Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to John (Sweden)

Letter 1
Good day...!
I'm sorry for the rather long delay in answering.
I want to say that you are an extraordinary person and I am very glad to receive your letter.
I was born and I live in Central Russia in Penza.
I have some questions to you. What do you think about your work prospects? What purpose do you have?
I love my job. But I'm always looking for the best options in my work! In recently, I turned to the Agency "Parus", with the request of searching work for me in your country. Two weeks ago, my agent informed me that the Agency had found a suitable job for me.
They said they found vacancies for a dentist. I will work in your country for six months.
The Agency will help me with some paperwork. In a few days I will get a visa.
So I decided to start my search for a friend in your country. I found you. You know what, maybe this is fate :-)))))
Before I start working, I want to come to your city. I want to see you for the closer acquaintance :-))
Then I'll try to find a job close to your city. For example in your city ;)))))
Also I wouldn't mind to know your address and the airport closest to you?
I don't use skype or facebook. I'm texting you at home now and I'll send it from my friend Anna because I don't have Internet.
To be honest, I'm a little familiar with the Internet. But I can only write letters. I think that's enough for now. :-))
and in advance I ask you forgive me, if I cannot answer some of your questions.
I speak English not well enough. But I'm studying and try to improve my knowledge : -))).
Thanks a lot for your answers to my questions, it helps me to learn more about you and understand you.
It's always nice when someone is interested in you and especially when it ends up in such an unusual way as an Internet.
I really like your letter and want to continue our conversation with you.
I'm looking for an adult. I'm not looking for a young man. The young wish to find only *** and entertainments.
I hope, one day fate will link me with the mature and wise man as you.
I wait for the day I meet someone who has the same desire to build a happy life together.
How do you imagine your ideal woman? My ideal person is someone who is not afraid to say his opinion, to share his inner most thoughts, who is wanting to be with me, only me and no one else.
He will possess my passions in life and I would also enjoy his desires.
I suppose relationships only work if there is giving and taking, we should share responsibilities in everything. Do you agree with me?
Forgive me, for asking you to be honest about this type of stuff with me, although we’ve only met recently.
But it is interesting for me to know this one about you and please send me some your pictures.
Have a nice day! I'll wait for your answer!
With all my heart, Tatyana
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