Scam Letter(s) from Hannah Smith to Chris (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

I need to be honest with you I'm a legit Site model/cam model actually, i provide photographs of my self to be used promotion-ally on websites and social media platforms.I know its a turn off but I'm just being honest.

I barely do this and I need your help now if you don't mind :*
cause our moderator gave us all a challenge that whoever gets the 1st 30 votes on our page will be promoted as an admin and I really need that spot, so I'm looking for a helping hand for my 8 lacking votes to complete the 30 and the deadline is until tonight huhuhu :(

Letter 2

I will give you my personal free access code so you can get in to my show with no charge, but in return you will give me the votes I need

click this link sweetie >>
and here's my free access codes so you don't have to worry about the charges >> BLK-871-CKL-ZAW

on the first page, create your username and password, then on the second page, fill up the info for verification purposes, then put my free access code on the 3rd page, you will see a yellow box at the bottom part of the 3rd page saying "FREE CODE"

just dont forget to put my code there so that you dont have to worry about the charge ok??

let me know when you're done! :)

I'm even keen to exchange date drinks and sex for it I can accommodate or travel if you vote for me successfully.



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