if only I could carry out our plans independently!!! I am very grateful to you for the help!!! I am sure that both of us go on true road of our destinies!!! I believe that we shall be happy when we can be together!!! I love you my lovely Ken!!! I am true only to you, I want that you remembered it!!! My lovely, you ask me to tell to you how you can send me of money for the passport? I have advertizing leaflet from bank in which it is written, that for remittance my full name, my address and the postal index is necessary for you!!! Kiselyova Svetlana Nikolaevna,
Russia, Novocheboksarsk,
Street Sosetskaja, 71-53,
Index: 429000, That I could receive money which you will send to me for the passport to me it is necessary to know the same information from you and still number from bank, here is written, that to you should give him in bank when you issue translation!!! It is the information on translation through Western Union. My girlfriend who works in bank speaks, that Western Union it is the most reliable way for us!!! My lovely, I love you!!! I with impatience wait for the new letter from you!!! I very much miss on you!!! Strong I embrace also whole!!! Your Svetlana P.S. Nearly has not overlooked, I only wanted to remind you, that for the passport it is necessary 260 $!!! I love you!!!
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