Scam letter(s) from Samantha to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Im Samanta a sensitive, true, sincere woman. I am an open-hearted woman who respects other people. On the other hand I am quite active and temperamental! I'm a lonely russian woman. Imagine looking for a man for serious relations.
I am 34 years old. I'm looking for a man who is older than me.
I don't like lies and betrayal most of all. I want to find the sincere relationship and I appreciate honesty.
Being a sociable person I have many friends and they say I can be funny ; ). I like learning something new and never afraid to get new experience. I am looking for the intelligent, honest man with the strong character. I hope he will love the animals and will be a tender, kind and honest man without bad habits. The most important for me is his soul and character of course, but I hope certainly we will find great mutual attraction! Write to me.
Letter 2
I am grateful to you Jim, that you have written to me the answer. To me 34 years, but I have life experience. I before have been deceived by men. But I have hope, that I shall find real the man of my dream.
To me always liked older man because mature men and have the big life experience. I am here because of my search for real love. I have a good sense of humor, I adore life and I know how to live life, enjoying it! I like adventures and travel with pleasure, I am not afraid of changes and new, exciting and breathtaking experiences I want to find my happiness in caring man's arms. He should be reliable, caring, loving, honest, serious, decent, gentle, romantic and passionate person, who will give me everything I deserve. Jim, also I want him to be loyal and trust-worthy, my future husband should be my best friend, companion and, of course, tender lover. I need real man, who is responsible and keeps his words. I need to feel that my man is mine and only mine. I want to build my future family only with such man. And I will make him the happiest man in the world in return.
I like to travel, fish, go to a camping. I like everything, that is close to the nature. I like to look at a fire and on the star sky. I wish to tell fairly and at once. I search only for serious relations.
I have no time for empty chatter. I have no time for games. If I shall play, in volleyball. Tell me more about yourself and your dreams. Take care Jim!! I wait your letter.
Letter 3
Hi again from Samanta, How are you Jim ???? I live in the city of Yaransk, Russia. It is far from Moscow, about 800 kilometers. Here in winter it is very cold and the summer is cool. I studied accounting in college. I work in a bar waiter, because here the problem is finding a good job. I used to have a good job. I worked as an administrator in a home appliance store. But then there was a crisis in the country and the store was bankrupt. My favorite color is purple. I live with my parents in an apartment. I do not have brothers and sisters. I am a very communicative woman, friendly, sportive, sincere, Enterprising, have a good sense of humor, beautiful, charming and ****, Open-minded and easy going lady. I know what I want and I know how to Achieve it.
I am ready for creating a family, I feel with all my heart That I know how to make my beloved man Dreams come true. I really enjoy dancing, cooking and traveling. I Like to spend my free time working out at the gym. I think it is Important to keep my body in perfect shape. Jim, I would like to find a Kind and loving man who will care about me and love me deeply. I am Looking for a man to cherish. I Would like to have a man who will be my second half to love Respect him. I want my partner to be loyal, loving and reliable. I Want to become my closest friend in everything. Jim, I am an independent woman, but as all women in this world i am weak And need somebody whol ... Create my own family. I adore discovering and learning, meeting new People, new places, cultures, traditions. I am fond of traveling. I was in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, I was in many places in Russia. I Love this world, but i am sure that the man i am searching for will Make it even better! Life is too short to be alone ... let`s share Warmth of our hearts! My future man. He Should be honest and the main Life =) I want we will fall in love and live together till our last Day ... Take care for now. Samanta
Letter 4

I am very glad to receive your letter Jim. How do you??? Jim, how is the weather??? how mood??? I am glad that you have a small doggie. It is pleasant to me when me to call fire. I am glad that you have told me about your city. Do you have a big farm? Thank you for such interesting photos. I love fishing too. You have a beautiful house. I want to tell you about my working day. I wake up at 6 morning. Then I take a shower. Then I drink tea. I rarely drink coffee. But if I drink coffee, then with milk. Then I go to work. I arrive at bar by 8 am and then I and the other waiters prepare our bar for The arrival of visitors. At 10 am our bar opens. I work up to 8 evenings. But also on weekends and holidays, the bar is open until 11 pm. Then I return home. I usually get back on the bus, but if late, then I go back on foot. I'm glad that now I have a little free time to write you a letter. I spoke with Administrator at the bar. She understands me and lets me write You letter. She's glad that we met. She said that now I have always a smile and my eyes are burning like stars !!! Do you have any hobbies ??? What sport do you like ??? What are you doing in your spare time??? I like to walk in the park and listen to the singing of birds. On weekends, I house cleaning and I like to cook food. I'm very interested in you Jim!! future man mustn't be a prince from a fairy tale, but he must be normal, serious, careful, faithful and responsible, he must be ready for a mutual life with such a tender and romantic woman as I! Hope to chat soon Write to me. Samanta
Letter 5
What happened? You have no time to write to me the letter? You not time to write to me?
I very much wait your letter, please...
Letter 6
I came to the Internet cafe with the hope that you wrote to me. And I am very very glad to receive your letter Jim. How were you? How was your day ???? I am glad that you haven't forgotten me. I hope that you have well spent your time in a cottage. at yours dog beautiful name ******. I also understand that you did household chores and to do washing. Thanks to you that you also send me your photos. I am also glad to see your photos. We have a good weather now. But I think that it will be cold soon. I'm interested in everything that happens to you. I keep thinking about you. I think that you are a good person. I think that if we were together once, we could be a wonderful couple.
Of course it's too early to talk about relationships. For me, relations are primarily honesty and trust. There is no boss in the relationship. You can not abuse the trust of a loved one. Need support in difficult times. There are always difficult times and good times.
You must always support your second half. This is the truth of good relations. If a man smiles and everything is fine, then the mood is also good. It is always necessary to show care and love. Jim, I'm very lonely here and need someone wholl support and take care about me...I am ready to create my own family. I adore discovering and learning, meeting new people, new places, cultures, traditions.I am fond of travelling. I love this world, but i am sure that the man i am searching for will make it even better! Life is too short to be alone...let`s share warmth of our hearts! my future man should know what he wants. He should be honest and the main for me is heart and his thoughts about life =) I want we will fall in love and live together till our last day... Life is too short to be alone...let`s share warmth of our hearts! Your Samanta
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim! How are you??? I am glad that you had a hot weather and you went to bathe. I am glad that you have a convenient cottage.
You have very beautiful ******. I like your dog. Who these people about you in water? Forgive me for the long response. I could not write to you before, because I had a lot of pain in my leg. I now visited the hospital and came to the Internet cafe. The day before yesterday I was robbed and my foot was hurt. I could not visit the internet cafe. I'll write you a big letter tomorrow. I keep thinking about you. you are always in my thoughts. I have to go to the pharmacy and buy an ointment. I'm sorry, I'll write you tomorrow. Your Samanta
Letter 8
Hi my Dear Jim, how are you ??? I understand you that on a photo it were children of neighbors. I am glad that you to go on fishing. I would be glad to go with you on fishing. I like to catch fish. It is pleasant to me to hear that you in good relations with neighbors. I am sorry, h that you had problems with the Internet. I wanted to visit the Internet cafe before, but I could not because I had pain in my leg. Now the leg does not have much pain. Ointment blocks pain. I had a dislocation on my leg. I returned home after work. It was late and the buses did not fly anymore. Then, unexpectedly, several men approached me and asked for a bag. One man took out a knife. I cried out loud. I was very frightened and screamed loudly. It was horrible.
I was very, very scared. Then a few people heard my crying voice and ran to the rescue. The robbers were frightened and ran away. I went to the police. Then I talked to the police and the police officer took me to the hospital. The police said they would look for robbers. But I think that it is unlikely that robbers will be caught. There are many robberies and murders in my country. There are many unemployed people here and people are forced to rob. Recently, several tourists from Britain and France were killed. They were robbed and killed. Tourists are very easy prey for burglars. I will ask my boss to return home early to avoid such situations. Well, that's it. enough about the bad.
How do you??? How were your days ???? I read your letters and I think that I know you all my life. I'm glad that we met. Here, men drink a lot of alcohol and humiliate women. But in you I see the ideal man. I keep thinking about you. What you feel about me??? You're in my dreams. Do you think dreams come true ??? Or is it just in fairy tales of a man and a woman can be happy ???? I'm tired of being alone. Life is short and I want to be happy. Perhaps you are my prince Jim???????? Your Samanta
Letter 9
Thank you for your letter Jim. Your letters make my mood always good !!!!!!!!! I miss your letters. I miss you. I would like to be in your arms !!! How is your mood??? Do you miss me? I am sorry that in your city there is also a lot of crime. I understand that you not to close your cottages. I am glad that you have sent me a photo with your business partners. I am sorry that your president at the wife has cancer. I hope that everything will be good. I now do not have pain after the robbery. I spent money on the medicine. You must understand that I have to pay for the Internet to write to you. I pay for the time in the Internet cafe. I earn 9,000 rubles a month. That's about $146 USD. I have to pay 100 rubles per hour in the Internet cafe. I live with my parents and help pay for electricity, heat, gas. I earn.
Yes, it's hard to live here. There is bureaucracy everywhere. It's hard to find a good job here. But I thank God that I have at least some. I can provide myself with clothes and food. By the way, I can cook pies and cakes well. I would like to make pies for you Jim one day. I like sweet pies, pies with fish and meat pies. I dreamed of having candlelight dinner with you. Today it's a little bit cool, but the thoughts about you warm my heart and my soul. Please write me soon. I'm really looking forward to your letters. Jim, my dear,I will dream of our meeting one day !!!!!!!!!!!! Love Samanta
Letter 10
Hi my Honey Jim, how are you ??? I miss you. It is pleasant to me to hear that you like to watch my photos. I am also glad to see your photos. You are very handsome man. I to see yours the prepared dish on a photo. For me the great happiness would be to try your prepared dish. I understand that your country differs from ours the country.
Also as well as salary. I wrote letters to other men. But now I write letters only to you. I came before in internet cafe and wanted to write you a letter, but the internet cafe was closed. there was a strong wind and damaged the electrical wires. I was distressed. The administrator in the Internet cafe told me to come later. Now all the problems have been fixed and I can write to you. I can write to you and say that I'm sad without you. I visited my aunt yesterday with mine mother. we talked a lot about you and about me. my aunt says that a long time ago did not see me so happy. In my eyes there was brilliance Happiness !! My relatives are happy that we have met. Jim, I have never felt this way about anyone before, & I feel that I have a lot in common with you. I promise I will not let you down you will feel like you never have in your life. We have found each other. I have been serious from the start. You not have to doubt about me. I have no time for games. I want a man who is serious knows what he wants. The only way we can learn more about each other is to be together. There is no way I could disappoint you and I know you will not disappoint me. We are the one. I have asked you to be truthful about everything. I have told you everything. You have my heart and soul. I think the God for us finding one another. We are meant to be together and it is time. I am very serious about you. Jim, I want to be with you once. We are one now. We are a couple. Yes I think about you all the time and I am not lonely anymore. Hopefully we will be in each other. candle light dinner and dancing and holding and kissing each other. I hope this letter puts a smile on your face. I feel special when I get a letter from you. I see we both have the respect and love for one another. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have a special place in my heart. My heart races when I hear from you or just thinking about you and looking at your photos. Lots of hugs and kisses .. Jim, I never want to ever see you sad or upset, we both have a strong desire to be happy, I look forward to your thoughts & feelings about our future together, assuming that we have a future, yours always, Samanta
Letter 11
Hello my nice Jim! I am glad to get your letter. With each your letter I get accustomed to you more and more. I don't object to your comments about my photos. I am glad that you like my photos. I understand you that you have bought new the battery for the boat elevator. Kind of I was glad to catch with you fish and to clean fish. Now I completely trust you and want to tell you that nor to whom did not tell earlier.
I want to tell in detail about my relations in the past. I think if we are going to develop the serious relations between you and me that you have a right to know about it. This especially personal information so I ask you to pertain seriously to my story and save this in the secret. I trust you and do not want you to disillusion me. In my life one man was only. His name is Max. We got acquainted two years ago on the birthday of my girlfriend. In that evening he was shown me very fun and careful man. He spoke me many compliments and took care of whole evening. I do not know, may be, he just tried to like for me!!!
Anyway, but he could. I do not know, who has said him my address, but the next day he came to my home and brought the bouquet from 30 white roses. He politely said "Hello" and invited me to the cinema. I always was surprised with the bounty of the Russian men. They are ready to give everything what they have to get the girl. But as soon as girl get accustomed and love him, then they begin to consider themselves winner, their bounty and care disappear, and they begin to behave crudely and powerful. Considering that if once upon a time he spent his own power and facilities on me, that now I have to be him grateful for the whole life. I hope you are not such man? With each day he liked me more and more. Soon we began to live together. First everything was fine. He came home from work and brought the bottle of good wine. But soon the goblet of wine did not enough to drink with me for supper. He became to detain in work, not to stay at night and come home in drunken condition. He began to forbid me to meet with girlfriends. I asked him, why he so solved and he answered that does not trust them, and that they render bad influence on me. I never lied him and did not give the cause for mistrust. I am very honest person, I can not lie and so I want people to be honest with me too!!! I thought that if he is jealous, so he loves me and I agreed with him.
For the sake of him I ceased to communicate with girlfriend. I loved him, but he made condition every day. Certainly, I did not like it, but I loved him and did not want to lose. Once upon a time, when I went to the shop, I met with my school girlfriend. Her name is Lena.
She has said that next week she will have a birthday, and she will take offence much on me if I shall not come to congratulate her. I promised that I shall come. In the evening when Max came home, I said him about it. But suddenly he began to yell on me and forbid me to go.
I said that I promised to come, and I have to restrain the promise. He knocked me and said that in general I do not have a right to contradict him. But with tear on my eye I yelled that you are not husband and not father, and you do not have right command. I ran in room and began to collect their own belongings. Max saw this and became to ask the pardon from me. He spoke many tenderly and tenderly so how it was at the first day. He said me many warm words, and I forgave him. In week, when I will go for birthday to girlfriend, I called him with myself, but he said that he needs to work. We began to celebrate the birthday in Lena's home, but then we go to the disco. On disco I met my former classmate. His name is Dima. In the eighth class we was friends, I thought that I loved him, but we were very young and our relations remained just friendly. We sat for table to drink coffee and recall the school years. You do not believe!!! Suddenly Max appeared and knocked Dima to head with bottle. I yelled and everyone, who was in the disco, called attention on us. Dima lost the consciousness and fell on the floor. Max was much ***** and hardly stood up on foot. I was afraid and ran away from him. He ran for me and yelled: freeze *****!!! I shall **** you!!! The freeze!!! Thank god, guard of the disco knocked him and handcuffed on him. But he did not quiet down and continued to threaten. Soon the police arrived and arrested his whole for 3 days. While he was in prison, I collected the belongings and came to my parents' home. Hitherto I am afraid to go on the street alone. I am afraid to meet him once upon a time. From my girlfriends I heard that he often came to this club with different girls. Our relations lasted for four months. I promised myself that nevermore I shall link my life with Russian man. I hope, you understand now, why I so often talk about trust. In general I think that without trust no normal relations. Always yours Samanta.
Letter 12
My sweet and very gorgeous Jim, How are you doing gorgeous ? I hope that you are doing well my dear Jim!!! I am glad that my letters bring you happiness. For me also great happiness to read your letters and to see your photos. I am glad that you not such man as Max. I know that you are a kind and good man. I am very sorry that there is a lot of deception on the Internet. I don't understand how people can send the money. Why these scammer to ask money from other people? I didn't hear about what you have told me. I will be accurater on the Internet.
Myself I am doing alright I'm just missing you so very much gorgeous and not to mention I am always worried about you. I know that we just met online not long ago ,but it seems to me I have known you a lifetime . I really truly do mean that there is no one nor anything in the world that is as gorgeous as you definitely are. And I promise and swear to you Jim that you are always on my mind 24/7 since the day we met online. I am so very glad to hear that you are in a much better mood love. All I really truly do want is to make you the happiest man who ever lived in the whole universe gorgeous. I promise and swear to you Jim that I will never ever treat you badly most definitely treat you like the King that you truly are my love. I would never ever hurt you in anyway. You truly do mean so very much to me more than you can ever imagine and think. Jim, I know definitely I truly do want to be with you more than ever beautiful. Ever since the day we met online. I truly did and I know for a fact that I fell in love with you and I know that I truly do love you. I sit and think about us being very close to each other very close to were you couldn't even get a sheet of paper between us even a pry bar can not separate us apart. And I truly do not want you to feel alone or be alone ever . And I promise and swear to you gorgeous that you are not mistaken about me .I really truly do want to be your one and only . And to let you know I truly have and always will be thanking God for showing me such a blessing to me as you truly are . You truly are my absolutely my DEAR my LOVE and PRINCE Jim, and would love to treat you like the King that you truly are. And it will be a true blessing for me when the day comes until the day we finally get to meet each other and I promise and swear to you gorgeous that I will never ever let you go. So I hope that this gives you some idea how much you truly do mean to me. I really truly do sit and think about you and most definitely always worried about you so very much gorgeous. I truly do want you to be my everything and my only one. Sincerely truly want to be you one and only Samanta.
PS: I will love to be yours forever yours Jim. Very big Hugs and kisses to you gorgeous. Stay safe for me gorgeous and have many great days to come.
Letter 13
Oh my God!!!!!!! I wanted to send you long video. But I couldn't send you long video. Because here video isn't loaded into an Internet cafe.
Here very weak Internet and therefore I couldn't send you long video.
But I send you my short video. I hope that you will like my video. For me great happiness that you like to see my photos because I am also happy to see your photos. To do your photos my day happy. I understand that you with your nephew you will go on shops. I hope that you it is good to spend together time. I am glad that you found me on internet.
I am so happy, VERY, VERY HAPPY that you are MINE, ALL MINE. We will be happy couple. I will love you forever. To me, eyes cry because I am so happy because of much pleasure reading your letter. We are so much like same person. I want to love you so much and can hardy wait. The more we wait, the better we will be together. I dream of holding your head close to mine and you holding me like we are not apart. My dreams, too, are to be loved, be loved by you and to get through life with someone I love very much. The right person (you) I want to be with him forever. I dream of this all the time. I like scent of you and knowing that I am making this man happy and well cared for. For you, please know that I also love you and cannot live without you. We have shared so much that I think I have know you for many years.
Please, please keep your letter coming. Jim, not to worry, my intentions are serious. We will meet soon. Please don't worry but keep writing and telling me more about you and your feelings. I want you, I need you, and I will share my life with you until we grow old. Jim, you are my destiny, my hope, and my true love. I have never felt this way even though we have not met. Do not worry, though, I am sincere and want you so much, please believe that. . I will send you a million kisses and hugs. Please keep writing letters. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH,
Your love, Samanta
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