Scam letter(s) from Isabella Downing to John (USA)

Letter 1
Good evening dear love sweet John. I would like to open up my heart to you, but I may lack the skill, or I am short for words, because my heart harbors so many good feelings towards you that the dictionary seems to short to express all this love. I feel an immense and endless love for you. Immense because it's almost impossible to measure it or compare it to anything you might now; endless because it reassures me that it will endure all summers, winters, springs and ages, and it will reach fall with the royal dignity of an oak tree. This immense love is all yours John.This love is what that moves and targets my thoughts towards good and beauty. With you, with the emotion that your existence and closeness bring me, I am capable of overcoming all dangers and obstacles live may bring in this jungle . With you I am unable to succumb to sadness and desperation, you bring me the trust and joy; you are already a part of my happy soul. Yes, my love, you are part of my happy soul because you are the one that makes it happy and today I would like to tell you how much I love you. Maybe this letter will give you a rough or smooth idea about the precious intends in my heart and soul. A passionate kiss and warmth embrace to you my love, Yours Ever Issie.
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