Scam letter(s) from Sydney to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Hello master Frank , how are you and i am so sorry for the late reply to you and i do promise to serve and worship at your feet for the rest of my life as a full time ***** obedient and dedicated to my lord and master at all the time . i have never had the chance to serve any master till now so if you do take me as your ***** you will be my very first master sir , master i will like to know what your kids will think about me being your ***** considering that i am young and also asian to me age is just a number and does not matter when it comes to matters of the heart and as for the distance i will be more than happyt to relocate to you and start a new life with you as i have always wanted to come to the usa all my life as i find it very intersting place to be and i do call this Gods favorite country . master i will like to know your living situation and i do hope master find me fit enough to be your full time ***** sir . Master i do have one issue at hand as i my land lord is presently on my neck to have me evicted from my apartment for lack of paying my rent in the last 3 months so they took my passport from me so i would not have to run away with there payments i dont know if there is any way master can help me or maybe try contact the land lord to have some more time given to us to be able to come up with there payments , i will be so happy to read back from you and when you can be able to chat from Google hangout i can also try to use this and we can chat from time to time as its a more faster means to know more about each other sir
will be looking to read as soon as you can sir
***** to be sydney
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