Scam letter(s) from Alla to Jacques (Luxembourg)

Letter 1
you know for me it's good to see your letter today.
I like your photo !
My name is Alla, I'm 39 years old . I live in the city of Lugansk.
My grandmother raised me because my parents died when I was a teenager.
My parents died in a car crash. This is a terrible tragedy for our entire family.
I live in a rented apartment with a daughter in Lugansk, so I live with my daughter.
I have a daughter and she is 8 years old. name my daughter Sonya.
My daughter is in third grade . She's a very capable girl! She is very kind and always helping me around the house. Dear at the time when I'm just a life, I need to work and raise my daughter. My daughter's father does not raise her at all. He disappeared from our lives, and now I realized that he lives in another city and is almost an alcoholic. He did not want to know his daughter at all.
So I raised my daughter myself, and she does not want to know her father.
He left us when my daughter was 4 years old. He left us and his daughter at a difficult time for me .. That's how it is in Ukraine. We have terrible irresponsible men. I'm tired of loneliness and I want to create a real family.
That's why I decided to try of destiny online. I really hope that my dream has come true, and I need to find a friend, a husband .
My sweety I work for a manicure and a pedicure. It was a good choice, because now, I love my job ........ Although the salary is small, but in our city it is very difficult with work. My grandmother lives in Sverdlovsk, and I visit her very often.
I lived with my grandmother. But then I decided to go to Lugansk to live and work.
You know the city of Sverdlovsk in this Lugansk region. It's almost like a countryside and there's no work. I want to find a good and kind man. I've already gone through half of my life, and I need a serious, stable, solid relationship. I am not here for games or something else. I have one intention - to find someone who will make me smile again and with whom I will love until the end of . Do you think this is possible?
If you have the same desire here, please write back.. Alla
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