Scam Letter(s) from Elizaveta Mavrina to Steve (England)

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Letter 1

My beloved, good evening to you. For me it was important to know how to solve the problem with the translation.
And so I decided to find out the situation in the bank. Never before have I come across this.
The bank explained to me that in the world there are many systems for transferring money.
They offered to open an account. I said that I have a bank account.
According to the bank's employees, I realized that we can use Money Gram. For a quick transfer of funds.
I've never heard of it. And you?
I have a bank account. So we can use it. I think that it will be more reliable. What to say?
Or will it be more convenient for us to use Money Gramm?
I await your help in the near future.
I want to remind you that I need 400 euro.
Darling, I'm waiting for your thoughts. And then I'll give you my details about my bank account. Good?
Today I did a lot. I am very tired. Now I'm going to the hotel.
The most important thing I need right now is your support.
I promise that I will write you letters every day, I ask you too.
Today I managed to get one photo. I asked a passerby.
Steve, I love you! With great impatience I look forward to our meeting!
Please email me soon. I send you many sweet kisses!
With love forever, your Elizaveta Mavrina

Letter 2

How are you?
Now I just returned from the embassy.
Every day in Moscow for me is no different from the previous one.
I issue a visa now, and every day I spend at the embassy. Thank you for your letter.
Your letters really help me now. Today in the embassy they told me that soon I could get a visa.
I am very glad that I have no problems with obtaining a visa. Not everyone is given a visa to travel to your country.
I was lucky, and soon we will be together.
Are you in a good mood now? I read your letter. and was very surprised now.
You do not trust me? I can not believe in your words.
Steve, we are already very close to our meeting, and now you are telling me about mistrust. Why?
I do not need your money! I will not disappear with them! And buy air tickets for them!
Always I was sincere with you. I'm sincere with you now. I promise that I will always be sincere with you.
You and I managed to build our union. We love each other.
We have feelings despite the distance that is now between us. I always tried to answer your questions.
You know everything about me, you know about my work. My life before you is like an open book.
I have no secrets from you. Also, I always carefully read your letters.
Our letters laid the foundation for our feelings. You're the only man in my life.
You're the closest man to me. I do not need anyone else. My feelings for you are sincere.
Dear Steve, I love you! We never met before.
During our time with you, you have never deceived me. Always in your letters I saw the answers to my questions.
I trust you. I trusted you all the rest. I entrusted my heart to you!
I left everything that surrounds me in Russia for the sake of our meeting with you.
Why are you telling me now about mistrust? I issue a visa now. Steve, we are no longer children.
We decided to be together, and we should not stop now. Soon I will have a visa to travel to your country.
I need to purchase air tickets now, so that the embassy staff are sure in the dates of my flight to your country and return to Russia. It is very important.
I'm afraid that I will have problems with obtaining a visa. I spent all my savings now.
I paid for the hotel, I paid for the visa. I also spent money in the embassy to fill out the questionnaires.
Every day I have money that I spend on food. I do not have the money to buy air tickets.
I already told you about it.
Your letter upset me. I do not have money now. If I had money, I would not ask you for help.
Steve, I'm sincere with you, and do not deny my words. I spent all my money to get a visa.
I do not have the money to buy air tickets myself.
I do not need your money. I asked you about help not for myself. Your help is necessary for our meeting.
I will not spend a single euro for myself. I do not need your money at all.
Why do you say that I will disappear with your money? why do you think badly of me?
I was very upset. You think I'm a thief? You're wrong.
Now your mistake, can cost us our joint happiness. no one has ever accused me of stealing.
you are my favorite man, and I did not expect to hear such words from you.
Yesterday you said in a letter that you will help me. Already today I was waiting for your help to buy air tickets.
your letter upset me.
Dear Steve, I'm waiting for your help. I need to buy air tickets.
As soon as I buy air tickets, I'll send you flight listings so you can meet me at the airport.
I love you. I trust my heart, and my heart tells me that we will be happy together.
Please, listen to your heart. It seems to me that our hearts are together.
I'm waiting for your letter tomorrow.
yours, Elizaveta



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