Scam letter(s) from Maria Kulyk to Pedro (Spain)

Letter 1
I am writings you this mail with my photos attach on it you gave me your email address from the dating site
I want you to check it and we continue from there let us chat more here and understand each other more
I want us to discuss more here and maybe can even visit spain send me your photos too
tell me more about you I want to know you more. I wait for your reply
Letter 2
Hello josep,
Thank you so much for the compliments about my photos
Yes I read your profile and I like your profile as well
I like your age too
Happy to know that you will try and communicate with me more here
I am a graduate of language studies
I work as an apartment agent Here in my city
I rent apartment for people, manage apartment and sell apartment as well
I love my Job because It gives me time to travel
I like music, walking, reading, visiting new places, swimming and I like to travel too
I like adventure and nature , climb mountain.
I speak English And small of french
I understand french very well
Please send me your photos
What are you doing today?
What kind of woman are you looking for here in the site??
Why a woman from Ukraine?
I wait for your reply
Letter 3
Goodmorning from Ukraine
Are you in my country now??.
Are you in Ukraine now??
I am also looking for a serious relationship and a honest man to love and also travel with as well
That is why am there in the dating site and I am new there as well
If you are serious about me, we can get along with each other
I am interested in knowing you more and here is my private mail.
I am not on facebook any longer because my ex boyfriend makes me remove my profile from the site
Please there is nothing wrong in you making me understand you more here if you really interested in me and you want us to get
Letter 4

I am very interested in you too and i am very serious person too
I am not here to play either and i am serious that is why am chatting with you here on my private mail.
I have a good feelings about you and i am happy to have you here with me.
Thank you so much for trusting me and making me understand that you like me.
I am happy to know that you are in kiev now and you are leaving on sunday and how i wish you tell me before coming to my country will be there with you now but this week and next week is very tight for me and i am very busy with work..
I like to travel as well and we can meet if you want us to meet each other there
I like your photos and you look great on your photos
How are you today and what are you doing now ??
I am just checking up on you and kiss
Letter 5
Good morning joseph,
I'm great and you?
Thank you so much for the compliments about my photos
I am very happy to have you here with me
I was home through out the weekend and I was indoors and I did not go anyway
What do you really want from the site?
What were you doing in kiev when you visited kiev ?
I believe more in us meeting and meeting will help us know each other more
I wait for your reply
Letter 6
Greetings from Ukraine,
How are you today and your day going through
Hope you are good today
I want to say thank you so much for your lovely photos
Now i understand you more and now we are here together and i am so happy to have you here with me
Your English is very good and i understand everything you have send me and i am very happy to have you here with me
we can plan about meeting each other and i am very serious and honest here as well
I have attach a photos here and thank you so much for your photos
I wait for your reply
kiss Saludos desde Ucrania,
?Como estas hoy y tu dia pasando por
Espero que estes bien hoy
Quiero decir muchas gracias por tus preciosas fotos
Ahora te entiendo mas y ahora estamos aqui juntos y estoy muy feliz de tenerte aqui conmigo
Tu ingles es muy bueno y entiendo todo lo que me enviaste y estoy muy contento de tenerte aqui conmigo
podemos planear conocernos y soy muy serio y honesto aqui tambien
He adjuntado unas fotos aqui y muchas gracias por tus fotos
Espero tu respuesta
Letter 7
Good morning from Ukraine,
Everything is fine and my family is good and you??
All is well and you??
Yes i have cat and i am happy to know that you have a cat too and the name of my cat is juicy, female cat too..
well about us meeting each other,
we need discuss the date you want us to meet each other and how many days or weeks you want us to meet each other when we meet each other in Barcelona..
from there i can send you my passport details for you to book me a flight ticket from there or i can book it here if you want me to book me here and you send me money if you want and all depend on you here
well if you want us to meet each other and have a great time for each other , you have to forget the Ukrainian woman since this is our first meeting and we do not need any guide.
Let us meet each other first and know each other more before any other thing..
we are adult here and we both can make it work and i respect that she is your friend but let us work on ourselves only for now..
I am not using WhatsApp but i am on mail here
I am active here and let us continue writing each other more here
I wait to read from you soon Buenos dias desde Ucrania,
Todo esta bien y mi familia es buena y tu?
Todo esta bien y tu ??
Si, tengo gato y estoy feliz de saber que tambien tienes un gato y el nombre de mi gato es jugoso, gato tambien.
bueno sobre nosotros encontrandonos,
necesitamos discutir la fecha en que desea que nos conozcamos y cuantos dias o semanas quiere que nos conozcamos cuando nos encontremos en Barcelona.
desde alli puedo enviarle los datos de mi pasaporte para que me reserve un boleto de avion o puedo reservarlo aqui si quiere que me reserve aqui y me envie dinero si lo desea y todos dependen de usted aqui
Bueno, si quieres que nos conozcamos y nos divirtamos mucho, debes olvidarte de la mujer ucraniana ya que es nuestra primera reunion y no necesitamos ninguna guia.
Vamos a conocernos primero y conocernos mas antes de cualquier otra cosa ..
Somos adultos aqui y ambos podemos hacerlo funcionar y respeto que ella sea tu amiga, pero dejanos trabajar solo por el momento.
No estoy usando WhatsApp pero estoy en el correo aqui
Estoy activo aqui y continuemos escribiendonos mas aqui
Espero leer de ti pronto
Letter 8
sorry for writing you late
when i saw your email that you need my passport to book me a hotel
I needed to look for where to scan my passport copy and send to you
I have never done this before but i am doing this because i trust you and i really want us to meet
I have never done this before since i was born
I have attach my natural photo here
please have told you before that i do not have a good phone
that is why i have to look for away to send you the passport
I wait for your reply to know what next
Hope you understand the last message i send you
I wait for your reply
Letter 9
Good morning,
I am happy to know that you like my face a lot and you like my face the most
You like my smile and my eyes
I really appreciate
I just came back from the travel agent now in my city , i have attach a document here
It is written in English and i want you to read it also and understand me very well
I went there to confirm the flight ticket you book for me and i have confirm it and i have print it out and according to the law here by state immigration, they do not accept hotel booking but i can only get an immigration document here in my city.
Before i get the document , i need to prove that i can take care of myself when am there with you.
I need to prove that i can take care of myself per day by having 100usd per day or 00euro per day. I will stay with you for 5days from 31st October till 4th November which is 5days
I need to have atleast 500euro with me and i will also show at the airport as well
I need to start processing the immigration document tomorrow and it takes 7days to have the document and i will send you the sample of document if you want and i can get it from my friend and send you.
this money is your money and i will give it to you immediately when we meet each other at the airport
I will send you my photos in my next mail Please read the document very well and let me let me know I wait for your reply I can not wait to meet you soon kiss
Letter 10
Okay thank you for everything and I really appreciate
What are you doing now?
Hope you are good down there
Thinking about you and our meetings here
Letter 11
Until last February, I worked in another city in Spain. For that reason, my apartment was empty for long time and I decided to rent it.
In February I lost that job and went back to my city. I have a job, better or similar than the previous one. That's not the problem.
The problem is that I have rented my apartment and I cannot recover it until, I think, October. Meanwhile, I am living in my mother's house.
It is a small house, my mother and my sister live in it, and the rest of my family is constantly coming (We are a very close family). I do not think it's possible to invite you now, at least until I have my flat. Believe me, I'm looking forward to it. In theory it was supposed that I recover it in July, so accept the deal, but the thing has lengthened. At this time can I travel to Ukraine. My holidays are over and there is no party nearby. It's a shame we have not seen each other last week in Kiev. Therefore, I have to ask you for patience. For now, we must maintain the relationship at a distance. Do not worry, let's take the next step, but we must wait a bit. Meanwhile, we must keep the fire. Sorry for the inconveniences. I feel that I will see you soon :) Kiss!
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