Scam letter(s) from Forbijong Menjo to Jake (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi, Jake.
Good morning to you and I hope that you are doing fine. I am not doing fine and it has been days of tears in my life I guess God has decided to pay me with evil for all the wrong things I have done.. I have decided to go back to Cameroon, I am having problems here in the USA with documentations plus my mom died two days ago I badly need you financial help and only reason I am writing you is because I know you are getting paid today and I need your help, please kindly write me and I am waiting for your email.. Thanks Menjo
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Name: Alexia Sam
Age: 35
Name: Svetlana Trunova
Age: 30
Name: Sandra Lever
Age: 29
Name: Natalia Parhomenko
Age: 29
Name: Irina Troshenko
Age: 23
Name: Rebecca Joseph
Age: 44
Name: Christine
Age: 34
Name: Alisa
Age: 26
Name: Svetlana Rechkina
Age: 33
Name: Candy
Age: 33
Name: Yana Kotelevets
Age: 28
Name: Valentina Podimova
Age: 24
Name: Julia Ivanova
Age: 25
Name: Diana
Age: 34
Name: Jessica Smith
Age: 27