Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Removna Bakusheva to Phil (England)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Tatyana. Sorry for contacting you. I will not complain about my difficult life. I will immediately tell you my goal of writing to you. In connection with a very difficult financial situation, I am ready to give you my intimate (****) photos for your financial assistance. If you are interested in my proposal, please send me your answer. I understand that you will say that I am a bad girl and could find a job, but I have a job ... but I urgently needed a large sum of money, so I'm ready to go on desperate steps.
I'll wait for the second answer ...
Letter 2
Phil thank you for responding, this means that you are interested in my proposal... I'm from Russia. I am certainly very ashamed of it, but so far I can not find another possibility. I will attach a photo to this letter, I hope you will like it.
Let's discuss, can you help me? I'm ready to send you photos if these photos are for you personally. We could even talk further if you find it interesting. I do not want to deceive you, because I also do not want to be deceived, because I have a difficult situation, and for the sake of solving problems I do it all.
I'm not ready to sleep with men for money, I think it's very BAD! but I think that there is nothing wrong with the photos. It's like a striptease dance. Are you ready to help me?
Letter 3
Phil thank you that you can help me. I am very happy about this, but how can you do it? What is the best way for you to help me?
I am ready for you to send a lot of photos where I am completely
*****. I do not want you to be very worried about my problem, because usually people do not care about other people's problems. I was deceived, I took a loan from the company and could not get the money back on time. And they had very high interest rates. Now they demand a lot of money from me, and by law they will be right, and I can be left with nothing. I really hope that you can help me, I am ready to do everything about what you ask.
Letter 4

Yes, I have a bank account, I would be very happy if you can help. I am ready to provide you with photos of my body. When can you send me the money? I want to know when to prepare photos for you.
Letter 5
I have to give 79,000 rubles. and I do not know how quickly I can find so much money so that I can give it to them earlier, otherwise the amount will grow and become even ******.
Letter 6
thank you very much! I do not want to say that I am ready to sell you photos for all this amount. I would be glad for any of your help, I am ready to sell for the amount for which you can help me.
Letter 7
sorry to put it this way. But I will feel bad if you sent me money just like that. This is a kind of deal, you help me and I send you photos. I really liked you, I am very pleased to communicate with you. You are a very good man, I am even ready to send you photos just like that.
Letter 8
Beneficiary Bank: Tinkoff Bank
Beneficiary’s Bank SWIFT: TICSRUMM
Beneficiary: Bakusheva Tatyana Removna
Beneficiary’s Account: 40817840300000124589 (USD)
Payment Details: Loan payment for credit to acc# 5020196654 for Bakusheva Tatyana Removna Here are my data that I was given in the bank. I was informed that I could get money from this data.
Letter 9
here is the address of the main bank if you need it
address: 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
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