Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kozlova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Howdy from country Russia!
I believe you met moments in yours this world when you reach alone.
Right now I get myself lonely.
My colleague talked me that I must get acquainted and this disappear I chose to do it.
And now tell you regarding me I am Twenty-six years.
I am one hundred and three cm tall.
My weight fifty-four kilograms.
My dream find original fondness and man of my life.
I have no bad habits and do sports.
I not shall speek at the moment name because shy.
Supposing you answer me then I shall speek my name.
If you don't desire to answer in that case just say to me no.
Apparently it is my destiny.
Waiting for your answer, supposing you are interested in in me!
Letter 2
Hello. Thank for your answer. I was worried, I thought that you will not answer me! I want to know you better! I hope that you will not be against friendship with me? I want to tell you about myself and also learn about your life? I do not know from what to start my tale. Steven , as I already wrote, I decided to chat on the Internet for the first time! My name is Tatyana! I am 26 years old! My birthday is 11 September! I was born and grew up in the city Penza! I spent my whole life in this small town! Three years ago, I graduated from Penza State University. I studied to the accountant! I graduated from the university with a red diploma! I spent all my time to studying! So I really did not have time to my private life! I have very little experience in communication with men! There was only one man in my life. It was the first year of university. I am alone since those times. I would be very interesting if you will also writing about yourself! I want to know everything about you! Please answer me and send your photos! I also send you my photo, I hope you will like it!!!
I will wait for your answer. Tatyana.
I send you the video hi.
Letter 3
Hello Sebo! It is pleasant to me that you have again written me the letter. Communication with you is interesting to me. You very much were pleasant to me, and I want to continue our communication. I want to learn even more about you? What are you doing at work? You like your work? I work by the profession - the accountant. I work as the assistant to the chief accountant in the Penza Plant of Power Mechanical engineering. I have got a job recently and I only begin to get used. Here it is very strict. Therefore we always should be attentive. Very responsible work to be the assistant to the chief accountant. I should consider different accounts always. Sometimes I very much am tired at work, especially at the end of the month! At the end of the month we should hand over all monthly reporting. Once I have made a mistake for 1 ruble and to me everything was necessary to remake the whole day)). after that I recheck everything several times.
If honestly I don't like my work. With such work there is no time for private life at all. Every day at me passes monotonously. In the morning for work, in the evening home... I come home very tired and at all not forces to go with friends somewhere. I hope, sometime I will find work which won't take away from me so much time and forces. As if I wanted to appear now, somewhere on the seashore and to have a rest... but it is necessary to think about the future and to go to work... I will look forward to your answer, your Tatyana...
Letter 4

I have a bad day today. I felt that today there will be something bad. In the morning I have gone for work, and have begun work as usual. Closer by a lunch I was called by my chief the chief accountant. I am only her assistant. When I have come to her, she sat without mood! She has begun to talk to me. We have talked about work.
And at the end she has told me that I am dismissed. I have been surprised. I didn't know what to tell at that moment. I have asked me for what reason dismiss. She has told me that the relative of the deputy director wants to settle on my place. I have decided to write the letter of resignation myself. And now I don't know, what should I do. I should look for work. I don't know how me to tell all this to the aunt. I hope she will understand me. now I go home!!!!
Letter 5
Hi, darling Sebo. How are you? What you do now? It became interesting to me whether I will be able to find work in your country if I go to your country? I have a financial education! As I already wrote you, by a profession I am an accountant! The aunt to me has suggested to go to you today, to have a rest. To distract from all my problems. The trip to you costs much. I have told the aunt that I don't want to be for you a burden. But if it is honest, I very much want to arrive to you.
I want to stay with you together, I want to know you better! What do you think of it? The thought of our meeting pleases me. I thought all day of our first meeting today. I represented as you will meet me at the airport. Now for me the only dream, it to see you. And you want to meet me, in the near future? Answer please all my questions. I will look forward to your letter. Your Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello my love Sebo. I went to travel agency to the husband at the girlfriend. I have learned the cost of all trip to you. My trip to you will cost 500 euros. This sum includes the visa, the international passport, the health insurance and the ticket to you and back. But I have no so much money, and I don't know, what should I do?
To what money to me to go to you? It is a shame to me to ask from you the help, we never saw each other. I don't want to be for you a burden. This is big money. To me it is very sad that because of money we can't be together. I would give everything for the sake of a meeting with you. You know it. You for me became the native person. I have very much become attached to you. You are the only person now with whom I could forget all my problems. We very need this meeting. I want to be with you every second the life. I want to establish with you a close-knit, strong family. I now in such difficult situation. I have no work. And my darling is in other country. I am crying... I can't calm down. To me it is very painful. I was got by my worthless life. I am absolutely alone... don't throw me...
Letter 7
Hi my love Sebo. Sorry for not answering your question. Maybe I do not correctly understand your questions. When we are together we can talk a lot with each other! We will kiss and cuddle. I'm in love with you too. I want to lie with you in the same bed and hug. How are you? I am fine. Today I went to the bank. I learned how you can send me the money. I was at the bank offered several options for the money transfer. I recorded two versions of a money transfer. They told me that this is the fastest and most reliable money transfer system.
There are two options, it is MoneyGram and Western Union. When you send money, you are given code numbers long. To get your money to me, I need to specify the code that you say in the bank, and your data. By the way, you need to specify the data to transfer my money. Here are my findings.
The first name of Tatyana
The second name Adiankova
Country Russia
Penza city
I have explained that only the data necessary to specify. I hope that in your country there is such a money transfer system. You need to go to the bank and find out everything. My love, when you can help me? I love you. I really miss you. Kisses, your Tatyana.
Letter 8
My favorite, my man is Sebo. I am very glad to your letter. My love Sebo, I send you a photo. I think you will like it. I answer your questions: I am also in love with you. I want to sleep with you in the same bed, I want to kiss you and hug. I think about it every day !!!!
My love Sebo, it would be great if you made a money transfer as soon as possible. I do not want to waste time. I want as soon as possible in your hug. You have no idea how I am waiting for this moment. I send you my full details again so that you can make a money transfer! The first name of Tatyana The second name Adiankova Country Russia Penza city, Tsiolkovskogo street, 10. index 440028 You are my only and not repeatable, only you are in my thoughts. I represent our meeting and I want to be with you. I very love you. Today I had a dream, as if we were on an uninhabited island, we built our hut, you got food, and I cooked food, we spent time very romantic, swam in waterfalls, looked at the stars, and at night we made very passionate love. .. I did not want to wake up, I even wanted to be with you in my dreams. But soon all my dreams will come true, thanks to you we will be together. I really want to be with you, to be in your arms. I want to feel your sweet and tender lips! Today, looking out the window, I saw a guy and a girl with a small child! They had a lot of fun and from the side, I saw that they were happy. Very soon we will be together and we will have our own family, our children, our happiness. Time passes and I am increasingly drawn to you, my love is becoming stronger and stronger every day. But every minute spent without you reminds me of eternity.
I love you very much and want to be with you, Have a good day, I kiss your Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hello my love Sebo! I am very glad to your letter. Give my friend and his wife a big hello from me. I think they are good friends. I will keep this secret that you told me. I am sending you a copy of my passport and a photo you requested. My love Sebo, I did everything that depends on me. Now I am waiting for your help as soon as possible. I am very glad that you have me. For me, now there is no greater happiness than loving you, be your favorite. Feel your support, warmth, care. You are my most beautiful and dear little man in this world. You are everything that I need in life for happiness. I can completely trust you. Now I understand that no matter what happens, I have the most important person who will never leave me, will always support me and give me good advice ... I am terribly afraid of losing you, and therefore I sometimes act foolishly. I want to see happiness in your eyes, and know that you need me. I want you to trust me! How I trust you. My love, we must understand each other, support and take care. We went through a lot together, we still have a lot to do together. I love you, endlessly, madly! Wherever you are, whatever you do, may my love keep you ... Thank you for you!!! For your strength, your wisdom, your beauty! For the fact that, thanks to you, I believe that there are Real Men in the world! For the fact that you feel like a real woman! Love love you! Yours and your only Tatyana.
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