Scam Letter(s) from Alice Francoise Epineau to Elias (Lebanon)

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Letter 1

Bien aimE ,

J'ai dEcidE de vous lEguer ma fortune de DEUX MILLION VINGT CINQ MILLE DOLLARS US (2.025.000 Us Dollars) avec toute la modestie et la sincEritE d'une donatrice. Le monde se perverti tellement sur la misEricorde de Dieu que j'ai pris cette dEcision parce que toute ma famille qui puisse hEriter de cet argent est morte suite au tremblement de terre qui a abattu l' HaIti le 12 janvier 2010. Que la Paix et la misEricorde de Dieu soient avec vous.

Vous pouvez me rEpondre ? mon adresse email qui est la

Letter 2

Yes, i speak english. So, I thank you for your message.
In the first place, you must know that this offer is not obligatory, so you can refuse it while we have not gone far.

My dearest wish is to be able to donate my money to an anonymous individual so that the latter can lead social actions through a Foundation.
You know there are several organizations in the world that I could have contacted. But I prefer that it be an anonymous physical person like you, to whom I will entrust this heavy responsibility to create a foundation and who will do the good works like the late Mr. Raoul Follereau. There is much suffering in the world, and it will be necessary that men who have the opportunity to help people in distress do so without restraint. The only good thing I can do on this earth before I go is to know that this money must make happy people in need.

I sincerely hope that you will not refuse my proposal and that you will help me to realize this dream. This money is in West Africa now in BENIN and it is a Notary who is in charge of organizing everything for the transfer. . He is a man of confidence because I have been working with him for many years. It is with him that you have to get in touch to organize everything.

Here are the Notary's Coordinates.

E-mail: cabinet1dovoedonotaria@

TEL: +229 91 01 70 59

You must contact him upon receipt of this message.
Please kindly tell me about yourself and your family in your next message. This is briefly the story of my life. I can not continue this mail because I feel tired. I wish you and your family a good day.

Ms. Epineau Francoise Alice.



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