Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Kiselyova to Alain (UK)

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Letter 1

Hi my beautiful friend Alain. I am very glad, that I got your letter again. It is really pleasant to hear from you that soon! Feel free to ask anything that you would like to know about me. It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, and It seems not so bad, because I truly feel something exciting and also some sort of sympathy to the way we talk.. As I have previously told you, I got to e-mail from internet-cafe, and very often it is either closed or just overcrowded, so do not worry if you will not receive a letter from me at once. Today I went to church, as it is a great date for me, this day one of my girlfriends married a man who is a little older than she, but they two look like the happiest and devoted couple I have ever seen! Standing there near the church altar as a bride friend, I felt something warm inside of me, something beautiful, it was a day full of joy, and how was your day? Not worse than mine, I hope:) I really wonder what is the weather like in you country now. Tell me something about the place you live in. It is early fall now in Russia and I like this part of year very much. Everything is so much bright, and my heart is bright and joyful too. A lot of children play in the yards in the street. And I like the way they play. Children are the future of our planet and on them all our hope. My parents educated me pretty good and I am really thankfull for that. I have finished state university on a speciality of a teacher. And work on this speciality. Tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time, what is your favourite dish and favourite cuisine, what movies do you prefer, what music do you like? My favourite dish is pelmeni, this is very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and cooked. May be one day I will cook pelmeni for you... But of course this is not the only thing I like. There are a lot of tasty dishes here in Russia. Once I visited McDonalds. I realised that the food there is syntethic but I liked it very much. I would like to visit it one more time. But it is pretty expensive for me. My one of my favourite movies is Titanic. As to the music, it depends on my mood, I like Russian classics Tchaykovskiy, Rohmaninov, Rimskiy-Korsakov as it is pleasant to me Madonna, Enya, Kylie Minogue. I like your letters very much and I hope that you will answer my letter as soon as it possible for you. Your friend from Russia,

Letter 2

Hallo my dear Alain. I have just finished my work. You know, tonight I had very strange and pleasent fellings and thoughts. Actually I even do not know how did I feel today. Was it sad or may be it was beautifull. All this day I remembered that pair in the park. And with every moment I realised that I am so happy for them. But at the same time one thought about us did not left my head. All the ladies that work in the same school with me asked the same question if something has happened to me. They said that my behaviour has changed. But I said that it is all just fine. Everything is the same. But after that words I felt like if I lied. I know that I have changed. And I think that you make me change. May be I am wrong, I do not know yet. All I know is that I need your letters... Bye for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Here is my address:
city Novocheboksarsk Lenina
street 30 flat 5
Anna Reshetnikova

Letter 3

Hello my Alain, recently I told my mom about you, and even read some of your letters to her. I know that I could be wrong, and I really hope you are not mad at me because of it. My mom said she had never my face so much shining and bright, also she asked me if we are just friends or someone more. For the first time in my whole life I was afraid to tell her what I have in my heart, and I didn't find any proper answer. It is pleasant and painful at the same time, as I am reading your letters again and again, as I am looking at your face from the photo I have printed, I am thinking of you very very often, and I imagine myself close to you in these dreams.. My heart starts beating faster, how I wish I were there, not so much far away from you right now! I am well aware of the fact, you may say I am just insane, and my place right at the mental hospital, but since my childhood I've been taught to tell the truth, whatever it was. I love you, my Alain. You are the one I looked for. You are the man that I want to spend my life with. I am sure that I have found my second half. If only you are offended or confused with my silly words, tell me so, I never meant to do you harm, my Darling. I shall understand if you tell me go away. I have my heart open just for you, and you are free to act the way you feel. I really want to believe you will not step on it, don't leave me alone. Every single day and night without your letters is dark for me, but right as soon as I get back to Internet-cafe, I shall write you immediately, I promise. Thank you for what you exist! Don't forget me..
Thinking of you, with love

Letter 4

Hi my dear Alain. I thought a lot about me and you. I did not sleep all night. Now it is very important period of my life. I tried to find my real love for some years and now i found you. When my friend told me to try myself in the Internet i thought that it would be funny. I cant imagine that in the Internet i can find such man like you. I think it is a merical. Now every minute i think only about you my dear Alain. Now i really feel myself happy. First time i did not want to tell someone about us. I thought our feelings are not so strong. But now i understand that it is a real love. I told about us to my friends and they are really happy for me. They told me that they see it in my eyes. I can tell you what i want. Everything that i want is to be with you. With my LOVE!!!Every day i dream of having long walks with you on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean. Listening to the sea galls call, and watching the dolphins swim up the coast into the inlets for the night. Beautiful candle lit dinners sitting by the harbor side with a good bottle of wine and wrapped up in great conversation. But now it is only a dream.... But i think that we can make this dream come true. I think that we will be the happiest people in the universe when we will be together. My Alain i really need you.... On this i will finish my letter. I told you what i feel ... I hope you fell the same and you will understand..
I do understand that you want to hear my voice, so do i, believe me! But sending me cell phone as a parcel is not a good idea, because the type of mobile connection in Russia is different to your country. If you don't mind i thought i could buy the phone right here. It's not very expensive, about $200 and also $50 to pay for the international calls. You already have my address, so can you just send this money via Western Union? Their office is round the corner from my place, and the same day i will be able to purchase the mobile and call you. Isn't that wonderful honey? I love you so!

Now i have to go, it is pretty late now.
Waiting for your reply...

Letter 5

My sweet Alain, it is so much pleasure to find that letter from you, honey, now is a very very important period of time for us both as we are going to change our lives. To change for better, darling! I want to tell you just one thing that i feel for sure. Alain you are my special only man, my love and my everything, so believe me, i will never ever go out of your life and i will never let you go too. And i am going to stay by your side as long as you want me to stay. Just imagine, what a pleasure and joy it shall be when we go to our bed and wake up together in each other's arms! Every single day is going to be a miracle! To tell the truth somehow you are changing me from inside, i never felt such warmness in me, and you gave me that, i love you, Alain and need to feel you close to me more than anything else in this world. Every time when I visit church, I pray Lord for us to meet one each other. I miss you a lot! You are always with me in my mind. And I feel so wonderful that you care about me, I had this feeling very long time ago. I feel that happiness is coming back to me. Every single passing day and night i imagine our meeting, hope you are thinking of it the same way;) We just will be together, and we will talk, walk, kissing, I will hold you in my arms, I want you to warm me in bed, I want to hold your hand in the street, and I always want to feel your presence in work and pleasure. I think that the day we meet will be so much wonderful! I want us to do everything that we dream about for a long time and you will see all the passion that is inside of me. And all this for you. Now I can say with sure that I need you I need you most of all in this world. I really hope that our meeting is very close now, that it is in a real close future. I hope that you trust me, I even can feel it somehow and I very very appreciate it as I think that the trust is the most important thing in the relationship. I think that relationship through the Internet is ok but it is not naturally. I want to hold your hand to look into your eyes, talk to you about us. This is the biggest dream for me for now. I want nothing else but this. When I began to correspond with you I hoped that everything would be good with you. With every your letter I realized that I have found the man which is necessary to me. Trust me I want to see you as fast as it possible. I want to embrace you caress. I realized what exactly creation of a spiritual emotional basis of the man you are. Now I can see very clear the purpose of my life and this purpose is a family that I want to have with you. I want to tell you that all the words that I told you about us were really sincerely and all of them were true. And I always understood that our union is real and I want it with all my heart. Now I am sure on all 100% that I can trust you. And that you are the man which I need and which is necessary to me. When I read your letter I saw that trust in your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made the large conclusion of your letter for myself which is possible to express in three words I LOVE YOU. Today I even felt so wonderful, everything turned out so easily, because my thoughts were about you. I had a feeling that in a moment when I think of you, you think of me and it warms my soul and body. But we should trust each other, without it we simply can not exist. How do you think is the trust important in our relationship? As I think between us should be a complete trust and we should know about each other everything. You probably think that I am not modern, but I consider that first time I should have affinity with the man I love. At present I have a very big inclination to you, I do not know why but it is truth. Sometimes I have a thought that it is a shame to me to speak to you about it. But at all I realize that my feelings are true. Darling, i have the news which i kept in my mind all the day. You know, you should not send me the money for that mobile phone, and you need not post me any letters that will be going about 1 month to me and the same period of time my answers will be reaching you. We can make everything much more simple. Today I visited air travel company and found out all the information about visit you FOR REAL! At the agency i was told that it is not a problem to make up my abroad passport, visa and to buy the ticket right here in Novocheboksarsk, and as the people at the agency told me it is really necessary that i buy the ticket here, so that they could prepare visa. Usually it takes pretty a long period of time to get through all the formalities, but they will do everything in the whole "service pack". It means that the procedures time will shorten up to a couple of weeks, and, the price of this service - 980$ - includes absolutely everything. Isn't this a great news for us? The only problem is that they already have about hundred orders, and i was advised to make order and the payment in the next 8-10 days, otherwise we shall have to wait nearly 2 months. The main thing for me, i believe we have to share the expenses equally. I mean i saved $320 for the time i worked and gave private lessons. I hope you will find possibility to send the rest. This will be really fair and much cheaper than your possible trip to Russia, don't you think so? Honey, i think it is a very good way for us to be together. I told my friends that soon I will meet you in person. They are really happy for us. I am waiting for the day of our meeting very much. I feel myself like a little girl and every new day bring happiness to me. And also I want to tell you that I waited for this moment for a very long time. Frankly speaking first time I even didn't believe that it is possible. But now I know that it is real and I have found my love. I found my second half. No matter where. And this second half is you my sweety.

I hope you have understood all I told you in this letter in a correct way. I just want you to see in me not a lady who needs your money but the lady who loves you and wants to spend the rest of here life with you! By the way, how you liked my photos i sent to you with my previous letters? I promise i will wear something special for you only while taking trip to you!

Love you now and always..

Forever your Ann

Letter 6

My Love. i've just received your letter, i also wait for the time we shall hold each other and kiss for real. Just know that i shall be the happiest woman by your side in England any other place in the whole world! I love you too honey. I realize i am not alone any more. I am with you, and i can't wait till we feel each other every single night and day. Dear i understood that you are getting the money needed for my trip to you soon. Please tell me when you will be able to transfer it to me, ok? I need to know, because i have to pay the agency the next week. Today i already quit my job at school, now everything i have in life is you! I trust in our love honey, and i shall never ever turn my back on us.. You have my word.
I love you,

P.S. These two pics of me were taken this summer, just wanted to show you the best ones!



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