Scam letter(s) from Irina to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Richard!
I was so glad to receive your letter .It's wonderful that you answered me . I am sure you will not be sorry to have done it .Thanks a lot for sharing your life store with me .It sounded like a novel .
It's natural that you want to know more about me too . So my name is Irina and I believe that it brings me luck through all my life .I am twenty-five .I enjoy my life and being a girl of this wonderful age .
I am a student .My future profession is management .I live with my mother .I have two sisters but they have their own families and don't live with us .Don't think I am boasting but men like my society .I don't mean that I had crowds of lovers,I just prefer communicating with men to idle women's talks .I don't want to offend anybody but I always say what I think .
I am dark-haired with large dark eyes .I am 173 cm .I don't need any diets to keep me fit because I'm fond of dancing and it helps me to have a good figure . Dear,I know you wonder why I use the net to find a friend .The reason is simple- usually when a girl gets acquainted with a man(especially young) he is not interested in her feelings and her soul .All that attract him is the way she looks .But the net gives people a wonderful chance to find a true friend who will take into account my likes and dislikes .I am tired of waiting for a soul mate.
I like to dream very much .In my dreams I have a loving,caring and tender husband who is my best friend .And,of course,I dream of having two or three children .I wish to give all I have to them .We will have a big house with plenty of flowers in front of it .I hope you have similar feelings .I have so much tenderness and love inside me but I have nobody to give them .Do you feel the same? Write me as soon as possible and tell about yourself .I will be looking forward to your reply,dear .Best wishes,Irina
Letter 2

Hello,my dear Richard!
Today is the most wonderful day in my life .Having got your letter,I understood that you're interested in communicating with me and perhaps you even like me .I am so happy .Thank you ,my darling ,for the kind and warm letter .I also wish I were with you on your trip .
Dear,today when I woke up and was lying on my cosy bed under the warm blanket I wished myself good morning and good day .Then I imagined you and wished you a wonderful day too .I hope you feel my care .
Dear,I'd like to know more about your life .I have a special,maybe a too extraordinary wish- I'd like to see your photo when you were a little child .I am sure you were the nicest boy .I'd like my son to look after you .Perhaps,you think I am a bit crazy .But I hope you understand me .
I am so romantic,I have already told you about it .Very often when I am listening to some new song or a melody I try to guess if you like it or not .It seems to me that we have lots of things in common .
Dear,I'd like to ask you a very personal question .I want to know if you had a lot of women in your life,because I consider that a man like you has never had problems with female *** .Don't get offended,the reason for asking you this is the following-I need to know what you like or dislike about women .Why did you part with your former girlfriend?Is there anything that you can't bear in women's behavior?If you wish answer this my question .It'll be of great interest for me . As for me,today I'd like to tell a little about my interests .I have already told you that I am fond of different things .I can't imagine my life without music .When I feel happy or unhappy I start playing the piano .Very often When I think of you I do it with pleasure and even passion .I imagine you beside ,listening to me and looking at me tenderly . Please,honey,tell me what you feel and think about all this .I am dying to know it .I am looking for your letter,your Irina
Letter 3

Dear sir,
It's a pity,but our client, Irina ,can not use the services of our agency any more .The term of her contract is over already. Though she is very interested in you,her account is over .That's why,she can't reply your letters .We were sorry to disappoint her,but our services are equal for any client .
If you wish to continue your corresponding with Irina,we will be glad to inform you about the services of our agency .If you are not interested in the girl any more,let us know,please .
If you have any questions you may call us on the telephone:13158492835. Please,take into account the time difference .We work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. according Ukrainian time .
We hope for our successful cooperation.
Sincerely yours,
the manager of "Intertranslationservice"
Vladimir Tokarev
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