Scam letter(s) from Lasma Mekok to Steve (England)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet heart. Should I ask you now about your mood? Probably not. I spoiled your mood with your letter and now I feel guilty for you. Please forgive me for the spoiled mood. believe me, I have very very very bad mood. It was just a nightmare night for me. Detectives came to the police station, people from my embassy came and they all asked me many many times to explain what happened that night. I already lost count of how many times I gave evidence. I explained them in detail, remembered all the details of the incident, but they still ask the same questions. I do not understand what else they wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me feel guilty about everything? I heard nothing from the policemen. They only told me that they would start an investigation, but how long it would last they did not know. I do not know what to do now. I now feel very hurt and tears flow from my eyes. It is very hard for me and I do not want to stay a day longer in this country. I'm very frightened and I'm already afraid to go out here alone. I'm so scared. This morning I asked my embassy to help me get back home. I asked my embassy for them to buy me a return ticket, but in reply to the embassy they told me that they can not take any action now, until there is an official statement from the police about the closure of my case. If to say differently, my embassy asks me to wait for the end of the investigation and only then they can help me. I asked my embassy how long to wait, but nobody knows about it. Maybe a week, maybe a month - I do not want to wait that long. I'm just going crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently, from the meeting point, I tried to get through to that woman from Berlin who ordered this job for me. I was hoping that she would help me, but she refused to help me, referring to the fact that I was not working at their company officially. I receive money only for my work done and it is not responsible for me. She told me directly on the phone so she did not even want to talk to me anymore. Very cruel and I'm just shocked by everything. All my money, credit card, cell phone, documents, laptop - all this was stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now how to get back to my home and where to turn for help? I tried to call my best friend, but her phone does not answer. Probably she again went to her parents and her phone does not answer. If my parents were alive, I would certainly apply to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just do not have anyone to ask for help now except you. Sweet, forgive me now for my determination. God knows, I've never asked anyone for help in my life. I always tried to get out of the difficult situation myself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do. I need 988 dollars now to buy a return ticket home, but I do not know where I can find this money here. I'm afraid now my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not to you, then who else should I contact? I'm crying now and with tears in my eyes I'm now asking you to help me get back to my home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that now you will now lose your confidence in me, but despite this I ask you to help me with the money for a return ticket. I do not take this money from you for good. I will definitely return you this money as soon as I fly home. I have money in my house, but I can not take them from here. I ask you to give me this money for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, I'll be on the street. In a couple of days I'll have to leave the hotel and then I'll have to sleep on the street. Now I only hope for you.
My dear, I asked for help from a woman with whom she was doing business in Russia. Unfortunately she does not have that much money, she has 4 children and a loan for an apartment. She gave me money for food and for a couple of days stay at the hotel, also on the internet cafe to write you a letter.
I asked to help her with the transfer of money. If you help me, I'll ask her to accept the money. Since I do not have a passport, he was stolen. With a temporary passport will not give money to the bank.
I sent you her copy of the passport.
You can use any method to transfer money. Using banks: Contact, Ria, MoneyGram, Western Union.
You will need only her data to transfer money. After that, we'll go to the bank together and get your help.
Here are her details:
name: Margarita
surname: Prasol
ul. Builders, 2. 119311
phone: 79152986541
I really hope you will not leave me in this terrible country. Standing on my knees and with tears in my eyes, I beg you not to leave me.
I'm afraid to send you this letter, because I'm afraid to upset you. But all my hope of returning home is now only in this letter. I ask you to think and if you can help me. I will wait for your answer and I hope that you will respond to me today.
Well, now I need a dream. I am very tired. I ask you my love, write to me as soon as you receive my letter.
I love you and miss you very much.
Your, Leila.
Letter 2
My love, I do not know who else to share with my grief and so I decided to write to you. I'm very ******* my heart and I'm sitting in the hotel all in tears. I need to talk, but I do not know to whom else I can ask for advice. Sweet mine, I feel disgusting. I do not even know how to write to you about what happened to me. I just do not know where to start and I'm all in tears. after work at night I returned to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me right up to the hotel doors, but suddenly three men appeared from around the corner and rushed at me sharply. They hit me several times on the body, ripped my bag from my shoulder and ran away in the opposite direction. All this happened in a matter of seconds and I was just in shock. I was scared and could do nothing. I now sit and remember this as a terrible nightmare. My bag was stolen from me, in this bag were all my money, my credit card, my phone, my documents for work, my laptop and all this was stolen !!! I've been crying for an hour. The eyes are already red with tears and I just do not know what to do now !!! Maybe another braver woman would run after them to get her bag back, but I was very scared and I had no choice but to run to my hotel soon. As soon as I ran to the hotel, I immediately asked to call the police. But the police arrived only in half an hour and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me to tell you about what happened. I told them about everything in detail, but they did not say anything good to me and only said that this was not the first time. The officer told me that I should thank God for the fact that I stayed alive. To me it is very serious. What should I do? The police said that they will try to find these robbers, but I saw how they work and I just do not believe them. It seems to me that they will not even look for them, since I'm still not a citizen of their country. I was offered to apply to my embassy today, but it is already late here and it is unlikely that the embassy is open. So I can apply to the embassy only in the morning. I do not know if I can sleep at all today. I already fear everything. I'm just in shock now. I need comfort, but there is no one here next to me. I'm alone in this wild country and from this thought it's only harder for me. please, only do not worry about me. If I know that you feel bad because of me, then it will make me worse. I do not want you to worry about me, I want only moral support from you. Tell me at least that you love me, I'm sure that these words will make me feel better. I need you now my love !!! Please, my dear, just do not be angry with me because I write to you about my misfortune. I had to speak and except for you, I had no one to turn to. You are the closest person to me now. I love you and after this letter I now feel much better. Feeling as if a heavy load fell from the soul. Please, my love, just do not worry about me. I'm sure tomorrow everything will be fine and finally I'll be back home from this wild country. I will never come here again. Here are rude people with rude customs.
Your, Leila.
Letter 3
My dear, there was no answer from you. To me it became even more terrible. I really hope you will not leave me with my problems and do everything possible and even impossible to help me get home.
I beg to answer me as soon as possible.
I'm so scared.
My eyes are full of tears.
Standing on my knees and with tears in my eyes, I beg you to help me.
Yours forever, Leila.
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