Scam letter(s) from Veronica Alexandrova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

I'm so glad to receive your letter.
First I want to excuse for a short break during our correspondence. The reason is the story which happened to me during these days. I beleive that you understand that I correspond not only with you , but also with several men. And among them was one who made me stop correspondence with practically everyone to whom I wrote.
The thing is that at first I thought that he was a decent man. I liked his romantic , honest letters. I even wrote him my address. But after fist several letters he changed greatly.
He began to write me bad letters, he seemed to be like a maniac because he sent me pictures where he was *****.
In the next letter he sent me a picture where he was making love to a woman.
It was disgusting. He even offered me money and ***** ***.
He even wants to come to Russia and I'm very afraid of his threats. I think that I made a mistake when I decided to place my profile on the Internet.
I was told a lot that there are a lot of different men on the Net. But I didn't believe them. It's a pity that my first trial of finding my beloved through the Net was so sad . Before this case I thought that people place there profiles on the Net and write letters having different goals that they want to find their beloved whom they couldn't find around them. That's why I'm very disappointed in this way of getting acquainted.
I want to tell you at once that I don't correspond just for money. I want to say that many men think that women , especially Russian women need only money.
I hope that you don't think so about me, I write you all this because I believe you , believe that you have different intentions towards me.
I'm full of hope that you are looking for a woman not just for entertainment but for creating a happy family.
In my last letter I wrote you that I'll write you why I am looking for a man in the Internet. I always try to keep my promices and I'll keep it this time. The main thing is that Internet gives a good opportunity to find that very person who you are looking for.
I have to know more about you that's why I want to ask you some questions.
What are in your oppinion ideal relations? What do you know about Russia , and what's your attitude to it. I'd like to know very much about your family.
How often do you gather together and what's your favourite family holiday?
I'm looking forward to receiving your letter and frank answers to my questions.
Now you are the only man I will write to.
Letter 2

Hello mine .
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letters.
I want to share with you my feelings.
When I receive your letter.
I feel high temperature of your words.
It is very pleasant for me.
I should study in you how to write the letter.
I need to speak you about our holiday much. My mother's birthday. In me it - is a lot of emotions. And my words - very urgently Mixed.
Many friends have come to us.
It is many people!:-) Gave many gifts.
I have presented my mum a set of cosmetics It is very necessary thing for each woman.
I was asked Veronica why are you alone?
- You spoke, that have found very good and decent person.
Show him to us. It was spoken me by my girlfriends and friends.
And I have made one gesture (a hand to my heart)
Also I have told, that my loved in my heart.
They did not understand me, and I have given them detailed history ;-).
My history very urgently to fall outside the limits with emotions.
And after I have finished a history my friends have told me:
-Veronica After your history we have started to know very well.
We celebrated our holiday very cheerfully.
There our relatives from other city arrived.
We were 18 persons. We were going to have much food.
My mum and the grandmother prepared very beautiful dish.
Our table was full of various kinds of dish.
Our house was full of entertainment, of love and pleasure.
All this was very cheerful.
My family was very much pleasure to our visitors.
There were a lot of flowers that are very pleasantly for the woman. We were very happy.
It was simply wonderful, we have continued our holiday on a nature.
In wood we set fire to fire , we fried meat on fire.
This dish concerns to shashlik.
Meat is cut to pieces and pour over with much sauces, vinegar.
This is held in a solution of 5 hours. Then it is fried on a smoke from a fire.
It is very tasty.
We have spent much time in a wood.
We went to bed in 5:00 morning.
To me was not much grief as there were no you.
I have checked up emptiness close to me directly.
And today I have pleasure to read your letter.
And I check sensation that you very close to me.
I think, that when will be together, we can make a holiday together.
It will be very pleasant for us.
I shall be going food, and you will look at me. Ok '.
I very much would like to try dishes which you would be going for me, I am sure, that it would be magnificent.
Greetings Iaeno his kiss from me.
Big kiss to you
Letter 3

With the great pleasure I answer on your questions.
My full name: Alexsandrova Veronica Sergeevna
My clothes size :44-46 (L)
My sizes of a body: 92 61 91
Height 169 cm
Weight 53 kg To be photographed I like most of all it is possible to name it my hobby.
The child would like to get after a marriage of year through 2.
Probably more passionate than shy.
My year of birth 1978.
I think that I have answered all your questions and now will not be angry with me.
Kiss you and Maks.
Letter 4

The big pleasure to receive your answer. I spoke you that I read all our letters to my grandmother.
We spoke with her about us. And she asked me: " Veronica, do you love?". I have answered " Yes! Yes! Yes!". And then my grandmother has asked me one more question: Veronica how can you love a person whom you don't know at all? You know with him only through computer. I have made some pause and have given the answer to my grandmother: I did not think that I shall feel so happy, I have reminded her a history about my guy who became the addict.
I have placed the data in the Internet as my girl-friend advised to me.
I told you about her.She correspons with the person from England. Some times she visited his country and they love each other very much. Her name is Anna and now she is pregnant from this person and shortly they become the husband and the wife.
I am very happy for them.
After I have placed the data in the Internet, I have received many letters from men from different countries. Yes, it is very pleasant. But everyone had his own purpose: ***, flirtation, entertainment,... But only one person has told me sincerely about his feelings. This person has told me: I love you!
Corresponding with this person I have understood that he is kind, cheerful and the most important - very decent person.
I have told my grandmother how our relations grow and that we love each other. We once again talked about our meeting with you. She said, that she is sincerely glad for us with you.
As for our meeting. Yesterday I visited a travel company where my mother's good friend works. I spoke with her about our meeting. Her name is Larisa.
Larisa said me that I have to ask you several private questions. After you answer these questions Larisa will make all documents in short time.
Larisa said that will try to make a trip as cheap as possible.
Here are the questions I want to ask you:
1 What is your full name.
2 What is your full home address (including country, city, etc)
3 What is your phone number. (May be Larisa will contact you)
4 What is the city and the name of the airport in which it will be convenient for you to meet me.
We should coordinate exact time of our meeting. The agency in which I have addressed works already for a long time and it guarantees to us our meeting.
Larisa explained me that they will prepare all necessary documents for our meeting (the passport, the insurance, air tickets and the visa).
I should know your exact decision about us and about our meeting.
And I want to ask you one more time: Are you really ready to help me with part of money for the trip to you? I sincerely love you. My gentle I expect your answer. Veronica
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