Scam letter(s) from Olga Sorokina to Nick (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there my dear pen-friend. What are you doing at the moment? I do not bother you? I am looking for a handsome man for long lasting relationship. My pas rapports have been unsuccessful. Because the man deceited me. I am Olga. I live in the Republic of Russia. Do not be scared I'm a real person I do not need to play. I seek for a great love. Are you ready to continue our correspondence? I have a computer at home. Send me the answer. I send you my pic. Sincerely Olgika
Letter 2
Hello my new friend, i'm glad to meet you. I received your letter.
This is my second letter. I ask you to take me seriously. I do not want to play games. Only real communication.
I'm looking for a man for serious relationship. I wan't to create a family. I do not want to live in Russia.
Because life in Russia is very complicated. there is a lot of corruption and theft.
ok, i do not want to talk about politics.
I'm a real girl. we must trust each other. Trust is an important key in relation to.
do you agree with me?
Now I want to tell you about myself:
My name is Olqa. I'm 30 years old. I'm already an adult girl. I'm not married. I do not have children. My heart is open.
I was born on 16 December 1987.
My height is 171 cm
my weight is 52 kg
my eyes are gray
my hair is light
I have internet at home. but my internet is very weak. and I can not use programs to communicate in real time.
I do not have a modern computer. I do not have a web camera. And so I can not do it in real time.
I know English. I studied English at school.
My native language is russian.
I do not use Facebook. in Russia we do not use Facebook.
you understand me??
I do not like social networks. I do not like to show my life to people around me. in Russia people are very envious and evil.
About myself:
I work as a manager for the sale of Faberlik cosmetics.
Perhaps you've heard the famous brand of cosmetics Faberlik.
and in your city sells cosmetics Faberlik?
I spend a lot of time at work. I have very little free time.
I work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
I really enjoy working. I like to look after my beauty. A woman should always be beautiful.
Even when a woman wakes up, she must wake up before a man. And meet a man in bed with a cup of coffee.
Ohh, and also cook sandwiches and sandwiches. Do you agree with me? About my family:
I was born in Russia. in the city of Arkhangelsk. I graduated from high school, graduated from university.
In 2007, my mother died of cancer. I do not want to write any further. It hurts me to recall the past.
My father left my mom in 2005. And he left the family.
I live in 1 room apartment.I'm not married. I do not have children. I work a lot. I need spiritual support. I need kind words. I need a kind and honest man.
I'm glad you wrote to me. This is our first introduction through Email.
First I want to see your photo. Send me your photo. You are real? You are real? I'm waiting for your photos.
I need to trust you. And then we can talk. OK?
Perhaps in the future our communication will grow into a great love.
Now I will finish my letter. I'm waiting for your answer.
It is important that our communication with you develop.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
With respect to Olqa
do not forget to send me your photo.
Letter 3
Hello, I want to call you - my prince. I hope that I will not offend you.
I will be your princess Olqa.
did you get my letter? did you get my photo ?
how are you?
I came from the store today. I often go to the store. I do not spend a lot of money. I buy products only for the first time.
I buy cottage cheese, milk, bread, fresh fish. I will fry fish and potatoes.
what products do you buy ?
do you like fried fish ?
I buy mackerel, cold-smoked pink salmon. I like to eat fish.
I also know how to prepare salads from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Then I add the mayonnaise and the salad is ready. Bon Appetit))))))))))))))))))
Today I had a little unpleasantness. When I left the store my hands were busy with bags of food. And suddenly the phone rang I wanted to get it from my purse and it flew out of my hands and fell directly on the hard asphalt.
My screen on the phone crashed. And it's more why it does not include. I want to take him to the workshop tomorrow. I really hope that the master will be able to fix it.
I close my computer. I'm going to cook food. I'm waiting for news from you. do not forget me. I want you to trust me.
I'm going to the kitchen now. write me news.
oh I forgot to kiss you. I kiss you )))))) Princess Olqa
Letter 4

Hello my Prince! I'm here. where are you??? you lost me??? )))))))))
I ask you not to lose me. I'm here. I am writing you again my letter.
I now sit at home. I made soup at home. I prepared a salad at home. Delicious. I'm a good cook.
you remember, I told you that I love to drink green tea "Ahmad"
Do you like black tea ??? mmmm, I like to cook meat and a glass of champagne. I like red wine. I also love grapes red. do you like grapes ?? how are you??? how do you spend your free time ??
I'm waiting for your photo. do not forget to send me your photo. tell me about yourself : where do you work ?? Do you want a new life ?? Do you want me to give you a new life ??? how old are you ??
I want to say that age does not matter.
That when a man loves a woman, he does not look at age. I'm waiting for your picture. I want to look into your eyes. You've got kind eyes ??
in Russia they say: The eyes are the mirror of the soul. My plan today: Today I'll be going to the movie "Crew" tonight. This is a film about pilots whose plane crashes. I think it's an interesting, good movie. We also need to go through the stages of our relationship with you before we understand that we love each other. Do you agree with me? Do you want to go to the cinema with me ?? you must buy 2 tickets to the cinema. are you a man, are you inviting me to a movie theater ??? I agree. ahhh ha ha ha))))))) now in the street sun. I am so happy that I am writing you my letter. my heart beats violently. I'm a little worried.
I will have to cope with the excitement.
I'll write you my good news in the next letter.
I miss you.
do not forget me. do not forget to send me 1,000,000 kisses. I'll catch all your kisses. ahhhh
your princess Olqa.
Letter 5
hello, my brave prince
how are you?
I sent you my letter. did you get my letter? do you have a computer at home?
I hope that my letter came to you quickly. How I spent my day: Today I went to the master about the repair of my phone. He said that this is a complex repair and can take a very long time. So now I'll be away for a long time without a phone. And now I can not call anyone unfortunately.
I was very upset about this.
My only connection now is the Internet. But my computer is very old and does not even have a video camera. What would happen online.
Also on it there are no such programs for online communication. He does not support them. I made a new hairstyle today. Yes, I'm very beautiful now.
now it's night already. I'll have to go to sleep.
I close the computer. I today drank tea black with a lemon. and also ate chocolate.
I ask you to forgive me if I missed your questions.
My eyes are closing now. I'm listening to relax music now.
I love romantic music so that my soul is torn from melancholy.
Because I have few friends.
I want the man to be my friend, husband, lover, and always helped me on difficult days. Remember that the Internet is 1 step for communication, so that we will know each other better.
2 step - a real meeting.
Step 3 - family, marriage (we must decide later). I want to tell you that tomorrow I'm leaving for my grandmother. My grandmother lives 90 km from my city. My grandmother lives in the room. My grandmother was sick. I urgently need to take a free 2-3 days. Perhaps my grandmother already has big problems.
I ask you not to worry. I will now close my computer. too late. I ask you not to forget. your princess Olga
I'll eat chocolate. and go to bed.
Good night XOXOXOXO (X - kisses, O - hugs) you must remember))))
Letter 6
Hello my Prince
I ask you to forgive me. I wanted to write you my letter this morning. I turned on the computer.
But my grandmother asked me to go to the store. And also my grandmother has friends in the village. It was necessary to go to friends.
My grandmother made a cabbage salted in a jar. It was a gift. I needed to leave the house.
I now have free time. It is raining outside. I can drown. help me. I can drown in the water)))) aha ha ha
It was a joke. .................
OK now I will do a face mask. I need my skin to be smooth.
I use a cream called "Natura Siberica"
what kind of toilet water do you have? I want to feel your fragrance male. I want my pillow to be soaked in your smell.
do you like my letters? I want to tell every day I lived. I want to share with you with all the events in my life.
I hope that I do not create difficulties for you.
I'm waiting for your kiss. let's not be shy ............... embrace you))))) Olga
Letter 7
Hello, my tender prince!
I send you my photo from the village in my last letter. did you get my photo from the village ???
This is my grandmother's house in the village)))))))) My feelings:
I'm so happy that I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. I'm so glad that
I tell you about my life. I am writing you my letter. I do not forget you. you forgot me???? ))))) hhmmm ... answer my question: do you want to be with me ?? Do you want me to be your girlfriend ???
I'm ready to give you happiness. I am ready to give you my heart. DO NOT LIE TO ME.
do not break My Heart. I will make you the happiest man.
I do not like being fooled. I want you to be an honest man. I was in the village.
I told you that I would be in the village. I went to see my grandmother. My grandmother sends her regards.
wow hello from the village. I told my grandmother about you. My grandmother takes medicine. my grandmother has high blood pressure. Sometimes my heart hurts. It's terrible. I ask you to take care of yourself. do not smoke, do not drink *****. do sport.... how are you??? I am at home today. I ask you not to forget about me.

I ask you to write me an answer.
I will now close my computer. I will be waiting for your answer.
Letter 8
I can not write you my big letter. I'll have to cook the food. I'm very hungry. I'll cook the soup right now. The soup is called "Borsch".

Borsche it is vegetable soup.
You should make soup: Water, beet, salt, cabbage, an onions, carrots, meat a beef.
And all this to cook 20-25 minutes. It is tasty. so now you can prepare this Russian soup at home. And it will be very tasty. I will also cook specially for you soup Russian. how are you ??? how do you spend your time?? Today I worked a lot. I'm tired. I'll go eat. ohhhhhhhhhh my soup is ready. in the kitchen there is a kettle. I need to make tea green.
All I will have to finish my letter.
I will be waiting for your answer. I will now look at your letter. And read.
And also look for your questions and answer. I ask you not to worry. I do not forget to answer your questions. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for you.
Letter 9
Hello my dear prince I am writing you a short letter today. I wrote a letter this morning. I could not send a letter. Because I was in a hurry to work.
I could not send you my letter. I want to tell you about the accident. today I was told that taxi drivers are killed in our city. Because in the last 7 days --- 4 murders. it's very terrible. We had so many murders in the city. It seems to me that these are just robbers. taxi drivers are killed and take away money and jewelry. It's very terrible. You know that in my city there are only 350 thousand inhabitants. This is an industrial city. I want to tell you that we have such cases become very well known. So I know the different cases in my city. These are the stories I learned today. I ask you to warm me with your letters. I want you to love and always write me letters. Because your letters to me are Oxygen. I'll have to get your oxygen. I'll have to give you my oxygen. Do you agree ?? So we will have to live our dreams and our letters. Because we need each other. We should be together. I understand that you can not immediately answer my letter. I understand. But I'm still waiting for your favorite letters. Because I want to be the happiest woman Olga. I want to be a beautiful and kind future mother. So my day was wonderful today. I am writing this letter to you after my work. The Zoo came to our city. Do you like animals. This is the first time I've seen a camel. It's such a big camel. And I saw real two humps. I was so afraid to approach him. Because a camel can spit on you. It will be very funny and not fun. And so many different animals. A lot of monkeys, tigers, foxes, zebra, wolves, wild boar, bison, bear.
I loved to see so many animals. Do you have a zoo in your city ??? I think you have a zoo. today I will have to go to bed early. tomorrow I will have a difficult day. I have to do the cleaning and washing in the house.
OK. I will now close my computer.

my gentle prince
Do you like ice cream ???
Do you want to be my man ????
Do you want to jump with a parachute ????
Do you like flying on an airplane ???? I asked you my questions. I will be waiting for your answer.

I think you should forget other women. All other women can not write
you such letters. I wrote you my letter about a pure heart. your princess!
I miss you.
And I'm waiting for your return to me.
your princess Olga
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO (X - Kisses, O - Embrace) you must remember)))))
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