Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to John (Canada)

Letter 1
It's Zhenya!!! I am sorry for didn't write to you before!!!
Just... I had really a lot of work and... I didn't have even a free minute :(( But... I am writing to you now and... I am sincerely hope that I'm not late ;))) I was really so happy to see your profile on Dating Site because... Because when I read it - I had a feeling that I was read my own one!!! Yes... as you: I am here not for infinitely correspondence!!! I am tired to be alone and I am here for find my friend ;)) my man... my husband!!! And... I would be so happy to know you better!!! And... what do you think about it!? ;)
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Name: Tatyana
Age: 28
Name: Svetlana Popovich
Age: 31
Name: Ella Kolesnikova
Age: 28
Name: Inna
Age: 31
Name: Charlyn Totara
Age: 35
Name: Lilian
Age: 31
Name: Wanita Efua
Age: 24
Name: Kimberly Kassulke
Age: 47
Name: Leida Zakir
Age: 29
Name: Alena
Age: 28
Name: Olga Odintsova
Age: 31
Name: Mary Temmy
Age: 31
Name: Kristen Bock
Age: 56
Name: Kristina
Age: 35
Name: Emilia Robb
Age: 33