Letter(s) from Veronica Alexandrova to Ike (Australia)

Letter 1

Greetings Ike
Writes to you Veronica
I am very glad to receive your letter.
It is very interesting from me to read your letters and I like to read your answers.
I think that in order to know the person, it is necessary to know about his interests.
All people have different interests.
I want to write you about some my interests. I do not remember if I spoke you that I am very inquisitive person.!?! If no that I speak it now.
I like reading very much.
Many speak, that it is boring, but I like to spend time behind reading of books.
My preference is literature of Russian poets L. Tolstoy, A. Pushkin, N. Gogol and many the Russian classical poets. Did you hear about these poets? > From foreign poets I read S. King only, I read the book " the Dark Tower ". It is very interesting book in my opinion. The main hero - Roland, he is a purposeful person.
This quality is pleasant for me in people very much .
Well, did you hear about this book?
> From Russian music I like to listen - ALSU, PUGACHEVA, BASKOV, VALERIA, Zemphira and many others also.
From foreign music I love SKORPIONS, U2, MADONNA, and many others. Sometimes I prefer very quiet music. I love music which weakens the person. I want to tell you, that my favourite color is green. It is quiet color for me also.
My preference is quiet conditions, quiet people.
My friend, I like to dance very much. I am sure, that you love it and sometime, probable in the future, we will be able to dance together, really?
> From sports I like to ski to skate, in the winter. It is so > useful for health to be on fresh air.
You agree with me?

Getting acquaintance through Internet is unusual and I decided to try it.And I think that it is not wasting time.

I live in the small town Kanash. This town is so small that you even could not find it on the map. It is not far from more big city Ulyanovsk. I live in this city not very long and I don't have many friends here. (And may be this is the reason why I am trying to find somebody from the Internet.)
So I want to tell you about the city in which I was born (by the way my birthday is on the 15th of August). I think, that for each person city in which he was born is the most beautiful. And I also love my city very much. It is city in which I was born and has grown up.
The name of my city is 'ULYANOVSK'.
If you know Russian history, it is the city where the leader of communism LENIN was born.
Our city have named in honour LENIN.
ULYANOVSK stands at very big river VOLGA.
It is very big river. In some places the width is 35-45 km.
When I am sad or I want to stay in loneliness I spend a lot of time at the river.
It is very beautiful to look at the big waves. Water very much to calm the person.
I like to sit under the sun and to admire beauty of a nature.

I am sure that you like city in which you live too .
It is very interesting for me to hear the story about your city. In what part of the city do you like to spend time.???

I have request to you Ike .
I ask you to give the detailed description of your character.
I want to know your opinion on you.
It is very difficult to write it about itself.
But it is very interesting for me how you describe yourself.
(very detailed: your qualities, feelings, the purposes, the attitude to home life)

Dear Ike .
I don't know to what our correspondence will lead. May be you or I will even have a desire to meet. And I'd like to speak about it now, in advance. I think that it is not good idea to meet with unknown men after several letters.
It is a big risk for me and for you too. In order to trust each other we first of all must know each other and only after it we can plan our meeting. Besides, if even our relations will come to the situation when we want to meet, it can occur only a bit later.
Because I have a job and I can't take a vocation immediatly. During our correspondence we can know each other better (through letters). And I am sure that in this case when we will meet (probably) we have sincere senses to each other.
I don't know what do you think about it and I'd like to know your opinion. Do you agree with me?

With the most good wishes and Russian greetings to you.