Scam Letter(s) from Anna Johnson to Steve (England)

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Letter 1

Hello Steve,

Thank you for taking out the time to write me. I believe the channel is now open for us to get to know each other, as to ascertain if we have enough in common to establish a lasting, loving relationship.I think by now you must have known a little about me through my profile but let me tell you more about myself again. My name is Anna Johnson living in Cape Town South Africa. I am the only child of my family. I am a nurse and I have one daughter that is staying alone recently.

I am romantic. Maybe a bit too much. I hate violence, especially towards a weaker person, I respect my fellow beings and their opinions and I hate dishonesty. I almost always smile ( even in the morning ). It takes a lot to get me in a bad mood. I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining.

I do forget the wrong people do to me and my friends, I am very emotional, so when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious. Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions. That is what I can think of in a short time. I hope that gives a better impression about the person who I am. I want to know more about you.

Bye for now until I hear again from you...Take care, Anna



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