Scam letter(s) from Ann Jean Ross to Phil (England)

Letter 1
My expectations from people I'd like to meed/find are: Hello I'am my full names are Anne Jean and I am a citizen of Limousin France Separated and I'm a hairdresser at home, I'm here To converse and see more Kisses LEASE Following my messages OK Here is My Gmail Hangouts
Letter 2
Hello I'am my full names are Anne Jean and I am a citizen of Limousin France Separated and I'm a hairdresser at home, I'm here To converse and see more Kisses LEASE Following my messages OK Here is My Gmail Hangouts
Letter 3
Hello Dear Thanks for your mail, Firstly i know we have a long distance between us, but i believe that we can make it if our hearts are together.Age is just a number,what matters most in any relationship is love,respect,fidelity and understanding.Once we have all these mention words the sky will be our limit.. My names are Anne Jean,a stylist by proffession. Iwas born on 20th of August 1988.And am still single never married. My father has passed away not too long. He was originated from the South west of France called Bordeaux, I was born and grew up in Paris which is the capital of France. I am the first child of my family, my father later met and married another woman when he was working with a french company in Cote D Ivoire as a director. Mom died many years ago when i was still very young.Furthermore, I am a fun loving lady who cares for the need of others too just like my mum. I love traveling and shopping. I like listening to music. On the weekends, I use to go out for fun, going to the seaside having the relaxing mind and seeing the nice fresh air from the sea. Love shopping on weekends too and if got the chance, I use to travel around.I have travelled to Africa twice when my father was alive. I do cook sometimes as I like cooking. Being happy always makes me feel young every day. I am so glad for my life and really thank God for all His protections and guidiance.. So lastly, i would like to tell you that to make a relationship last forever and be stable, we need trust, understanding, devotion, and motivation in heart, in my own intention,i promise to be faithful, honest, and most caring to you and be the woman you have always dreamed of, and pray always that God will bless and make our relationship grow, thank you so much. I hope to hear from you soon. With Love,
Letter 4

Dear Phil, Thanks for your lovely messages and sweet pictures, Thank you once again for telling me the whole truth about yourself,i want you to know that love is always here to make our life full of smiles and happiness, i hope it bring the moment of joy,happiness,smiles once again in your life after the demise of your girlfriend Andriana.Concerning your age,to me it means nothing but only just a number,the most important thing here is love,respect and sincerity.I dont care about what you believe ,but as you have said,i will really appreciates it most if you will always respect my religion because it will never affects our relationship as husband and wife if so wish. I never feel this way before in my life, you seems so interesting and caring, i am so much happy and full of smiles that i met with someone matured like you. Since i saw your last mail, i cant sleep or concentrate on my work, because of you, i don't really know why, but i think i am beginning to fall in love with you, not because of much thing, but just because of your sincerity and honest towards our relationship, i wish us to build a nice and good relationship together that can lead us into marriage and make our life happier and brighter by the special grace of God. There are no words that I can speak, no song that I can sing, and no gesture that I can show, to prove the love i feel for you, for the love I have for you has no definition. How can I describe the sheer joy I feel with the very thought of you? How simply reading your messages, causes my heart to beat faster, my pulse to race and my smile to widen. How can just one person give me so much hope for a future I have always dreamed of? You have opened my heart and awakened my soul. You are my one and only true love. That is how I know that our love will be everlasting. I hope that this is the relationship we are looking for years now, that can bring happiness and smiles in our life,i will love to here from you always, my whatsapp number is +33 7 56 88 29 72, so that we can be more concentrate with each other and have a nice relationship together with love and happiness, thanks and take care. With Love
Letter 5
Baby, How are you doing today ? It is almost 4 or 5 days now without hearing from you my love,Is everything ok with you ?? I am very worried for not hearing from you my love.
It is very imoprtant that i hear from you to ease my tension ok.Pleases you can chat with me through whatsApp in this number +33 7 56 88 29 72. I love you Phil. Your baby
Letter 6
My love, Things could not be any better than having you in my life. You are my inspiration and my shoulder to cry on, you're the one who will stands by me through everything and most of all, you make me know that I am loved. There is no one that completes me the way that you do. You mean everything to me. Do not say goodbye because of an ordinary pictures,its just that i am having a kind of family problems.So my love not that i am seeing another person or busy with another person,NO my love ,dont have that kind of impression about me ok. There is nothing that I would not do for you and there is no one else I would want to share my life with. You are the reason I get up each morning and come to work, and you make me look at life with a new perspective. I have never met anyone as wonderful as you. I really miss you. There are so many things that I am grateful for I can't even count. I know you are going to be there for me through thick and rossy and I thank you for giving me that opportunity to get to know you and for always being there for me. You mean so much to me, it's so unbelievable that I have someone such as you. Even if I am down you are going to be there for me. Things have been so hectic that I could not have wanted anyone to be there for me but you. You have been the stability in my life and this is just a note to let you know that I love you. Baby, you are my sun, my moon, my whole universe. I love you for who you are and what you think of me when I am not with you. With the exceptions of my parents and you, there has never been anyone in my life whom I could have loved in my life the way i am falling for you.
There has never been a love that I could call love in the relationships I've had. There are so many things that I can thank you for but that will be impossible for me to do because there are so many .... Baby, I really think that this time it is for real. No one can replace you and if anything happens to you GOD forbides, I don't know what I will do without you. You are the one person that I love dearly. You are my life and everything revolves around you. You seem to hold my whole life in your hands. You always make the whole room light up when you enter it, and you just know how to be my star, but you're not my star ... you are my angel. ****, there's nothing in this world that I would not do for you if i am in the position.
Lastly the only thing i want you to know is that i love you and surely we are going to meet before the ending of this year if all my plans will work out. Sincerely yours
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