Scam letter(s) from Veronica Alexandrova to Bart (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear, tender and very opened with me Bart. How long we didn't communicate. It is awfully.
I missed a lot, but I haven't time to answer you.
I know that it can't be justification, but I really haven't time. Did you miss and suffer? Excuse me.
I didn't give a medicine to my patient Bart in time and he suffered. It is not in the rule of a doctor and I will try to improve. You know about my feelings to you and when you are sad, I am sad too. We are not simply like two different parts, I feel that we are like something one, that we are connected and nothing can separate us. In your letters you described your feelings about us.
I have the same emotions, my heart begin to beat very fast when I begin to dream how we will meet. I think about it very often and every our virtual meeting differ from previous. And I am sure that our real meeting will differ from all meetings in my dreams. I think that it will be very emotional and I will forget all the words that I plan to say you. When we will meet I am sure that we will understand all without words. Don't you think so?
I want to meet with you as soon as possible. I already don't have enough words to explain you how large are my feelings to you. I can express it truly only during our meeting. It is very difficult to wait.
Bart I want to answer you about my phone at work and about my work at all. Bart I cant talk with you by phone from my work. Because if you will phone me and will ask to call Veronica it will be unusual for ordinary hospital. It is very difficult for me to explain all it to you but I will try.
"If a man doesn't answer a question, it means that he doesn't want t speak about it." I didn't want to touch my past. But now I want to explain you all as it is. I don't want to offend you.
And don't take offence at me, but I will tell you the truth. I don't talk about our relations on my work place.
You must understand me correctly, at present time I am not ready to tall all about you. I told you about my sad experience with a man, whom I loved.
It is a sad experience of passed relations.
So a sister of this man works together with me. Several years ago she got acquainted me with him. This girl is a sister of this man. She takes offence at me because I stopped all relations with her brother. She doesn't wish we happiness.
At this time I don't want her to know about our relations. Because hearings distributes very quickly. It can reach a man with whom I had relations.
Bart want to admit you that I am afraid of this person because he can make me harm. Yes, I understand that he is in the prison, but he has many bad friends. With their help all what he want. It is the only secret which I didn't tell you. I sincerely hope for your understanding.
I said that the trip to your country costs for me $1000 and it includes tickets. I told you that Larisa tried to make it as cheap as possible. So $1000 is for all. Bart , I want to suggest you a variant of sending money for me. I spoke with my girl-friend who prepare to married one man from England(I talked you about her early). I knew that at first he had problems with sending her money but then they found a way. She said that now they use system E-gold and already three times they sent money by it. It is easy and very convenient. You can learn about e-gold on their site .Anna said that this method of sending money takes little percents for transfering. Today we with her made an account for me on the e-gold.
She also said that in order to transfer money to e-gold account her man used site Please look at it because I know that it works (I believe my girl-friend and besides she doesn't have reasons to lie).
So it could help us to meet in the nearest time.
1. You make your e-gold account.
2. You transfer money from bank account to your e-gold account on
3. You transfer money from your e-gold account to my e-gold account.
Anna promised to write you more detailed letter about it.
I am waiting for your answer and I hope for our soon meeting.
In any case I believe that our dreams will come true and we will overcome all difficulties.
I love you. Your Veronica My address:
Zip: 429330
Country: Russia
City: Kanash
Street: Kotovskogo 2-11
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