Scam letter(s) from Margo to Brad (France)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend! My name is Margo, I'm an artist, quite
Recently we came to your city to show your paintings at the exhibition.
We are artists, we put all our heart and soul into every brush ******. Into your city
I brought a very beautiful picture, I called the painting "Blue Spruce in Winter". That's mine
my favorite painting, I drew her two years.
In your city, I will stay for another seven days, now
We have exhibitions. If you like painting, you can come to my exhibition.
I write to you because I'm bored in the evenings, and there's no one to chat with, and spend the evening. In the evening, I'm always alone. We live in a hotel, each artist has his own room. In the evening I close in my room and sitting sad alone, sometimes even crying.
I'm always out of the house, last time I was at home, in my city, six months ago.
I miss my mom terribly. Forgive me for telling you all this, but I think that you will understand me correctly. I feel that you are a good person.
I would like to invite you to our exhibition, that you would look at my picture.
And if you do not mind, I want you to show me your city. I'm very tired of being alone.
I'll be waiting for your letter. I'm writing from someone else's mailbox, because I do not have one. I will wait very much.
Your new friend Margo.
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