Scam letter(s) from Olga Yakovleva to Steven (Belgium)

Letter 1
My love, i already gathered and now just run to work that to write you letter and make print your documents and paper of booking.
I am so happy that tomorrow i will already fly to you, i can not wait, all night i didnt sleep at all because was thinking about us and imagining us already together.
Oh Steven, i can not wait the time when i will finally hug you and kiss you))))
i am dreaming already about your hugs so much)))) i was so happy to hear your voice)) i become a little bit calmer, but still worrying a lot, i pray that everything will be ok! when i will be at airport i will try to find a way to contact to you)) i am so happy, but worrying not leave me((
I love you and missing you a lot.
Kisses until tomorrow my love.
yours Olga
Letter 2
My love, Steven , thank you for your care and for your call!
i was is surprised to hear you and happy in the same time!
My baby, i was not trying to know,unfortunately today everything is already closed i will take an information and go to get money tomorrow early morning that to make everything already tomorrow!
Thank you so much that you so care about me. And about our meeting i can not wait the time when i will be in your arms already! I am so happy that soon i will wake up with you!
I also want to kiss you so much!
my love i am going now to home, and will write you already tomorrow, missing you so much and want to be as soon as possible in your arms.
Love you yours and only yours Olga
Letter 3

Hello again my love, Steven!
how are you?? how was your night?? Mine was good , but even if here is hot, my bad is cold without you!I can not wait that lovely time when i will sleep in your arms and will be with you!
Steven, my love, i hope you will not scared to wake up with me, because i will be without make up)))
Oh, baby, i can not wait when you will kiss me, i am imagining this and become so crazy because i want it already now.
My mom, already asking me all the time about you, and when i will go to you, that to meet and plan our future. I also want it a lot! Yes, baby, you mean a lot for me that is why i told about our relations to my family. Because for me all is so serious with you!
Now about my trip, as i promised i was trying to get to know. I called to air companies that to get to know about my tickets, and called to Embassy of your country. Yes, you are right that i need only medical
insurance and some little references and biometric passport. Like passport for travel i have but it is old one , not biometric, i was trying to know how i can update my passport and make it biometric.
They explained me in passport office, that it will not take a lot of time , only 1-2 days, and it will cost 2000 UAH ( it is nearly 64 euro), medical insurance cost 2350 UAH ( nearly 75 euro), and references for travel cost 1500 UAH (48 euro) , and tickets, to Zavertem from 16th of August up to 31 of August the cheapest one cost 13150 UAH (424 euro) it is our Ukrainian airlines. Steven in fact until my vacation will start, i have 9 days this time is enough that to make all my documents, insurance and buy tickets, but as you see for all i need to pay 19000 UAH ( 611 euro)
I would be happy to start make all right now, but my salary in a month here is nearly 100 euro. And for now i have no savings at all!
I was trying to get a credit, but all banks refused me in credit because of my little income.
Honey, Steven, i not know how to be. It is also shame for me, but maybe you can help me with this cost that i could urgently start make my papers??
I just helpless , i not know what to do(((
but the only thing that i know and want , it is to come to your arms as soon as possible.
I am missing you and love you , yours Olga
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