Letter(s) from Maris Harry to Brad (France)
Letter 1
Dearest in the lord.
May the blessings of God be with you and all the members of your family. Amen... Sorry for my late reply. This is good news, thanks God for directing us another easy way to deliver the cheque of 300,000 from your partner in cash to your door step hand to hand through DIPLOMATIC AGENT within 72 hours you accep to receive from their agent, Mr. BENSON OMAR, and Miss Sandra already wrote the cheque on your full name as a gift from her heart before she died through accident last month. now I went to SECURITY DELIVERY COMPANY office yesterday and submit the parcel items package to you. And they ask me to go ministry of Finance to pay equivalent $127 dollars to register the bank draft cheque and failure to register it they will charge us money laundry for breaking country law which i have paid and register it immediately. please make sure you send back this $127 dollars because i took it from church pocket not my direct money, i have financial problem at the moment and they do not pay us here we work for God only not government. This SECURITY DELIVERY COMPANY deliver hand to hand and face to face to your door step. I verify and confirmed that they deliver all over the world easily within 72 hours you register the package as a consignment with them. I have spend all the money with me for taxi and SECURITY DELIVERY COMPANY office cashier check the kilo and charge equivalent to $1,569 USD/ for delivery charges to your address because they package it in a medium as a consignment box with 7 bibles and 6 books as a gift from our church here. They said It will take them 2 to 3 working days to deliver every thing to your given address to your country and call you as soon as they arrived to your country,they said some of their CARGO'S will move today and tomorrow morning to your country. The cashier said these $1,569 USD will be pay to their Company diplomatic Agent Mr. BENSON OMAR as soon as he arrived in your country And call you to know where to locate you. The security company manager said they will send you flight schedule and the KEY CODE to access the box after your acceptance of paying the diplomat Agent Mr. BENSON OMAR the delivery fees of $1,569 USD in your country at the point of arrival to enable him clear the consignment on your name and hand you over immediately before he depart to another country as scheduled. This money will help him get the YELLOW TAG documents in the custom office in your airport to prove you are the right person to receive it because you will sign the documents before he will hand you over the consignment box. The director said this YELLOW TAG document on your name will help you to invest at any business of your choice in the world without no any government problem. Here is the SECURITY DELIVERY COMPANY Direct details to communicate easily with them after your acceptance to pay in your country and receive.

Tel: (+221) 764785487
Manager Dr. Pedro. I will wait to hear from you after your acceptance to receive the consignment box from them because is very urgent.

Attached is your partner photo.
God bless you as i hear from you quickly.
Rev. Fr. Dela.
Brother for Charity & Poor.
Letter 2

Date: 06-19-2018

For your kind attention,

We humbly wish to inform you that before we will proceed that below details will be available first.

And make sure this delivery fee of $1,569 USD is available because we can not proceed without these fees.

Anticipating your response
yours faithfully in service
Dr. Pedro,
Letter 3
My Son I advise you to contact this security company to deliver to you as a consignment and i will go and bring back the cheque from your partner and deliver to you through DHL. What do you suggest ? God bless you as i hear from you quickly
Rev. Fr. Dela.
Brother for Charity & Poor.
Letter 4

Attention, Sir.
We will proceed with you as soon as these items are completed.Your complete address to locate you and delivery fees of


The above requirements will help our Diplomatic Agent Mr. BENSON OMAR to secure this YELLOW TAG document on your name to avoid custom problem before coming to delivery hand to hand in your house address as scheduled on the behalf of your partner

We wait for your urgent reply to enable us proceed.
yours faithfully in service
Dr. Usman Pedro
Letter 5

For your kind attention Sir,

We humbly wish to inform you that before we will proceed that below details will be available first.

And make sure this delivery fee of $1,569 USD is available because we can not proceed without these fees.

Anticipating your response
yours faithfully in service
Dr. Pedro,
Letter 6
It is beyond our span of authority to get involved financially with customers on matters of this nature. The reason why we need this fee from you is that we tried to deduct this $1,569 USD out from your total fund from but the overall (CEO) MINISTER ADMINISTRATOR TRUST FUND OF ECOWAS, instructed us that no one has access over your fund on your behalf as it have been signed and stamped that no single penny should be deducted until it gets to you to avoid any misunderstand or criminal act for security reasons also to protect these office image after the transaction. Bear it in mind we can never proceed without these fee because it will help our DIPLOMATIC agent fast in your airport to secure the YELLOW TAG Documents on your name which will guide your fund from any monetary agency in the world during the transfer process, And i promise to help financially if you can be truthful and tell me how much reasonable you have at hand right now so i will look for where to complete and proceed with them because the fee must be paid complete before these office will proceed as usual. We wait for your urgent attention regarding this matter. Remember delay is more than dangerous for a hug transaction like yours.
Be guided accordingly and treat with required urgency Regards,
yours faithfully in service
Dr. Pedro.
Letter 7
Address...................... Rue 4 Cite st Louis 3 VDN, BP 5841
Country .....................Senegal
City ........................Dakar
Question ....................What
Answer ......................Favor
Office Tel...................+221.702004622 We wait for the MTCN to enable us received and proceed as scheduled. yours faithfully in service
Dr. Pedro
Letter 8
Hello Dearest,
I am great for your reply of my mail which i send to you, i am glad to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point of time. I am fine only that the situation of this place is not really encouraging. I sincerely do appreciate the time you spend out to write back to me also i will like to tell you everything about me.

I am Miss Angle Milla from Sudan in African, i am 25 years old girl also I am the only daughter of late Mr/Mrs. Jimmy Lemi Milla from South Sudan in Africa. My father Jimmy Lemi Milla was good successful politician and a businessman in south Sudan.

Moreover, I want to tell you more about myself but it is very painful in my soul to tell you that i am an orphan, because during the civil war in my country rebels came to our house and kill both my father and mother. Now, i am living without any helper since my parents death, I escaped being killed because i am living in the boarding school. Right now as i am talking to you i am the only person that is alive in my family. Truly, life has been so much difficult to me, I left my country Sudan because is always attacked by rebels, the rebels are killing people every day also rapping young beautiful ladies every where, so, there is very big problem in my country by the rebels. Thank God that who help me make my way to Senegal where i am living now as a refugee by the help of the Red Cross and I do not intend to go back to my country again because it is too risk to my life, I chose to come to Senegal because I came once to Senegal three years ago with my late father when he was coming for business trip in Senegal and both of us visited Senegal.

My Dear, I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust. Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well I will say that my mind convinced me that you may be the true person to help me, moreover i will like to tell you more because when my late father was alive, he deposited some amount of money in the bank in Europe with my name has his next of kin, the amount i am talking about is


I have my late father's file which contains important documents here with me now, which I will send to you later if you accept to help me to transfer this money to your bank account for me to be free in this suffering which i found myself. However, I have contacted to the bank through their email for them to be aware of my fathers death and my plans now is to recover the inheritance to start my new life. But the bank refused because of my refugee status saying that it is against their bank law to deal business with some one in captivity like refugee. Latter bank Manager advised me to get in touch with a very responsible person who will stand on my behalf as a foreign partner/trustee for them to transfer the money to his/her own bank account, base on what I had started. Please I would like you to stand on my behalf as my trustee so that the bank will transfer the money to your position, once you agree with me, I will send you details on how to move forward on the issues at hand,it is my solemn pleasure to tell you all these secrete, please do not say that I don't know you or you don't know me, our relationship is a divine connection and I pray that God will touch your heart to consider my bad condition despite my inheritance. Finally, if you will married me, we will manage all the money but if you will not married me, you will have 30% of the whole money for your assistance, it is from my heart and the balance shall invest in your country. Please make sure you keep this matter secrete to yourself only, hence I don't want to loss my life and the money because this place I am living with the documents is not much safe, above all things.

I have to go now and will be waiting for your reply and if you will like to speak to me on phone you can do that through the Reverend father Johnson Paul he is the person who is responsible of this camp his phone number is


Please when you call, tell him that you want to speak with Miss Angel Milla, Sudan girl in the female hostel room number 104, he will send for me, and i am awaiting for your positive response.

Attached here is my picture, please do keep this only to yourself.
Yours sincerely,
Angel Milla
Letter 9
Thank you for your email,
Please, send these two documents death certificate and account statement of my late father to the bank in London, why writing them an email any answer you receive from the bank don't delays to let me know Here in the refugee camp is like staying inside the prison, and I do not want to continue like this, once the bank starts the transfer process I will also start so that my arrangement meets you face to face, my intention is to have a good future, a good life and continue my studies, I believe in my heart that your help for me will bring something good for you, and I assure you that if God uses you to help me out of this situation, I will never forget you in my life, from your mail, I know you will not betray me, it is for that I have trusted in you. I have confidence to carry on with you. Next, the bank contact… Royal Bank of Scotland
Address: Gogarburn, Edinburgh, EH1 21 HQ, United Kingdom Scotland
Contact person: Ross Mcewan
Customer service line: + 44-203-389-6797,
Fax: + 44-703-188-0219

Call the bank and send them emails today too because I wrote to them and introduced you as my partner. When you put them online, tell them you're my partner. You are representing me as the closest relative to the background of my late father deposited in the bank with my name as closest relative, and ask them the possibility of transferring this fund to your position in your account in your country. My father's account information...
Account number ............ 10005149
Iban number .............. GB15RBOS16003410005149
Swift code ............... RBOSGB2L
Name of the account holder ... Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla
Nest of Kin ............... Angle Jimmy Lemi Mile
This is my own information.
Full name ...... ... Angle Jimmy Lemi Mile
Resident .................. Unit 225 Iglesia Camino Medina UN. Refugee camp Dakar Senegal.
Identity card no ........... A20547896 Dear, the most important thing is to make sure that you contact the bank, listen to them before anything else is done. Go ahead, call them. Waiting to hear from you the bank's response.
Please take good care of yourself, and always put me in your daily prayers,
Waiting to hear your response from the bank.
God bless you,
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