Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my love Paul!!!
The justification which so during long time did not write as, was included in village on funeral Grandmothers. I have helped to be removed, to prepare there and have arrived only today, and At once started to write to you the letter.
I very much miss you. My most stored dream to see you More soon Paul.
And I am very pleased, which fast my dream which will be executed is, and we with you shall be together.
And it will be the happiest day in my life. And I very urgently love you!
I spoke mum about our attitudes, and she has considered (has found) them Positively. If I had an opportunity, but I do not have not enough money and if you want that I have arrived I hope, that you will help me with purchase of the air ticket.
I have thrown all and right now Would sit in the plane and has arrived to you.
You cautious, you the remarkable person. And I was more with anyone, I do not want to be if not You, I want to be only with you. With you it is good me, with you I feel The happiest ******* the basis (ground).
Nobody is necessary for me if not you, you are necessary for me,
And only you Paul!
On it I finish the letter. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you The letter.
I like, it is gentle also violently whole you.
Letter 2

Hello my love Paul!!!
I loved mine very much grieve without you.
Also I think, that to us with you nothing will prevent to meet and be together up to the end of our life.
I very much love you. And I want to meet you more soon.
To me it is lonely in this city, to me it is boring one without you. You my unique and unique love!!!
I very much love you Paul Both it is more than anybody and never I shall grow fond so strongly as I love you.
All my family has grown fond of you, and they are very glad for us with you,
That at us with you mutual love what be fast we with you we can together.
You know, at me still never was such novel. Such love, and I feel the happiest ******* the ground.
Thanks you, that you have presented me such feeling, you have presented me love! I am very glad.
Loved mine Paul, as you know many people in Russia receive small wages, and to my pity I concern to this group of people.
Dear I, you could help me having sent money for the ticket and the visa, through the Western Union.
Loved, what you think in this occasion?
I very much love you, and I can not without you. And I hope, that all our problems,
obstacles will be behind and we with you at last that shall be together.
Write to me, I with impatience shall wait for yours the letter.
Passionately whole!
Your love Oksana!!!
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