Scam letter(s) from Eve Horoho to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Hello Dear. How are you and your Family,I have some important official matter to share with you. Kindly contact me back on my personal e-mail( ) in my reply i will send you my pics hope we can move from there
Letter 2
Dear, I would like to thank you for your good response, and as may be the truth, I am very happy, however, I really want to establish a genuine relationship with you. For more information about me, my name is Eve Horoho. I am a special US military force team in the war zone in Syria fight ISIS, as a result of my career in serving my country and the United Nations. I am a United Nations Army Engineer with a Sentinel Award. I grew up in Orange, Connecticut, United States, I am 33 years old. At the moment, I am in Syria in a war zone for a peacekeeping mission because of the ongoing war crisis here. More about me, I love table tennis, horse riding, going to movies, jogging, golf, favorite sports, listening to rock music, too Romantic, honest, hate lying, I think I'm kind of sensitive people, I have a heart of love and a very respectable kind of woman you have a lot of love to give, my religion is Catholic Christianity, I do not judge others I kind and tender, I like to appreciate small things in life I am very respectful. Dear, I have reasons to contact you because I also have something important to share with you in my next participation. I hope you start a lot will bring a strong relationship with you and relationship with you a lot of great changes in your life. I want you to understand that relationship relationship does not calculate the distance and age, perhaps we can start a friend or go to a business partner with my money that I need investment with urgent help. Here at the military base in Ein al-Assad, we do not allow it to be used Mobile phone, we only benefit from radio messages and email contact us please let us continue to communicate through this medium (email) for the average time. I really want to establish a friendship and a business partnership that may lead to a long-term relationship or something in the future. Dear, What would you do for a living to overcome and maintain the economic expenses of your life and your family? I know we know each other only, but we do that. We can share ideas, discuss important issues and more.
We talk about ourselves, I like to think positively and I care about others who did not. I will be very happy to learn more about you, such as your hobbies, attention, lifestyle, and religious thinking, I also love to see
The pictures, as I have always had a very, very important problem to share, we discuss with you in my next letter so send me the solution on this subject, let me stop here now, I expect your urgent response soon. Well, how is your life generally there? Your sincerely!
Sgt. Eve Horoho
Letter 3
Hello dearest! Thank you for your mail and I am very happy for your interest, I am glad to read all that it contains from your mail. I hope you and your family are fine. I'm fine here but things are not easy for me because from time to time our military colleagues are attacked by car bombs and insurgents but I thank God to save my life every day. Dear, I also reported something very important to share with you. Listed for this, during one of our rescue mission with my military groups we came across a safe box that contained a large amount of money belonging to the rebels, which I think they used the money to buy weapons and ammunition for the war, after discovering the fund that was agreed upon by all our parties The military in that task is that the money is shared between us. Attach photo From the box in this mail is very much for your reference. Dear, of the total fund, my share was 3.700.000.00 dollars (three million dollars a hundred thousand US dollars), I am now seeking help freeing my share of money, which is 3.700.000.00 dollars to your place as soon as possible, at the moment I'm afraid Very loss of money here because of the level of attacks every day, dear if you can assure me that my money is safe in your care until I complete the service here in the next few months. There is no risk of participation. Dear, because of my position in the service, I keep the money in the treasure box and deposit it in the UN office here as family items, I do not have a bank account here and because of my position in the services, I can not transfer the fund because all our activities are sound as well as ours Military contacts here are just a radio message and Internet facilities. To avoid losing money here because of the level of crisis every day, I made strong arrangements with the UN Security Office, agreed and promised to send their diplomats to hand over the treasure chest to any place of my choice. Dear, I need your urgent help and as you help me get in I will reimburse you 30% of total funds personally, while the remaining will be an investment capital in your city which is still under your control so I meet you, dear, I invite you to not disclose this matter to a third if you have any reasons to reject this offer, please delete all my conversations with you via e - mail because any leak of this information would be very dangerous for me to consider my position in the service. Dear, I call and believe that you will not betray my trust. Take me like your ****** sister or your work partner because the fund will invest under your control, although you may wonder why I reveal it to myself without knowing you deeply, it is better to expose it to you and help me, The loss of money here from my concerns, I have a lot of fear in myself because I survived two bomb attacks here, so I need urgent help. Thanks and blessing, your urgent response will be greatly appreciated, I hope to be explained very clearly, but if you need more clarification, then send your questions, I expect to hear from you soon, always take care of yourself and also put me in your daily prayers. Yours sincerely
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