Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Zinovyeva to John (Canada)
Letter 1
How are you? How's your day? As for me, I'm fine, and I was very glad to receive your message! Thank you for your answer, it means a lot to me!
I got your email from my city's dating agency. I was told that you are looking for a man for a long, serious relationship, and so I decided to write you an email. I hope that we will be able to communicate more. Dating on the Internet, very popular now in Russia, very many people are looking for their love through the Internet. My native language is russian. I know a little bit of German, but sometimes I use an interpreter, and I also speak English very well. I studied English in high school and college. And German as an elective.
Some information about me: My name is Evgeniya.
Now I'm 28 years old, I was born on December 23, 1989. I have blue eyes and light brown hair. My height is 165 cm and weight 52 kg. I live in a small, but old Russian town, it's called Dimitrovgrad. This small town. The nearest big city is Samara.
Now I work as a nurse in a children's state hospital. I've never been married and I do not have children, and now my heart is open for a new relationship!
I always try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I have never smoked and used drugs in my life. And I do not drink alcohol .. I try to eat only healthy food, but it's not always obtained :)))) sometimes I can eat something very tasty, but not very useful :) I really love listening to music. My musical taste is very diverse. I like everything from classical genres to blues. Russia is a huge country and I like to travel around it, visit new cities unknown to me! But I've never been to other countries. I like new acquaintances, I'm always interested in this. I like to communicate, find common interests, similar or different traits of character.
My real and main goal in life is to find love. I have a lot of love in my heart, and I'm ready to give my love to someone single and special.
I've heard a lot of good love stories, and I want to try and see what this will bring me. Now I am open to change in my life.
This is a bit of information about me :) Please tell me something about you, about your life, I would be interested in knowing everything about you :)
I wish you a great day, and I will wait for your reply. I send you some of my photos, and I'll be happy to see if you send me your photos too !
Your Evgeniya
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