Scam letter(s) from Jessica Ben to Phil (England)

Letter 1
nice to meet you my name is Jessica i have something to share with you write me here
Letter 2
Hello how are you doing?i found you on singles when i went through your profile i was moved to write you a mail ,where are you from.
i am single looking a man who i will spend the rest of my life with him.
Your picture is very sweet i love it.
Letter 3
My friend, partner, though the talk of insecurity scares me, but I am rest assured that we are secured together.
Let's embrace love and embrace each other always.
I love you dearly! A little love grown to much and then full grown to maturity, I think that's the journey of our love and it will keep growing till it bears fruit, beautiful ones at that. To the one that makes my heart beats to the rhythm of a matchless love every night and day, sweet kisses to you!All the warmth my life needed were found on a platter of gold… All because I found you, sweetheart. I love you.
There are 7 billions of people in the world today, just one of them has my heart – and that's you!I've got my mind made up and I won't turn back from loving you. You're my lasting breath!Since I've found you, my heart has found its rest, its eternal home in undying love. I love you so much!I have found an unspeakable completeness because I found you. Your love is the missing piece in me! I love you.The love I've ever had for you is unbreakable and unshakable. Guess what? It'll remain intact as long as I breathe. I love you.Finding you was the piece my heart, body and soul lacked. I can't thank God enough for you, the gift of love from Him
We keep on rocking! We're two hearts joined together in perpetual affection… We're inseparably awesome! Our love has found its way to the world with no fears and no limitations. The world of untold bliss! It's a rapturous feeling to know that my heart can find a lasting rest in yours! I'm loving you until the end of time! No matter how hard loving you will be, I'll be giving my all to make sure your heart is secure in love! You keep giving reasons that you're the core of my hearts essence in love! I just can't live without you! Having you in my life is the definition of fortune, the greatest description of luck! Thanks for being in my heart!
Since you keep proving to me that you're bae, you deserve the “Before Anyone Else” treat, forever in my heart! I've only caught a glimpse of love until I met you. Now my whole world is wrapped in am endless measure of love's dictates! Your love is undeniable because my heart professes its dictates since I met you. I'm loving you forever!
You've shown me the reason to keep falling in love with you. I've finally found a place to live and that's your heart! Your love is the ember of affection that sets my heart on fire, strengthening the core of my being! I love you. Without your heart, mine isn't special. Without your love, the world makes no sense! I keep wondering how I've managed to live without the awesomeness that your love now gives! I'm loving you forever, my king
I'll call me emptiness if I have not your love. Your love keeps filling me up with savory affection! You've given me reasons to not live without your love and I won't be a fool to trivialize them all! I've had my share of life's thrilling experiences and now I know that loving you surpasses all the great feelings they all gave! You're the priceless gem I'll choose to cherish as long as my heart keeps pumping blood. I love you. Here's a toast to a lifetime of blissful moments with your love. 1000 Kisses! Love is like an ocean and you're the source of mine. I love you for as long as I use water! They are wrong, who say love is blind because yours keep on leading me on! I'm made!
I am a female i am 35 years old i am from Liverpool my father is a engineer in a oil company before he meet is death together with his wife in a ghastly motor accident i am the only child my parent have so since that time i have been alone praying to GOD to give me a husband that will be my companion and take position of my late parent.
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