Scam letter(s) from Teresa Law to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1
you seem nice and interesting to talk to meeting and talking with you would be nice and i prefer it to this at least we can talk more better in person and we will get to know each other more better but unfortunately As you know I’m presently out of the country on business trip and as for work i am into antiques, leathers and textiles and this was the business i inherited from my late parent because is profitable and they traveled all around the world for their business, i enjoy doing the business and seeing places and presently i just bought some goods and now in turkey and to get some debts being owed to my late parents by a textiles factory because they ordered for some goods before they met their death which they already paid for but its been a long time we have been trying to get back the money not until now when they asked me to come over to get some documents signed and get the fund from the textiles industry, have been here for 4days and i am really progressing with the company but they told me that they are doing some verification and as soon as they are through and satisfy with the verification i will be asked to sign some document then the fund will be released to me and i will leave this country and fly back home, we can meet when i am back but i really want to know more from you
Letter 2
i am really sad with the situation of things like i told that i would go for a meeting today , I really got moody today because i went to the company and i had a successful meeting at the company and i was pleased and glad with but baby they ask me to present tax clearance document from inland revenue board of Turkish but i did not have that and i had to go to Internal Revenue Board of Turkey to get tax clearance document, I went there and when i got there i told them that i need tax clearance document and they told me that i should go up to meet cashier for the papers and when i got to the cashier i told her that i need tax clearance document and she said it is ?5,930.00 and dear i had to deposit the money that i had on me for the papers, baby i deposited 5,000 and i need 930 euros to balance the papers and i told them that i want to use the tax clearance document to claim my fund, that they should help me out that i will come and give them the money when i get the fund but they said no, that they can not help and i was begging of them that they should please help me with the tax clearance papers that immediately i get my money i will give them the money And i even told them that i will pay more for it and they told me it is government money that they can not help me baby..
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