Scam Letter(s) from Amira Jamila to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Attention, sir.
Reaching to you from Islamic Bank of Britain. We have a new development bank policy from our financial center managers, And we find out that you were once applied for the funds from your partner, Miss Amira Jamila,, and the IBB financial center managers has came to the conclusion that all pending and delayed transactions must bring to an end with a reference of our cooperative bank in Senegal, because transferring huge amount of money from our bank is very difficult due to the policy of international monitoring funds, and we have to continue to summarize your transaction with your best interests. Our bank has a partnership with UBA Bank in Dakar, Senegal. They have the same Dc. 006 server similar to our bank. All the funds has already been deposited in their bank, We instruct them to issue you a visa card with your name and send it to your country with your address via DHL Express Courier Services. After you receive it from them, then you take it to any bank ATM machine and start withdrawing your money at the daily limit.
Contact UBA Dakar (Senegal) to send you a Visa card.

UBA Bank email address :

Once again, the service we are providing to you at the moment is based on the bank on the deceased customer's relationship, we expect to hear from you immediately received your UBA Visa card.

Yours faithfully
Sultan Ahmed Chowdhury.
Commercial & Private Banking, Islamic Bank of BritainĀ® plc, London.