Scam letter(s) from Aisha Kosanova to Mick (USA)

Letter 1
HI my love Kim!!! All life I searched to myself for the good friend and here have found and have understood, that have fallen in love, now I cannot live without you. As though I would like to be always near to you, to see you always, to hear your voice. You expensive person on all earth, except you are necessary nobody to me. I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am burnt with love to you. I do not get tired to repeat sweet words «I LOVE YOU»!!! This really rare, but bringing satisfaction the feeling demanding something especial. I wish to look in your eyes, to kiss your sweet lips and to see your smile, to embrace gently, strong. You dement me. You do me happy. I am happy!
Thanks you, that you are. Thanks the god that we have found each other. To our meeting remains to very few time. Let our meeting will be the best for us. The kid, I love you! You know, time SO SLOWLY lasts without you. One second lasts, as if eternity. You know, I test to you the warmest and tender feelings. Each cage of my body SHOUTS about love to you. It would be desirable to ****** you on a head, to plunge into your hair, to nestle on you, to feel your rough breath, to feel knock of your heart. I test dizziness, I feel love, and all world loses outlines and is promptly carried away away. I very much love you. To me very important your attention. To me your feelings and experiences, after all they yours, and everything are very important, that is connected with you for me very important. You perfectly know all, know, that I feel, because you understand me as anybody all over the world! I hope, that I mean for you as much much as you for me because you - my Life, and things, more significant, than it, simply does not exist. I wish to be for you the brightest star in the Universe, the purest water in all sources, the warmest being in cold gloomy days! You have already decided where we meet. I, too, have become confused about what you want. Moreover, with a travel agent, we talked about my trip to you. Now, as I understand it, you ask the prices for tickets from America to Georgia. You must fly to Tbilisi airport, and from there you can go by bus to Gori. There are no other options to get to my city. I want to clarify where we all still meet in your or my country? I very strongly love you. On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter. I love, I miss, gently and passionately whole you. Yours Mariam.
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