Scam Letter(s) from Veroniya Zlatova to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear friend! from Russia country! I suspect you meet moments in your being when ye get very sad. Just now I get the same. My friend spoke me that I must get acquainted and it stop I made up one's mind to act. Now speek thou concerning me I am twenty seven years old. My height one hundred and sixty eight cm tall. My weight fifty three kg. I dream of find genuine fondness and knight of for life. I don't have addiction and like sports. I will say right now my name since so shy. Supposing ye reply me further I will say my name. If thou don't want to continue in that case just tell me naught. So this is my way. Waiting for thou letter, when you are interested in my letter.

Letter 2

Hi! My name is Veroniya Zlatova. How are you? Today I thanked my colleague for advising me to write to you! I do not know why, but I was sure that you would write to me and very much waited for your letter.
Sorry, what hasn't answered immediately because have urgently sent on work to a business trip.
There was no opportunity to write.
By the way , this is my first acquaintance in the network.
Do you have an experience of communication on the Internet?
Just want to indicate my intentions. I want to destroy my loneliness and find a good person who, like me, wants to share with me the joy of living together and a happy family.
I hope that you want the same thing?
What qualities do you appreciate in a woman? What do I expect from a man? Difficult question. Most of all, probably, comfort, warmth and reliability. Whenever and whatsoever I do, together or separately, get my emotional satisfaction and peace of mind. I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse, but, probably, every woman desires to find reliability, mutual understanding, respect and decency in a man.
I can speak a little English, but I write to you, using an interpreter. I would like my words to be properly translated and you fully understand what I wanted to tell you. Of course it would be better if we immediately talked on the phone. Unfortunately, I have some difficulties with this issue, but I promise to solve them. Now it's time for me to run to work!
Tomorrow I will have time to write to you more!
I'll wait your reply and photos! I attach my photos to this letter and look forward to your comments! :) Your new friend, Veroniya!

Letter 3

Hi Jim! I'm very glad to receive your letter again! How are you?
What did you do today? My hands are still little peel after cleaning in the kitchen of the hostel. But now the kitchen shines like new! And I did not overdo it at all. I like it when I'm clean in the kitchen, because I like to cook and from the childhood I dreamed to have my bakery. Do different goodies and make people happy. I love to eat delicious too :)
I want to talk more about my hobbies. I really like active rest, when there is a rare opportunity to stay out of work. I do not like to sit still, because I am very much in debt at the work table at the factory. It's great that I have a native place where I can leave the city's bustle and spend time with a close person, with my father. His name is Victor. He is 62 years old. He's here in the photo with me. And I'm also attaching a photo with my grandfather George. About which I told you in my last letter. He was a general at the Soviet Army. I can not say much about him, because he spent all his life in the Army, away from me and my father. I saw him rarely. My dad is a pensioner. Dad worked all his life in the countryside. He has a small farm in the village of Sergeevka. I've told you about this place. There are delightful nature and charming people who live here.
I also send you photos so that you can plunge into the wonderful world of Russian life with me. I will be very happy if you also share your favorite photos.
When I come to the village, my father and I go fishing, picking mushrooms and berries. Our forests are full of natural resources! If it is winter outside, we ski and go to the bath.
I can not convey in a letter all the emotions and feelings that are associated with this place. Hardly you will feel all this energy through photos. Maybe there will come a time when I can show you all this live and we even together will go fishing here and to collect mushrooms!
You know, your letters have become an important event of my day. There are more and more thoughts about how I read your new letter and answer you in my head. I believe that this is a good sign for the development of our acquaintance! Now you know more about me and my family. I'm waiting for your story about your family, hobbies and life events!
On this good note, I finish my letter. I'm in anticipation of your answer! Your friend, Veroniya!

Letter 4

It's good to see your new letter! It is always the impulse of a good mood for me for the rest of the day!
I know that I did not tell you about my mother ... It was difficult to talk about my father with the tragedy in the first letters, so I did not dare to write about it. I feel that I am ready to share with you my spiritual pain that I have been living with for 20 years. I was 7 years old when my mother was gone. She died of pneumonia. It happened in the village and no one could help us. This was in winter and because of the huge snowdrifts, doctors could not get to our house on this ill-fated day, when Mom needed urgent medical help. It all started with a mild cold and no one could have imagined that everything would end so tragically. Despite the fact that much time has passed, I still remember with sadness and pain in my heart.
I really missed my mother at all stages of my growing up. I am grateful to my father for giving me great love and care. He brought me up, gave me an education. He's a real hero for me.
Now I'm worried about how you will react to my words. I hope that did not spoil your mood with my story. I believe that you will understand me. I realized that I was ready to tell you this today. I feel that I can trust you. Know that you also can trust me and tell me about your experiences. I am ready to support you at any time. Now you have a true friend in my face.
It seems I can burst into tears now, this is a very sentimental moment. I began to feel this invisible thread between us. I really wonder how you spend your day. About how you do, your health and mood. I do not want to seem obtrusive, but I say it completely openly and with all my heart.
I'm sorry that this letter turned out so sensual. Apparently, I have such a mood today. Thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate it....
Your Veroniya.
p.s. I attach here my photo with my mom and dad. The most valuable photo for me ...



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