Scam Letter(s) from Cristel to John (Germany)

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Letter 1

I wrote you that I am with this Chinese family in Shenzhen for almost one year. End of September 2018 my contract as a nanny and house care is expiring. After I can not use the computer of this family. I look for an other contract. But I have not a new one yet. It is not sur if I will have acess to a computer at a new place.
I asked you already to give me your email address that I can write you direct. But you did not until now! Why?
If you send me your email address I send you more nice pictures of me.
Because I don’t have enough money, I asked you to send me the amount for the flight ticket from China to Switzerland. If you do not pay I can not visit you!
Please my darling, give me your email address. I give you my email address too and all other details to send me the money I need.
If I am in Switzerland I make you very hapy. I love you so much. I can not wait to meet you.
Kisses for you.



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