Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Vagizova to David (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello! I am Sofia 28. I add u and decided know better you. For me it is first time try to meet friend in such way & I do not know about what to tell right now. I want to find a serious man for relations, someone older than me. Relations is not a joke for me, I never play games. I hope that you are serious too. We can be away from each other, but I hope its not a problem? Do not reply me if you not single or letter was reached to you by mistake. If u like me too, I would be happy to have your answer. Sofia!
Letter 2
Hi David ! I have received your letter and I am very happy to read it.
I would like meet new friends. I think one of my friends can be my partner in the future. Thank you very much for your response. Now I see that you
I am interested in communicating with me.
Thank you for your beautiful picture
Now I want to tell you a little about me and my life. I was born in the Czech Republic in the beautiful town of Trebic. Do you know where Czech Republic in the world? But now I live and work
in the US for 3 months. I am 28 yars old. I was born on February 18,
I'm tired of being alone. You know that feeling? I want to create a ton of good family with right person. I have a mother 54 years old who still live in the Czech Republic! She live in the same town.
I miss about her so much and so I call her very often to Czech Republic. I came to New York to get a good education and earn a little money. I work as a nurse in Tolstoy
Foundation nursing homes.
I'm pretty young and full of energy and desire to release all my plans.
But most of all I dream to find true love. I want to have my whole future with that man in love and harmony.
I love animals, children, sports, music and dancing. the main qualities that I love in a man is dignity, honesty, kindness and responsibility.
I am romantic and sincere girl. I hate lies and playing with the feelings of a person.
I say that because I know how it hurts when a very important person lie to you.
I want to meet a man who will respect me and my feelings. Who will take care of me. I want to have and long-term relationships.
I'm afraid of spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes. I do not drink! I do not smoke or use drugs.
I hope that this information will be of interest to you.
I'll be happy to continue our conversation.
I look forward to your letters and photos.
Letter 3
Good evening David!!!
I am glad to receive a new letter from you !!
This is a wonderful gift for me !! It is lifted my mood a lot! I want to see the hidden letters as often as possible because I have so many interested in our correspondence! it has become very an important part of my life! I am very glad that I moved to New York and started a new life. I really like the city of New York! This is very different from my town of Trebic located in Czech Republic.
According to your letter, I feel that you are very clever and a good man, let me make compliment for you !!
I feel that we have a lot in common, and I am sure that if we ever meet again, we will have a lot to say each other! Do you agree? I would like to know you better.
Please, do not cease to write to me !!
I want to see new messages from you very much!
Probably Fate has given us a chance and we should not miss?
I would like to tell you something. Probably you will be amazed.
But I do not date single men almost a year.
He brought me a lot of pain and disappointments in My previous relationship.
That's why I'm still not with a man for any kind serious relations.
I plan to correct this situation in the new year ..
Do you understand me? I think it hurts so much when your lover cheats on you with another man .. did you cheated by your girlfriend?
How did you feel such pain? That's why I'm afraid to make a mistake again.
I want to love my man and there are no secrets and lies between us.
Please, promise me one thing ...
if we have something serious in the future you'll never lie to me!
I have very little time for dating men in real life.
My friend Svetlana has helped me to make the check on several dating sites to meet new people.
Our communication is a very good result of this, what do you think?
I am very grateful to Svetlana.
I tell you all this because I want you to see me understand.
We can not talk right now in reality but we can share life in our letters.
And when we finally meet in real life we can be very good pair.
Do you think so?
What are your plans for the future? What is the ideal family for you?
What does love mean to you?
Please answer these my questions because the answers will tell me a lot about you!
I say good bye now and send you my picture!
I'll look forward to your next letter !!
Letter 4

Hi David !!!
The wait is almost like the old days when the postman delivered
Mail and people looked at the postman through the window :-))
Especially if you have a good expectation of letters beloved!
In earlier times, favorite perfume puts on the paper so that others can smell it and feel closer :-))
Or a kiss on paper and kisses beloved paper and feel the love!
I don't live in the past but never forget the past.
Even if it's small memories and Reminders! In any case it's an experience.
Sometimes I think about my memories and I feel weird and even in pain.
but at the same time the pain can be sweet :-)
when I moved to new York I started a new life with a clean slate and want to have my life changed for the better.
Now I get a letters from you and it gives me the same feeling and the taste of those letters with that perfume or kiss.
I think I can even to see and smell or touch your hair! :-))
Honey, what is your dreams?
I think two people should have the same views and dreams future.
My biggest dream for the future is the creation of good family with the right person. A man who will support me and accept me the way I am.
Love is mutual understanding, support and loyalty between two loving people.
for me family is the place where I want to find Comfort and peace, love and care and of course a stable *** life.
I don't understand women in your country.
Where are they? Why such a wonderful person still single?
But it is very good a chance for me.
Let me tell you a little about my day.
I finished my work a little early. The weather was good and I went to Central Park in new York.
It is the largest city Park in the world.
There were many people in the Park. they kissed, laughed and glowed with happiness. I looked at them and suddenly felt a sharp loneliness.
I decided that I'm going to do everything to meet my man this year and we'll go to the Park too!!! We go holding our hands together and giving a warm hug.
Maybe I'm too romantic but that's who I am.
I feel like we like each other - our hearts knows the pain and frustration and we're both tired from loneliness. I feel a bit of sadness in your letters. But I'm glad you didn't waste yourself for wrong woman.
You save your good heart and the best quality for your right lady.
I understand that a lot! I want to be a lady in the future.
I think I'll stop on that note. please don't forget to write me
I don't feel lonely when I receive your letters!
Please tell me a little about your parents, okay? I'll look forward to your next response! Sofia.
Letter 5
I sincerely hope that all is well with you! David I checked today
My e-mail address with excitement. Thank you for the compliments. This is very good for me. I have not received compliments from men for a long time.
And I thank you for it. I am very happy that I make you happy.
When I read your letter my heart wants to jump out of chest.
This is very good for me! I feel very gentle and kind human. And I was very happy when I saw a new letter from you.
It lifted my spirit!
That is true to say I'm waiting for your letters very much.
You interest me. And I want to know everything about you. I hope that you are interested in me too. If we go on like
This, I am sure that we forget about our loneliness! Am I right?
I want to be a best friend, a lover and a special favorite too.
I am a woman who can laugh and cry, hug and kiss. I like to walk out or stay at home and cook dinner together. I love hiking and picnics in the countryside. when I lived in the Czech Republic we are often went hiking with my friends. We cooked on the campfire. In the evening gathered around the campfire and sang songs on a guitar. you love to go camping? do you like to relax in nature? when I moved to New York, I have never went to hike and did not go to nature because I have a lot of work now and there's no free time. I miss the days when my friends and I went camping. I am pleased to recall those days. but now it's in the past. I started a new life.
I would like to take a bubble bath and watch TV with my beloved man.
I love to go shopping together, clothing and food, or household items. I am a woman who loves to laugh and make smile.
A woman who loves to show their feelings ... and love underwear!
If you feel the same way and look for the girl with family values and simple romantic I am congratulate you! you have found it - it's me !!!
we could be happy together and enjoy all the warmth of love. I know that life can be hard but it becomes easier when you have a loved one to share good and bad times.
I was looking for a man all my life. I can say that I am very seriously in choosing my future male partner. I have offers from men to start a relationship but I see that they are only interested in ***.
Relationship is a way to get *** but they never think about serious relationship. It pushes me. I patiently I'm waiting for my right man ..
And I really believe that It is very close to me. maybe it's you?
Svetlana and I went to the Butterfly House after my work today.
We watched a very good film "The Wolf of Wall Street" with Di Caprio.
Have you watched it? I loved him greatly and I laughed a lot !! , we went to a cafe for a cup of coffee after the film.
I told about you and our relationships to Svetlana. She sincerely happy for us!
But she told me not to hurry. We need to know each other better before you make the right decision ... I'm sure she was right ..
Do you agree with me?
we went to the home and cleaned her apartment. So I sit in front of the computer now and write my new letter to you.. Today, I have a few questions for you: Do you think it's possible to love through correspondence?
What do you think about marriage in the near future?
I apologize if my questions are too personal .. I will end my letter now ..
I will send you my first sweet kiss! Your Sofia.
Letter 6
My dear David, I miss you all these days.
You changed my life, and I feel that we become closer to each other with each letter.
I understand that you are serious about me. Thank you for understanding and help. That what I need at the moment! You know,
Sometimes I feel very lonely. Thousands of people excitement, problems, hopes and dreams. How to recognize a mine man in ocean persons??
Of course my family takes care of me a lot but no one can replace my soul mate. Someone who will protect me to make small surprises.
Morning smile just for me and loves me. Always.
I hope so much that you are that man.
maybe my words hit you? But I'll tell you what I feel. I can not hide
My growing sympathy for you.
You are very kind and generous man. I appreciate possession.
You can feel free to tell me your kind words. they touch my heart ..
You are a man of strong spirit, a good heart and great courage.
you have everything that I want to find in my future partner. Sorry if I scared you. I just want you to know that my dear..
I think that people from different countries and speaking different languages can be so close to each other!
Yes, we have never met in real life but I feel that I know you for the whole of my life ..
Now I understand that the love between two people is a very powerful thing. love did not know the age, nationality, and distance. It can wait for you everywhere even on the Internet. do you agree with me? I'm sure,
This fate has blessed me to find you.
Do you remember we promise to be fair to each other?
I want to share something special with you. As you know I did not there's a guy in the Czech Republic. What for?
Two years ago I met a man from the United States.
his name was Leslie. Svetlana, my friend introduced us to each other.
Leslie was a friend of her ex-husband and came to the Czech Republic as a tourist.
it was love at first sight. We thought we'd always be together ..
after a month in the US Leslie returned. His trip to Ottawa ended in a terrible car accident.
His death was a great disaster for me. I do not wanted to live anymore for 6 months. I could not look at someone else ..
but thanks to my family and friends. I survived. Once I had a relationship
Czech one but it brought me too much talked about pain.
I loved him but at the same time he met another woman. And finally I decide to not seen more than Czech men. I do not know what it is tenderness and happiness with them. I escaped only with hard work and didn`t had time to think about love ..
Once Svetlana has asked me if I wanna come in United States. I decided to create a new life
Here. I always remember that beautiful and sincere man was my Lesley and I am sure that one of the foreign person can make me happy again because they do not cheat on their women. I heard that foreign women cheat their partners more often and they only care about money.
I hope that you will understand me correctly.
I feel so much better because I shared it with you my dear. Only close friends know about my experience. unhappy and a sad story.
And you're one of them. Please keep in mind always! I'll wait for your letter, take care! With best wishes Sofia.
Letter 7
I thought a lot about you, dear David!
I can tell you: "I love you!!" I would really like that we became a couple to be intimate and unique! I want to cry across thousands of kilometers about my feelings to you. Yes, people would be shocked but I'm ready to cry because I like you!!
Thank you for your beautiful photos, your group of friends?
I told you that I am very sensitive and romantic woman. You are unique and a loved one to me!
You can not imagine how happy am I when I get your message.
It make me happy! I want to see more and more letters! I want to be closer to you in every way!
The whole world becomes far for me when I read your letters.
I am ready to forget everything when I get your tender letter.
Not chill to me and not hurt me my dear David!
This world is only for us. We are two people shining with love.
our hearts beating as one. the birds will sing for us. flowers bloom under our feet... I can not imagine my life without you. I close my eyes and I see your face. sometimes I can even hear your soft voice: you call Me "My favorite Sofia". At this point I would like to quit and run to you to leave this lonely life behind and enjoy my time with you.
I imagine our meeting in my dreams. You hold my hand and kiss me.
Nothing is more important in the world at this point than to be with you. I see you even in a dreams. you are very close to me. I feel the breath of Yours. I LOVE YOU!!!
If you ask me why I love you? I can not find the right words.
You've captured my heart with your kindness and a big heart. I ready to believe that you have given me a lot in this world.
I stopped believing in fate because fate gave a lot of tests for me.
But now fate has sent you to me.
You're the best thing that had happened to me in my life!
Do you believe in fate? I think you're the one I was looking for all my life.
We can not exist without each other like a fish out of water, like a flower without the sun, like a human without breath. I just can not live without
Your words. I am very sentimental probably. I will die If something happens to Internet! I will die with a terrible and painful death - of melancholy.
Do you love me my dear? Please tell me as soon as possible! Tell me,
What do you think about me? It is very important for me !!! I'm not going to be hurt if you do not love me. Love is very unpredictable feeling. Love comes suddenly when you do not wait it. I know .. I'm sorry that we don't live close to each other!
It's so hard to sit and wait for a meeting with you. I wish to have a magic wand to move me to you...
I need to go niw my sweetheart. I kiss you bet! Only yours Sofia.
Letter 8
Hi! I want to congratulate you with coming holidays. I hope that you are okay and you have a good mood Unfortunately because of the holidays I have very little time, I will write to you after Christmas. I hope that this will not be too long. I just really won't be able to write you these days. In advance I wish you all the best. I will write to you after the holidays. Good luck and have a good time at Christmas. Merry Christmas Sofia
P.S The second photo was taken in the Czech Republic a few years ago
Letter 9
Hi dear, thanks for your letter and cool pictures.
I see that you love spending time with friends.
David Every morning I open my eyes and I think of you. I run to my work and I think about evening, to came home and be able to read your message.
And finally I can answer to you my dear.
isn't it happiness? The only thing upsets me that you far away from me .. I want to share my life with you and I want to be always with you! to feel your warmth and care. Maybe it sounds strange for you. I know we have not met with you in real life and we have correspondence only.
I cherish but I have a feeling that we have known each other all my life.
I hope that you are not afraid and I understand.
I see that you are seriously interested in our relations. I am pleased that I was not mistaken in you. I was looking man like you for all my life.
Man who can be sensitive and loyal partner. This is very good that I'm not lonely, because I have a man on the other part of the world who thinks of me - you!
Last night I had a small dream. It was a wonderful dream: dim light, soft music and only you and me.
You gently take my hand in yours and we dance slowly. I mean your eyes so thoughtful.
You look at mine eyes! they are full of emotions. I feel the soft lips so close to my. I want to kiss them. we can make the magic together..
We love each other from now until eternity ..
I think about our daily life: You're back from work. I'll meet you with smiles and kisses. We sit at the table and eat a good meal together.
I`ll cook for you! You tell me about your day! I listen you with interest.
I feel absolutely happy at this moment!!! I really like all the points I'll move with you.
Once we see a good movie together. We sit on the couch and hugging each other..
On weekends we spend all night and all day together but it is not enough for us.
It will be today, tomorrow, always. the next day we will meet and begin our new life. Are you ready for this sweetheart?
Honey it does not matter that you are older than me. I've always loved people who is older than me because they are more intelligent, reliable and careful.
I look for stability and reliability in my life. I'm tired of lies and betrayal.
If you are sincere and faithful to me I will love you and respect you too.
I am very serious and responsible woman. And people of my ages can not understand it. Only older people can appreciate it. I also know that
Older people mature. They do not change the decision easy as young people.
I always made sure that the next day with an older man. I'm not demanding creature, and it's not hard to make me happy. The only thing I want to ask you a please do not give me away! not disappear without any reason. Tell me the truth allways and no matter how hard it is. My heart is so tired of the pain ..
Are you good at kissing? I need to know, because I love to kiss a lot :)
Oh dear, I do not want to finish this letter and be apart from you again.
but I promise to be strong and I go to bed at night thinking about you ..
think about me too much warmth and tenderness. Your Sofia.
Letter 10
Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun David !!!!
David I miss you so much through all day and I am very glad when I receive your letter.
I wait for our meeting with impatience and I hope that it will happen soon. I want to be with you so much. Today I prepared for supper of a house and thought as it would be good if you could eat it too. I cooking soup from meat, beet, carrots, an onions and other spices. It name to Borsch! David did you heard about it? I think that this most well-known dish in Czech Republic after pelmeni and pancakes. I would like that you have ******** dishes and could estimate that. I would think that was pleasant to you. I like to prepare for example a pizza, pies, a shish kebab and many other things. I name their delicacies because not so frequently for them cooking.
David I very much would want to stand on kitchen and feel as you embrace me, kiss and touch my hips will help me to be going! Do you would help me? I hope what yes. I wait for your letter with impatience. I hope that your dream will be fine.
I love you! Yours and only yours Sofia.
Letter 11
Hello my dear David !!! I am glad to see your letter. I am very happy again.
I wanna see your smile and your eyes! I think this is probably fast.
We have no special traditions.
We will prepare delicious food to talk a lot and then go for a walk I think that will be interesting I'm very happy for you that you have the opportunity to be with my family this Christmas
David I feel that the wings grow for me when I received your letter. I feel like an angel. But I can not fly. I can not fly in the air and be with you now. It is so sad! But the sadness goes away when I to read your letters.
I am happy when I go home. And after reading your emails pleasant dreams visit me.
I sleep like a baby. I would not want to wake up. I would happy awake only in one case. If I woke up in your hugs!
would you like this David? You fill the meaning of my life. I know that you write to me.
I know what you think of me and I'm so happy. To describe that feeling. I never feel so good. Does that surprise you? Or you are sure about this?
I finish my letter on this point. I hope you will respond soon. I wait for your answer.
Your and only your loving Sofia. P.S. Can I write a "loving Sofia"?
Letter 12
Hello my Dear man and my knight David !!!!!!
David I'm glad to receive Your letter.
I'm happy and it warms my heart.
My heart beats faster when I opened your letter.
It will be fun if we can go to the nature and relax there.
I'm going to cook delicious food (salads, meat snack, fruit).
we would take a tent, knife and other accessories for camping. We could take a bottle of red wine.
You know I don't drink alcohol but I can drink a little red wine on special occasions.
It will be a special day.
We can take some meat to roast on the fire! we call it barbecue!
We can go to the beach or anothe place for camping. Where would you like to go David ?
I'm happy to stay closer to the water.
There we can put up a tent! We lay a blanket to sit on it.
We kindle fire to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.
Then we go and swim in the water. It will be nice for me to swim together.
We'll kiss and hug each other when we are in the water.
Then we will lie on a blanket and look up at the night sky. we will enjoy to see the stars.
it's so romantic. do you agree with me David ? then You open a bottle of wine and fill our glasses.
We drink a little and I see that one droplet has remained on your lips.
I kiss you gently and you enjoy my kiss!
You take me on hands and carry in tent.
we enjoy every second of our love and passion. We feel very good together.
you hold me in your arms and warm your love. We talked and talked but then we fall asleep.
It's so nice to fall asleep to birds singing and the rustling leaves.
I think our dreams become into reality very soon.
Each our day be filled with love and we will be happy forever.
I love you and send sweet kisses to you! I hope my kisses will warm you on cold nights!
If you read my letter at night then you need to look at the sky.
There you can see the constellation "Big dipper". It is a constellation in the shape of a ladle.
David I send full ladle of kisses and tenderness.
I love you David! Love your Sofia.
Letter 13
Hello my beautiful David !!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter today. I came up with a poem today and I want to send it to you: Cool sheets, the smell of a heady,
Gentle hands, his voice trembling.
The taste of your kisses feel
I know that you too excited.
You excite me very much!
I'm at the limit! Unbearable!
Your breath should be hung by me,
Feel the pulse, your body is so close.
I want even closer, want straight forget,
With you want to merge into one!
Twilight night lamp light
You will not forget this night and me.
We demand to feel love for each other,
We demand that the feelings are similar to each other,
We demand, in all that makes us closer,
And nothing will separate us, nothing will destroy our love,
Which is every day becoming more and more powerful ... It is a poem that I sent you David sounds of my soul. I think I'm dreaming about our meeting. About our amazing journey. Our love ... I miss you, I dream about our future with you and that dreams is so good. I want to turn those dreams into reality. I want to be with you very much. I want to enjoy our happiness and love. I went to the store with my friend today to buy some groceries. We bought the Essentials: sugar, cereals, salt and more.
David What have you done today? have you seen dreams? If yes, what kind of dreams was it? I had a dream where we're sitting in the room. In the room where the fire was only the spark. played a beautiful and slow music. we had a wonderful dinner. It was so nice to sit in front of you and look into your eyes. I was pleased to feel your tender and loving look. I enjoyed to see your smile and I wanted to kiss you at that moment. But my alarm clock wake up me and I are unable to see the completion of this dream. It was so sad for me. Maybe I see continuation of this dream tonight. Maybe you'll see something like that, too. I hope you will write me about it.
I love you David ! Yours and only Your Sofia
Letter 14
David I am pleased to receive your letter. As usual I miss you very much and happy to receive your letter.
David I do not feel the cosset and men's care for a long time and I'm looking forward to our meeting to get that feeling again. I want to get your love and your tenderness for me. Of course I will give the same for you. I really miss you and I can not sleep at night because I immediately think of you. I think about that would be nice to be close with you and have your hug before bedtime. Then I would be able to fall asleep much faster into your arms. I want to feel you. As you caress about me. As you touch me. How do you ****** my *******. How you enter into me and we moan of pleasure and love. My heart ****** when I think that you are far away from me. I look forward to that we can enjoy life together. Of course your letters give me some good feelings. But it does not for a long time. I start missing you again as soon as I read your letter and write my answer. It's getting harder for me to contain my emotions and my friends see as hard without you for me.
I am very tired today and only your letter to help me get a good feeling and relaxation. My heart burns when I think about you and how we should make love. Let's be together as soon as possible to complete this pain and suffering. I want to start a new life with you and I know you'll help me get happiness. I trust you and I have high hopes for our relationship. So I'm looking forward to see you in reality.
I love you and I wish you only David !
Sincerely, forever your Sofia
Letter 15
Hi dear David !!!!!!! How's it going? how's the weather ?
I miss you. I am glad to receive Your letter which brings me love and hope.
Today I wanna go to the gym to do some exercise and keep my body in good shape. I love to play sports and keep good figure. I did sports every day when I lived in the Czech Republic. when I moved to new York I didn't have enough time to do sports. I try to spend my free time with benefit and access to the gym or to the swimpool. but I have a lot of work and unfortunately very little free time.
I miss you my love because I don't have you near. you're the most important person in my life right now. I don't know how to write what I feel. I dream to be with you and nothing more. All my wishes and dreams are associated only with you David . How do you feel today? What do you eat? how is your mood? Do you see dreams about you and me. I had a dream recently about how we took the photos for our album. we put these photos in the album. Some might observe us. We were happy, smiling, kissing, laughing, caressing and touching each other. we feel like our Heart was beating equally. I want to be with you and only you. I want to enjoy our love and happiness. I want that we were together.
I love you David !!!!!
You're my heart you're my life David !
Yours and only Your loving Sofia
Letter 16
Hello love of my life David !!!!!!!!
David I am pleased to receive your letter. Today the weather is not so good on the street but your letter make up my spirits and I feel better than before reading your letter. I miss you my love very much. I want to be with you very much. Every day is hard for me without you especially at night. I continue to dream that we have a great time together. We enjoy our love and our happiness with us. It is so beautiful!!!!!
David I wish it was in fact because I can not hug you and I can not be with you when I wake up. I do not feel your breath and your warmth. I can not do that we would be happy now. It is Hard for me to wake up every morning for these reasons. This is a big test for me and I can not wait for us to be together. So I hope that we can overcome all obstacles and we should be together. I love you David ! I wanna be with you. I send you the most tender and sweet kisses and I hope they will warm you, your heart and you will smile. I want to see your smile every day!!!!!
The pictures you saw were taken in the Czech Republic in my country
I love you David !!!!!!!!
With respect only your loving and gentle Sofia
Letter 17
Hello my dear David ! Im glad your message. I hope you have a good day?
I saw a beautiful dream at night. I do not have my hugs, kisses, tender words, passion, tenderness, love, I want to feel your breath. Now all this is only in my dreams, but very soon we will be able to feel it really is. I miss you very much my dear David . I think of you. I dream about how we make love, we groan with happiness, love and passion. When I went on the street today, I thought about you. I wanted you to be beside me and hold my hand .. I want to sit in front of me, and together we drink tea. In the evening we could watch TV, eat dinner together, kissing and caressing each other, to make love. I want to fill our lives so that we did not until we met. I have the love, tenderness and affection for you. But I hope now that we will be in the near future we will be able to get it. All my thoughts about you, and how it will be good when we can be together.
I love you, and I know that it's not just words. A feeling that lives in my heart and help me to live! Today was a lot of work.
I am very tired today. this I finish my letter. my favorite, I hope I can soon give you a hug!
No I have not had a meeting with my mom at Christmas, this is very sad
I am waiting for your messages, dear!
My kisses and hugs for you.
Your Sofia.
Letter 18
Hello my loved one, and my dear David !!!!!!
David I am pleased to receive your letter. How are you today dear? How was your night? Did You
I think about me? I was thinking about you my dear!
I love you so much and I could not live, if you did not answer me. Every day I dream about you and I want to be with you.
It is very difficult! very difficult to live and to know that I can not to be with your loved one. I LOVE YOU David !!!!!! I want to be with you. I am need to have your love. I want to make a happy life for both of us. Our love will not die no matter what happens with us.
we can feel our passion, tenderness and affection. I want to be only with you !!!!!!!!!!
You are my love of my life and my happiness. Nothing have value more than our love In this world. And I will do everything in my power for our meet. But we have love in our hearts that give us power!
And beautiful dreams can help us. We will be happy. In my country we say if you have a great desire then you can even go to heaven. I do not want to go to heaven.
I want to be with you. David only with you!
You're the man of my dreams and I can to give my life for our love. For our happiness. David I believe that our life is beautiful.
All that would be necessary for us it will happen to be together.
And I hope that we can do it.
God help us to meet each other. I LOVE YOU David !!!!!!!!! I like life more!!!!!
Your and only your loving and gentle Sofia. P.S I want to congratulate you with coming New Year
And wish you all the best.
First and foremost I want to wish you good health, happiness, joy, good luck.
To your relatives were all healthy.
Hope you to meet this 2018 very well and spend it in the company of their friends or family
And I will spend this new year in the countryside in the company of my girlfriend Svetlana and her friends. She invited us to celebrate the new year in one company.
It is very good, will be fun.
Unfortunately these days I won't have access to my mail and I can't write for you, I hope you forgive me for that.
I will write to you as soon as I get the opportunity to do so.
Letter 19

David I am glad to see your letter. I'm waiting for it.
Now I thought that this kind of love in the night and I think I'm starting to understand what it is. David Do you know what is love?
That is when you constantly think about the person you want to be with.
Do you want to belong to it to feel it. To see the pleasure in your pertner eyes. Hugging and does not depart David! do you think am I right?
I do not know why but I'm starting to understand it now after talking to you. I like that you have not forgotten about me. And I think of you every day David. do you think often about me?
I'm glad your shoulder's okay
Would you like to come home from work and I meet you? We could dinner, massage each other, laugh together, to have fun? What do you think? do you like it?
I can not imagine what I saw last night when I sleept. I float on the water and did not see the shores. I had no strength but I stay afloat.
And I saw a boat in front of me. And I had no power and I began to swim on this boat.
The man was in the boat. I think it was you! I do not know exactly because my alarm clock to wake me from sleep. Do you see dreams where we are together? What do we do? I send a picture for you. I hope you will like today's photography. Tell me.
Your gentle and think of you Sofia.
Letter 20
Hello my dear and My Sun David !!!!!!!
Finally it was all over.
I have not had Internet here and I could not write to you.
But now I can do it and want to say that all went well.
It was a good holiday
David I only think about you and how it will be good for us to come together.
Svetlana is my friend and not my girlfriend
I would like if our life will be perfect.
what would you like to do when we are together? I think of you a lot time. I imagine our usual day together.
Our day will start as we wake up in the same bed. I`ll put my gand on your chest and you will hold my hand. I open my eyes and see you.
I'll gently kiss you and you will wake up with me! You will give me your kisses, tender and passionate too. Then I'll get out of bed to prepare a light Breakfast for us. I will be **** but I will wear only a short t-shirt so that neighbors don't see me in the window.
When Breakfast is ready you came behind me and warm me with you hugs ans kisses.
You will kiss me in the ear, then my neck and your hands will caress my body, my chest and my thighs. But kettle boil and we will have breakfast. Then we will take a shower together. David We'll make love in the bath and soaping each other with shower gel.
then we get out of there. we will have a good mood all day and will feel well.
when you come home from work I will meet you with warm kiss. We will do everything together. we will sit on a sofa near the TV and watch a good movie. Then we will go to the the bedroom and we will make love.
If one of us will have a bad mood we will try to support each other and change the mood in the best way.
I would put smile on your face and melancholy disappeared from your eyes.
I would like to do everything to make you happy allways. I hope that you will do it for me too.
I love you and my life belongs to you. David How do you see our normal day together? Or weekend? Or a holiday?
I look forward to your letter.
Your and only your loving Sofia.
Letter 21
Hello my sweet David !!!!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. I adore you !!!!!!! I'm forever yours David !!!!
David I would like to talk with you about many things in reality and I'm looking forward to our meeting. I see a lot of dreams of our lives. It is very interesting to me and I wish that we realize all of our dreams in reality! I'm sure you wish to realize all our dreams a reality too.
I hope your friends and your relatives are delighted for our meeting! I hope to meet with them as soon as possible and I hope we can get a good communication. My mom and my friends are very happy because we would be together. Our destinies crossed a few months ago and now we can enjoy this wonderful feeling in the near future. They glad because I met a man who want a serious relationship and intentions for me. They love you and they wish happiness for us. I want to be with you my dear David ! I feel perfect after I know you. I want to be obedient and gentle! Even my mother and grandmother asked me what I want to do that we need to be together. I said I want to support you in all love and enjoy our love! She said with a smile that she know that feeling. She would very much like to check it out again.
I want to be with you, I wanna love you, I want to enjoy our tender, I want to give love and affection to you and I want to take care of you and feel your love in real life. I think you are my love and I want to be with you forever. David , You are my destiny !!!!!
I want to hear more of your dreams, I want to know what you think and I want to kiss you now and be in your tender embrace. I look forward to when that happens.
I love you, David !
Yours and only your loving Sofia.
Letter 22
Hello, my love !!!
My dear David I am very happy to read your sweet and lovely words for me. I get pleasure every time I open my mail and find a letter from you. my mood jumps up and I feel great.
We have two bands in our lives. It's black and white stripes. bad points is the black bars! Happiness, love and luck is a white *****. After that, I only have a white stripe in my life after our acquaintance. I feel happy because you give those feelings for me. I want to be with you. I want to kiss you and make love with you. I want to live for love!!!! I'll be yours forever. Thank you for your understanding and your feelings for me. of course we have a great distance between us but we will see each other very soon. I can feel it. You're the man who gave me the most beautiful feeling - love. I love you for that and I want us to be together forever.
we are full of passion and that our kisses would warm us each minute. I'm happy because I have you. you are beautiful to me I feel that we were made for each other and fate prepared us in the distance. I hope that we will overcome all difficulties.
There's a lot of happiness in this world but the Important thing is to find it.
I found happiness and it's you David !!!!!!!
I will love you forever.
You are forever in my heart.
Your loving and gentle Sofia.
Letter 23
Hello, my dear and beloved David!!!!!!!!
I'm glad to receive your letter. How was your day? What did you do today?
I decided to go to the pool today and swim a bit. I'll start from the very beginning. I woke up at 8 in the morning. I took a shower and brush my teeth. I thought of you when I took a shower. I imagine how you soap my body. I was so nice and nice to dream about it and I hope that this will happen soon. After that I went to the kitchen and make breakfast. I packed my things and went to the pool at 11 o'clock in the morning. There were many people who wanted to swim in the pool. I had to wait 1 hour to get a swim in the pool. I changed into a bathing suit in the locker room and I went to the pool. In the pool there were a lot of people and it was not very comfortable to swim. It was a tight basin and I do not like to swim when too many people. I hope that next time there will not be so many people swimming there. Sometimes I come to the pool and there are not many people. At this time very comfortable to swim.
My friend agreed to meet me today and make a short walk through the evening city. I think about you every day, every minute and every second! I dream of our meeting. I want to be with you as soon as possible. I want to stay in your hands and feel your lips on my lips. I madly love you so much my knight.
I want to sit on your lap. I often think about how we make love together. Many times I imagined from our first night of love. I'm sure that we should not sleep that night. We will enjoy our love and I am sure that it will be an unforgettable night for both of us. We will be in bed and we will stay there for a long time. We will get out of bed only occasionally to drink a cup of coffee and eat a sandwich. We will take a bath together we will caress each other and help to wash each other. When I think about this goosebumps run through my body and I decided to stop writing about it. What do you think about all this? I hope that your ideas are good and you will write to me tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to your letter.
I love you David !!!
I sent you my kiss, great passion and love.
Letter 24
Hello, my love David !!!!!!!!!!!
I have a good day today. I woke up in a good mood. I saw a beautiful dream at night. I got your letter. But it is not enough for me for complete happiness. I do not have your hugs, kisses, tender
Words, passion, tenderness, love. I want to feel your breath. But all it's just a dream. I think this is became to reality soon.
I miss you David . I think of you. I dream about our love in reality.
we will dive into happiness, love and passion. When I went on the street today I didn't notice the hole in the road because I was thinking about you.
but I could stop in time. if I take another step then I fall into this pit.
but God saved me. I wanted to walk beside you and hold your hand. then this situation does not happen to us because we look out for each other.
we could watch TV In the evening. to eat dinner together. kissing, caressing each other and make love. I want to fill our lives with the things we lack in usual life.
I do not have enough love, tenderness and affection and I think you can give it to me!
but I know that in the near future we do this. we would see each other soon.
All my thinks only about you. as it will be good when we could be together.
I love you and I know that it's not just words. it's a feeling that lives in my heart and help me to live my sweet David !
Letter 25
Hi my David !!!!!!!!!
I miss you. I think of you and look forward to your letters. What did you do today David ? What are you doing? What do you think when you sleep? What is your dream? What did you eat today? If you are tired at work? Where would you like to go?
Hello my love David ! I miss you. I think about you all days and I'm glad to receive your letter.
What did you do today David ? Have you beautiful dream last night? I'll be glad to know if you remember your dream and I hope you will tell me about it! How was your day?
Sorry if I asking so many questions from you but it is very interesting for me to learn how you spend your time and what thoughts do you have in your mind. I think about you every minute and I'm looking forward to see you. I think about us and about our future. I think about how my life become perfect after I met you. I feel better and thought that you give me strength and hope for a happy future together with you. I dream to hold you in my arms and never let you go. I want to give you a kisses and I want you to feel my warmth and my love. So I can not wait for our meeting and I want to realize all our dreams.
Dreams help me to live and raise my spirit. But I'm tired of dreaming and I want to get you into reality as soon as possible. I want to hug you and make love with you! I want to talk with you and feel your breath, tenderness and affection. David I love you and I send you all the tenderness and affection with kisses and I hope you are well when you read my letter.
I love you David !!!
Yours and yours only Sofia
Letter 26
David I am glad to get your letter today. Your letters like the rays of the sun that shines me. Your letters warms me and make me happy. I feel I can not live without you. I can not feel good because you are far away and every minute I want to be with you. I think about you a lot. It is especially difficult at night. Therefore I wish to be with you David . I want to see you smile and how you enjoy the dinner that I have prepared for you. I want to feel your love. I want to feel your tenderness. When I wake up in the morning I want to hug you and give a massage to you. I want to kiss you every minute. I'm ready to wake you by my kisses every morning. You will open your eyes and we will begin to make love. I want to get passion and love, tenderness and affection, feelings and emotions that keep in my heart and will not let me sleep. David I fall asleep with a dream of us together. I wake up with thoughts of us together. I dream that you help me when I cook. I do not know how to describe what was happening to me. I just can not imagine my life without you. I do not know how I lived before! How could I live without you my love????
David it would be terrible if you left me alone now. But I believe that we will see each other soon. We'll be together. I love you and I wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Sofia P.S Very sorry to hear about the father of your friend!
Letter 27
Hello my sweet David !
I'm glad to receive your letter my love. I am glad you wrote to me and you have not forgotten about me. David I think a lot about us and I'm telling you about what I dream. You know about my feelings that I have for you and I have a lot of dreams and fantasies. I do not have much time to talk about all the fantasy because I have a lot of fantasy in my head. But I'm glad because I can tell you even some of them. Yesterday I watched a movie before I go to bed. I could not sleep and I turned on the TV to watch a movie. I do not know the name of this movie but it was a film about love, tenderness and passion. It was a Czech film. When I watched the actors were making love I wanted to make love like in the movie. David I want to hug you and kiss you and feel your body. I want to make love with you. Do you like when a woman wearing a man's shirt? I will be wear only in men's shirt in the house. Also it will be easier to undress me and we can make love when we want. Once we have the desire we can enjoy each other. I saw how the actors were making love in this film. As in their eyes burned with passion, the fire of love. As she shuddered when they *** and how happy they woke up in the morning. I wish that we could be heroes of this film and get a lot of love and care about each other. I really want to be with you David !!!! So many desires. So many feelings in my heart but I can not do anything. I want to get wings to fly to you across thousands of kilometers. My dream is to hold you in my arms and it will warm my soul and my body. I feel very lonely without you!
I LOVE YOU David !!!!! I WANT YOU David !
Faithfully and only your loving Sofia
Letter 28
Hello My lovely man and my sun David !!!!!
David I am very glad to receive Your letter. Gentle and affectionate. I become very bored without you.
Great photo next to the leaning tower
I got an email from my mom yesterday. we have correspondence through e-mail too. I'm talking with my mom about you. She's happy because now my life is you David . She said she wants to see us happy and what would our life was full of love. She have a good mood if I have the good fortune. She tell my about her youth when she met my dad and what romantic relationship they had at the time. It was a difficult time. Our country had a bad economy in that time but they had a desire for love. It was so romantic.
She says it's good to have a loving man who will care about me and who I will go to this life. I love you very much David . You give me happiness when I receive your letters, love, tenderness and sincerity. I want to be with you and only you. Today in bad weather on the street but I'm happy. I am happy because I have you and I love you David !
I sent you my kiss, they warm you up David !!!
I love you David !!!!
Sincerely, your loving and only Sofia
Letter 29
Hello, my dear and beloved knight David !!!!!
I am very glad to receive Your letter. Today me and my friend decided to take a walk in the evening new York and visit some of the shopping centers. I like to go shopping and see beautiful things and to do the fitting. sometimes I can make an inexpensive purchase! I think every woman gets pleasure to make purchases in the store. I bought a skirt and new shoes. I dreamed that you were beside me and make the purchase together. I'm sure you could give good advice for me in choosing some things. can I do the same for you. I hope and believe that all our dreams and wishes become a reality in the near future.
I miss your letters when I'm at home or at work. I want to open the mail and get a letter but I need to go home to do it. So I look forward to come and receive your letter. David I think about you, about our meeting, about how we shall enjoy our love together. we keep love in our hearts, our passion, and tenderness that make us happy. We can get a great relationship. We can feel and caress each other. We do love and enjoy it. We had sun today but the weather was cool! I felt the cold wind when I came home from work and only your letter to warm me! I love you David !!!!!! I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses. I hope that my kisses will be delivered to you with my letter. I love you and I want to be with you.
You my Prince and man of my dreams! I love only you David !!!!
Your loving and gentle Sofia
Letter 30
Hello my lovely husband David !!!!!!
David I missed you very much. I'm glad that you came into my life. We are not together physically but we are together spiritually! We can email each other to talk about dreams and I feel good about the idea when I see myself in your arms.
I want to feel how you hug me and we kiss each other. Even when I watch TV I think about us. You are the best person in this world. You and only you are the man of my dreams. I want to be only with you. Only you make me happy now! This is good because fate gave us the chance to make our relationship. I never thought I'd meet you but God gave me a chance and I met you. I am extremely happy about that. Of course we have obstacles to meeting in the reality but I feel that we will be together soon. Today was a normal day and only your e-mail brighten up it. Only you make me happy every day when I read your sweet words. I love you David !
It's hard to convey my feelings in words and I can do it only when we can see each other. Only then you can feel my love and my concern. So let's continue to work for our meeting.
I want you my wonderful David !
Forever yours Sofia
Letter 31
Hello my lovely David !!!
David I keep thinking about us a lot. I think if we continue to wait and nothing to do then we'll get used to and we will always stay in the same point. I think that I could not like that. I want to be with you and only you! David I want to be together and we could meet each new day. I want to be with you because you are in my heart and my heart belongs only to you.
I LOVE YOU David !!!!!!!
Yesterday I was home alone. I thought only of one thing. What can I do to be with you. I watched TV all over again and then lay down on the bed. I was sad because I know you're there and I'm here. But I can not be with you only in the ideas and dreams. And I want to get in your arms in reality.
David I love and I dream to be with you forever. I want to be with you when I look at the photo and I imagine us together. But it's not enough for me. I want to do all these things in reality! I want to feel your hands, kiss and caress your body, tenderness, love and passion. There are so many things I want to do with you. I do not know what else to tell you because I say so many words about it before. Now I can only dream and keep hope that we will find a way for our meeting. Time goes on and I hurt a lot because we do not budge. David You're away and I feel lonely without you. I want us to continue to look for all possible ways to get us together. I hope we will be successful in the near future. I miss you very much! I LOVE YOU David !!!! I am ready to do everything to be with you. I know when we'll be together then we have to make eternal happiness is looking for all my life.
Your and only your loving and gentle Sofia
Letter 32
Hello, my dear and beloved David !!! I am writing this letter as I promised. I plan to go to Czech Republic tomorrow. I want to try to explain the reasons why I must return to my home. I hope you're not mad at me for that. Of course I understand that we waited and planned our meeting. But as a result of our meeting is postponed now. Please try to understand that I should go to the Czech Republic immediately. my mom in the hospital now and I return home to be with my mother in these difficult moments. I will explain all details when I arrive in the Czech Republic. You must remember that you live in my heart right now and always. to attach great importance for our relationship. And I look forward to our meeting at the airport in Your city! We are going to do it.
I'm going to Wake up and go to the Airport tomorrow. My friend Svetlana will help me get to the airport. I have to be at the airport in advance for registration. I have to say that I'm afraid of flying. I wear eye mask and ear plugs! this way I can feel better. Do you are afraid to fly? I think you understand that I can't leave my mom at this time. She needs my help and support as I am the only one child of my mother. So I need to fly to the Czech Republic to support her. I think you should know everything about me and my life. You are my love and I want to be open with you! I'll write you a letter when I arrive in the Czech Republic. My mother has a computer at home in the Trebic town. So I could use the computer to communicate with you. Please don't forget me. I'll be back soon because we need to meet and check up our feelings. I finish my letter. your girlfriend that is bored and waiting for our meeting very much. Keep the feelings you have for me. I love you! Many kisses and hugs.
Wish me luck on my flight.
Your Sofia. P.S. I'm sorry my email is short today. I need to make many preparations before I go flying!
Letter 33
Hello My dear man, my man David !!!!!!!!
My love warm your letters when I get them. So what are you doing today David ? How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?
Last night I decided to go to the park. I walked down the street and then to the park and sat on a bench. In our park we have many bushes, lots of trees, lanterns and now it is bright there.
I thought about it. it would be nice to go along with you in the park. That's a lot of boys and girls who are still studying University or parents with children went to the park. But I saw only young couples. They walked together, holding hands together, embracing, kissing, laughing. You would like to walk with me and I could hug you or sit on yours lap and kiss you tenderly and passionately. I wanna be with you David . I want to feel your warmth, your breath. I wish we were moaning with happiness and love.
David You are not with me and I'm sad without you. I believe only in one thing, that one day we must be in each other's arms!
we will be together and we must do our happiness and love.
I want to be with you my love. I want to enjoy our happiness and love.
I wish we were together.
I send you a tender kiss that you could feel my tenderness. My kiss will warm your heart. You will think about me and you will email me.
I love you David !!!!
Your and only your gentle and sweet Sofia.
Letter 34

Hello my love !!!!!!
I'm fine. I am glad to receive Your letter and my heart warms when I feel alone.
Mom asked me to give greetings and congratulations to you. So I bring greetings to you from my mother. I'm really bored without you. it's boring because I can't be with you. David I can not enjoy our happiness and love. I really want to be with you David . I want to feel your hugs, kisses and your tenderness and love. I thought about it a lot. Would be nice if we could go to the store together and choose a food product or other things. We go to the supermarket and get a cart for the things. we push this cart and put all the necessary products. You take the cart and push it along the shelves. We will put a variety of foods, spices, herbs, fruits, bread and many other things that I could cook delicious meals for us. Of course this is a normal day of our life but we enjoyed it every day. Or we could go to the clothing store. we buy clothes for you or me. I will help you choose the most beautiful costume. You will look gorgeous always. Maybe you can help me choose a beautiful dress too. it's hard for me to make a choice independently. I ask my friends to help me with this. you will also help me choose the most beautiful dress which I will love to get outside! And I know that you'll love me in this dress because you helped to make this choice. Maybe you'll help me pick out lingerie? I think you'd love to go to the store underwear with me! it will be fun for us. I'm not going to refuse to accept your help.
I believe our life is beautiful because we must do everything together! Our life is filled with happiness and love. I am very happy because I have you in my life. you are beautiful to me and I like you too. You are the world to me. I live each day only because I have you. our lives are to full of vibrant color, tenderness and love.
David You are in my heart and I madly love you. Yours and only Your loving Sofia.
Letter 35
Hello my sweet David . Your woman writes this letter right now. Do you still remember about me? :) I hope you haven't forgotten about me. I came home to the Czech Republic. I am very sad without you here. I want to say that I'm afraid of losing you and our relationship too. I was thinking about you the whole time. I have a fear that you can do something bad. For example you can find another woman there. And you'll forget about me. I am very sad when I think about it but I try to keep a positive things. Please be patient with me. Wait our meeting. This will happen very soon my dear David .
Maybe you remember the childhood? Do you remember how you wanted and waited for something preferably as a gift on birthday? Do you remember that feeling? I have the same feeling now because I'm waiting for our meeting with impatience at the moment. I'm waiting for our meeting like a child who waits a gift on birthday. Do you understand me? I need you because I'm lonely without you.
I arrived at the airport in Prague. then I got on the bus and go to my town Trebic. when I arrived in Trebic the first thing I did I went to the hospital to check my mother. But I was not admitted to my mom because doctor said she needs rest and peace. I asked doctor about my mother and what happened!? my mom had a heart attack. we had a long conversation with the doctor about my mother. He said it would be better if I come the next day when my mother will feel better. and doctor will give more details about her health. I went home to get rest after long flights and get relaxation. Tomorrow I'll go to the hospital again. I hope all goes well and mom to a quick recovery.
I finish the letter on that note. I want you remember about the woman who loves you. I love you very much.
With love by Sofia.
Letter 36
Hello my sweet David . I was so excited to open my mail today. I was afraid not to find a letter from You.
I hope you weren't afraid my last letter. I want to be open to each other and I told you about my problems. I didn't want to scare you and I apologize for that. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you about it.
But I want you to know why I left my work and come back home. I came home not for rest and relaxation.
I went to the hospital to see my mother today. The doctor was not allowed to meet with my mother again today. my mother still feels bad. I met with the doctor and talk to him. And doctor talk with me about surgery for my mother's heart. they must obtain my written consent for surgery. I gave consent and I sign all the documents. I asked doctor how long it will take for my mom to get back on the feet if the operation is successful. Recovery usually takes about 6-10 days after surgery and then the patient returns home to continue recovery. my mom have a best friend who is ready to take care of her after surgery. I need to go back to USA to continue my job and earn money. I think the operation will be successful. we will meet again. perhaps it will take about 17 - 20 days. I feel that you can understand this situation and support me in this difficult time. I'm sure you can reassure me because you are my man. I miss you a lot here. I count days up to our meeting.
I have big plans and fantasies for our meeting;)
Maybe there's a quiet place near the water in the place where you live? We must visit this place to make picnic. Quiet place close to the water where there are no one else. We need to talk about our meeting and decide a lot of things these days. I hope you understand me?
I will tell you more about my childhood. I'm sure you want to know about it because I didn't tell you about my father before. I was born and I grew up in the town of Trebic. Trebic old town. Trebic was Founded in 1420. it's not a big city in the Czech Republic with a population of 39,000. Distance from Trebic to Prague 163 km. You can read Wikipedia about my town if you have the interest to do it.
My childhood was happy and fun because of love of my parents. I was a little girl and had many a smile. So I liked to do small performances and competitions in our small apartment. My parents were viewer and I gave a small speech for them and our guests. I went to school at 7 y.o.. I attended school for 10 years. It was a fun school years.
This Sunday was my 29th birthday.
I didn't mark it as special because I was very busy that day.
I had first love at school. I had a first kiss and a first date with a boy. I got a best friend at this age. :) My childhood was happy until my parents divorced. It happened I had 15 years. It was a lot of stress for me. My mom catch my dad infidelity with another woman. she could not forgive my father and left him. It was a difficult time for my family. And I realized that children suffer more because of feuding parents. Then I promised myself that My children will not see and hear the dispute with my future husband. we need to protect the child from such a situation. I'm not going to cheat on my husband because I will choose a good man for life together until death. Do you agree with my thoughts about future family? My father died in a car accident on 17 October 2014. I miss him very much even though my father brought a lot of grief in our family. In any case he was my father.
I finish my letter. remember that I trust you a lot and you are very important to me. I think about you and wait our meeting in the near future. Hug and kiss you.
I love You with all my heart!
I look forward to your new e-mail in the near future.
Letter 37
Hello my dear and beloved David !!!!
Distance is a cruel thing because I'm missing you and I'm also wondering if
You do well. I think if you are in good health and if your mind and soul calm.
I would also like to know if you think the same as about me as I think about you.
Think about you every minute and second (time goes very slowly when we're not together!).
I want to be with you and make you happy when you're with me.
I want to kiss you and embrace you in reality.
I want to say how much I love you my sweet David !!!!
I really miss you :( I can not see you every day but I have a spiritual connection with you.
So I feel that we are together but at the same time I miss you. This is a strange feeling.
You are always in my thoughts when I go to bed :)
I still can not believe that I met you on the Internet ...
I was not so happy until we met !! There are no words to explain how I
feel right now because I've never felt this before ...
I look forward to our first meeting.
This is a magical time when we will see each other and start our new life!
This thought makes me forget about my problems here.
I love you. It's amazing because I'm telling you these words but it comes from my heart.
I can not do anything with my feelings ..
I want to talk about my feelings.
I feel very close to you and my heart is filled with joy and love!
I love you tenderly ...
This morning I went to the hospital to see how the operation went.
The operation was successful without any problems. I met a doctor who was doing the operation.
The doctor explained the complexity of the operation but everything ended well.
He told me what medicines needed to buy for my mother's recovery.
My mom is an elderly woman and operation was not easy for her because of her age.
These medications are important for restoring my mom after operation and so she can return to her former life. The doctor warned me about the expensive price for these medicines.
Moreover these medicines must be ordered from Israel.
He called the amount to buy the medicine and it would cost $ 1,700.
I promised the doctor to find the money to buy the medicine. This should be done as soon as possible because my mom should get a recovery without any complications.
But today I'm glad that my mother is alive and the operation was successful.
I contacted my friend Svetlana by e-mail.
Do you remember her? We live together in New York.
There are a few things that happened while I was away from New York.
Svetlana and her ex-husband Darren Unite again.
Now the whole family (and her son Shawn) spend time in Thailand.
I asked Svetlana to borrow money to help my mother but unfortunately she can not help at this time.
She can not help me as they are in another country.
But I'm very happy for my friend anyway. She deserves to be happy!
Perhaps in the near future her ex-husband will move to an apartment where we lived together.
I can not stay at this place because they will live there as a family and I will be an extra person there.
Maybe the situation will change in the best direction in our relationship? I believe in it.
Please forgive me again for this sad news but I do my best to help my mom!
I do not lose faith for solving this problem ..
I will think about you. You are in my heart forever.. Your little girl your new e-mail in the near future.
Letter 38
Oh my God David ! Thank you for your letter today!
You can not imagine how I feel when I saw your email in my mailbox!
I immediately understand that it was up to you because you are the only one man in my life! I read it with great happiness! I am glad that
You reciprocate with me! I feel that I am attached to you.
I'm in love and all thoughts leave my head. It's so hard focus on something and think about anything other than you!
It's so great that we have each other in our lives.
I would like to meet you. I am very pleased that we can talk about such things as I'm sure we could have a good relationship.
Our correspondence will be in vain If we do not meet each other. I know couples who found their happiness on the Internet. And I am sure that we are one of their!!
I can try to organize my trip to you if you want it. I have the money to travel to you. Unfortunately I can not invite you to New York because I do not have my own place. As you know I live with Svetlana and her son. I do not have my own room. It will be easier
If I come to you and stay in your place.
Are you ready for this meeting? Can I trust you with all my heart? I'm little worry because I`ve also heard bad stories. When a foreign man kindly invite the girls in his own country and treat them bad! And girl can leave without documents and are forced to work in ****** services.
I think it's horrible .. but I'm sure that this is not about you because I choose a mature and decent man. And you do not play these silly games!
There is a small chance if we will disappoint in our acquaintance.
please give me your promise that you will be polite with me and to ****** me back to the airport If it is happens.
It's incredible that we just start our acquaintance and already discussed about a possible meeting !! I think it will be our big chance for both of us!! Do you agree?
Today we celebrate the birthday of my friend Susan. She works with me in
Nursing home. I had a party the first time here!
We have ***** a bit of champagne (I drink very rarely - 1 cup) and it was fun.
I even sang the karaoke!! It felt really cool! I learned I can sing very well :) you're proud of me honey? I present nice set of lingerie Victoria Secret for Susan. We talked with her, and I said: "I fell in love!". Susan asked me who is that lucky man? I told her a little bit about you. I said that you are the person I always wanted to meet.
One who will always defend and support me. I hope I was right!?
She was very happy for me!
I forgot to tell you that there were no people at the party. I think you can be a little jealous. I do not want to upset you.
you're the one for me honey! Do not forget!
I will end my letter now. Please tell me what you think about our meetings? As you can imagine it was a dream? I'm waiting on you answer and new pictures! I embrace you and kiss you my dear!!!
only yours Sofia.
Letter 39
Hello, my dear and beloved David !!!
Did you get bored without me? I miss you a lot here. And I think a lot of us.
I dream a lot about our future. I was talking to my friend Svetlana today.
She told me that she had found true happiness in her life: her favorite Darren and little son. And I cried because of happiness when she told me all this.
This is true happiness when a man and woman become together. when nothing could separates their. Do you agree with me?
I have to make a serious conversation with you right now, but I don't know how to start this conversation. but I'll try now.
Yesterday was a very difficult day for me. You know that. My Czech friend refused to help me with the money.
I cried all the way when I caome back to home. I feel so helpless and empty right now ..
I know that I am the one who can help my mother in this horrible situation!
But how can I help ?? My dear, my man, I tell you.
I know that probably you will be amazed and even scary.
Can you help me with $ 600? Can you get the money for me and my mother?
Can you send the money to the Czech Republic? I will to give you all your money back as soon as I'm come back to the New York.
I have saved the money I earned there. I didn't spend a lot of money in the United States.
I have savings stored in a safe Deposit box. I visited the Bank to open a safe Deposit box and put the money there. nobody can get this money except me. so I'll get the money back when I return to new York.
I ask for your help and for money borrowed for some time.
Honey, please, answer me!
I told you that I had to pay $ 1,700 for treatment and medication.
I have about 1100 dollars now. I need to pay - 1700 US dollars in the near future.
I do not know where to find the money because I don`t have all amount.
You're my last chance to find the money.
I understand that it's scary for you.
I do not ask for money the man whom I had never met before.
But I have asked all of our relatives and friends. All of them have refused for several reasons.
I work in another country. So banks decline my request to get loans.
Czech people are willing to help each other only by words but nothing actions.
I feel that you are different. you have a very large and generous heart (I know). I can give you copies of my documents and all the information that may be necessary for you. Understand that our meeting in the United States depends on money.
I will have to return tickets for a return to the United States. (I will get some money after the sale of the ticket). but I do not want to do it my love!
We were waiting for this meeting so long !!!
I dream of our meeting in a reality in the near future.
Please do not think that I use your feelings to make money.
I do not like flattery. I hate selfishness. People use other people for their own benefit.
I wish that all the people on earth lived in peace and harmony. a life without lies and deceit!
At different times in my life I met with good and bad people.
I'm happy because I have a relationship with a good man now. There is a good human trait is dedication.
I believe in you, I believe in our love much more than money!
I told you all I wanted to ..
I'll wait for your letter with great impatience. I love you no matter what will be your answer! Your and only your loving Sofia.
Letter 40
Hello, my dear.
It's really nice to have your message today.
I'm really glad you're ready to help me now and you're not leaving me and mom in this situation.
I understand you need a few days to get your money.
I have no choice, I'm gonna have to wait until you can help me.
You asked me how we were going to have our meeting, I'm ready to answer it now.
First, my mother needs to get a full recovery and good medicine.
I can't leave her in the condition she's in right now.
After my mother is in good health, I will go to you.
Then we'll spend a few days together and I'll have to go back to the United States to get my things and money out of the safe Deposit box.
Then I'll go back to you.
Now I can't send a photo for you, because I don't have that opportunity, I'm sorry .
Do you know how to send money to the Czech Republic?
I sent money for my mother with the help of Western Union, she received them almost instantly.
I don't know if your city has this service, but I used it.
I will finish my letter, I need to go to the hospital with my mom.
I'll wait for your answer.
Your Sofia.
Letter 41
Hello, my dear.
It's really nice to have your message today.
I'm really glad you're ready to help me now and you're not leaving me and mom in this situation.
I understand you need a few days to get your money.
I have no choice, I'm gonna have to wait until you can help me.
You asked me how we were going to have our meeting, I'm ready to answer it now.
First, my mother needs to get a full recovery and good medicine.
I can't leave her in the condition she's in right now.
After my mother is in good health, I will go to you.
Then we'll spend a few days together and I'll have to go back to the United States to get my things and money out of the safe Deposit box.
Then I'll go back to you.
Now I can't send a photo for you, because I don't have that opportunity, I'm sorry .
Do you know how to send money to the Czech Republic?
I sent money for my mother with the help of Western Union, she received them almost instantly.
I don't know if your city has this service, but I used it.
I will finish my letter, I need to go to the hospital with my mom.
I'll wait for your answer.
Your Sofia.
Letter 42
How can I prove to you that I'm real?
I'm ready to prove it to you!
What do I need you to do to believe me?
Letter 43
I would do anything for my mother, I'm ready to prove to you that I'm real I can send a photo of your documents if you don't trust me.
You can come here and see for yourself that my mother is sick.
This will be a good reason for us to meet and help with the purchase of drugs for my mother.
Letter 44
I'll be glad if you can come here and we can meet.
I sent you a picture of my papers to prove to you that I'm not cheating on you.
Letter 45
Hello my darling.
It's nice to get your letter and know what you remember about me.
Unfortunately I can't fulfill your request for another photo of my documents.
I took a camera from a friend of mine to take this photo.
I understand your concern that you don't want to put yourself at risk or anything.
I'll leave you my address so you can get a taxi to my house as soon as you get on the bus to our train station in trebic.
The best way to come to Prague and from there take the bus to trebic
My address
Trebic town, Zadni st-t, 13. zip 67401
My dear, today is bad news
My mother had a heart attack and her ECG has deteriorated.
She needs the medication I told you about.
Your trip and getting ready for it will take time, so I'm asking you for help buying drugs for my mother.
As soon as you get here, I can introduce you to her.
I think she'll be happy to have my choice.
I'll be waiting for your letter
Your Sofia.
Letter 46
Hello, my dear.
I'm sorry you didn't write for me.
Maybe I'm too insistent and tired of you?
Letter 47
Honey, I certainly understand what you're saying about the continuation of our relationship, and I want to.
You ask for my papers and I do it for you.
I asked for your help, and you were willing to help me, but I didn't hear any good news from you about it, and I'm very upset.
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