Scam Letter(s) from Anna Volodskih to Mac (South Africa)

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Letter 1

About my English, I do not do it fast now.
Already as 9 years ago after university I did not use to write English,
That's why it's a pity if you do not understand something. Well, you can ask me what you do not understand in the letter.
max, I have forgotten to write about the birthday, my birthday on November 10, 1982.
I understand, that we have an age difference. We are with an age difference.
You understand me. The most important thing is understanding.
It would be convenient to chat and skype well 1 month ago my laptop was burned out. He was 6 years old.
As a salary I will buy a new laptop to have communication more often. I'll tell you about it as I buy a laptop.
That's why I'll have to go to an Internet cafe to write you a letter. It's convenient for me.
I was born in city Abkhazia, you can see about my city on the Internet.
The population of the city is almost 240 000 people. Do people live in your city?
In my bigger city I have not met a man, and my heart is free.
max, my previous relationship ended 3 years and during this time I'm alone.
I have not had a man all this time, I want to be next to a man who will love and respect me.
I hope that you are the man.

I do not know what is interesting to know about me yet:

My sizes:

Chest 94
Waist 61
Hips 89
Hair color Brunette
Clothing size 40-42
Shoe size 38

I like swimming very much, hockey, because how our hockey team is among the top three hockey players.
Tell me your favorite sport?
My favorite flowers: White Lilies.
My favorite color: green. What is your favorite favorite color?
I hope that you noticed what my eye color is. My eye color is Brown :)
My height is 168 centimeters, it's height without heels :) my weight is 55 kilograms.
Do you have a favorite food kitchen? I really like Japanese and European cuisine, and of course Russian cuisine.
I will try to talk about myself more you can ask me what you are interested in. Good?
I hope you understand my goals. I would like to meet a man, a reliable and kind person.
A man who will respect me. Respect my strength and my weakness.
A man should always be the main one in the family, so my mother taught me.
We are with an age difference. You understand me, and I you. And it forces us to breathe one rhythm. It is fine.
I'm sending you a new photo that was made by a fitness club.
I will wait for your letters. Anna



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