Scam letter(s) from Veronica Alexandrova to Jerry (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Jerry
Writes to you Veronika
I am very glad to receive your letter.
It is very interesting from me to read your letters and I like to read your answers. I think that in order to know the person, it is necessary to know about his interests. All people have different interests.
I want to write you about some my interests.
I do not remember if I spoke you that I am very inquisitive person.!?!
If no that I speak it now.
I like reading very much.
Many speak, that it is boring, but I like to spend time behind reading of books. My preference is literature of Russian poets L. Tolstoy, A. Pushkin, N. Gogol and many the Russian classical poets. Did you hear about these poets? From foreign poets I read S. King only, I read the book " the Dark Tower ". It is very interesting book in my opinion. The main hero - Roland, he is a purposeful person. This quality is pleasant for me in people very much .
Well, did you hear about this book?
From Russian music I like to listen - ALSU, PUGACHEVA, BASKOV, VALERIA, Zemphira and many others also.
From foreign music I love SKORPIONS, U2, MADONNA, and many others.
Sometimes I prefer very quiet music. I love music which weakens the person. I want to tell you, that my favourite color is green. It is quiet color for me also. My preference is quiet conditions, quiet people.
My friend, I like to dance very much. I am sure, that you love it and sometime, probable in the future, we will be able to dance together, really?
From sports I like to ski to skate, in the winter. It is so useful for health to be on fresh air. You agree with me?
Getting acquaintance through Internet is unusual and I decided to try it.And I think that it is not wasting time.
I live in the small town Kanash. This town is so small that you even could not find it on the map. It is not far from more big city Ulyanovsk. I live in this city not very long and I don't have many friends here.
(And may be this is the reason why I am trying to find somebody from the Internet.) So I want to tell you about the city in which I was born (by the way my birthday is on the 15th of August).
I think, that for each person city in which he was born is the most beautiful. And I also love my city very much. It is city in which I was born and has grown up. The name of my city is 'ULYANOVSK'.
If you know Russian history, it is the city where the leader of communism LENIN was born. Our city have named in honour LENIN.
ULYANOVSK stands at very big river VOLGA.
It is very big river. In some places the width is 35-45 km.
When I am sad or I want to stay in loneliness I spend a lot of time at the river. It is very beautiful to look at the big waves. Water very much to calm the person. I like to sit under the sun and to admire beauty of a nature.
I am sure that you like city in which you live too .
It is very interesting for me to hear the story about your city.
In what part of the city do you like to spend time.???
I have request to you Jerry .
I ask you to give the detailed description of your character.
I want to know your opinion on you.
It is very difficult to write it about itself.
But it is very interesting for me how you describe yourself.
(very detailed: your qualities, feelings, the purposes, the attitude to home life)
Dear Jerry .
I don't know to what our correspondence will lead. May be you or I will even have a desire to meet. And I'd like to speak about it now, in advance.
I think that it is not good idea to meet with unknown men after several letters.
It is a big risk for me and for you too. In order to trust each other we first of all must know each other and only after it we can plan our meeting. Besides, if even our relations will come to the situation when we want to meet, it can occur only a bit later.
Because I have a job and I can't take a vocation immediatly.
During our correspondence we can know each other better (through letters). And I am sure that in this case when we will meet (probably) we have sincere senses to each other.
I don't know what do you think about it and I'd like to know your opinion.
Do you agree with me?
With the most good wishes and Russian greetings to you.
Letter 2

Hi my Jerry.
I am very glad to receive your warm words. It is very pleasant to receive news from the loved person. I wait for each your letter with impatience. Many thanks, that you have answered all my questions.
I have transferred the information about you and me in travel agency. Larisa has told me, that the most suitable trip for visiting you in your country to me costs 1090 USD.
That you wrote. Larissa has told, that it is very expensive. It(she) has opportunity to make it for us on much cheaper.
If the travel agency organizes round. It is engaged
Registration VIZA and `bh` tickets and registration international Passports. This information Larissa has given me:
Start: March, 31, 2005
Return start: April, 14, 2005
Passengers: 1 adult
Airline: CONTINENTAL $ 849
+ Registration VIZA and the international passport (150 $)
For this purpose it will be necessary for me to go up to Moscow
As a minimum two times (90 $)
Jerry it is really big money for both of us. But I think, that our desire to meet each other is much more. Our meeting is very serious decision for both of us as. I think about it much, I ask myself much.
Life gives us chance once in life, and I think, that it is necessary to use this chance. I have come to a conclusion, that: I am ready to spend all savings, all that saved from my small salary. I am ready to spend all this to meet the person with whom I have got acquainted on Internet, with the person I sincerely love, with the person who after short time of our acquaintance became very much close to me.
I spoke you, that my brother will give me some money for an our meeting. Today I and my mum talked to my brother about money.
His answer was: Veronika, I can give you 300 USD.
+ I have some personal accumulation it is 200 USD.
It is very uncomfortable for me to speak you but for full cost to pay my visit to you I need else 590 USD.
I have to ask you: will you help me with the missing sum of money for our meeting?
I understand, that it as risk for you. You know the girl from Russia by name Veronika very little. I want to ask you: do you trust me???. I think, that it is the first real check of our trust to each other. As I spoke you, that the most important thing in relations between two people for me is a trust on 100 % to each other. When people have trust then they have real love to each other during all life. I am sure that you as well as I want our meeting and will make for this purpose all necessary.
In the following letter I wait your answer to my question about the help to me with 590 USD.
If you are ready to pay for my trip I could advise you a way how you can do it (Anna knows how to do it more convenient). I think that in the nearest time I will have to all the money for trip. I am waiting your answer and I don't want to waste time any more. Preparing documents will take about a month, but this process will start only after I pay for all. So now I can't tell you exact date of my coming to you.
I hope that soon we will have chance to meet.
With great love.
Letter 3

Hello Jerry .
My name is Anna. I am a girl-friend of Veronika. She said that you want to send her some money. I think it will be better to make it with help of e-gold and I thought that I could help you, because I already used it. It is simply and it can take just 1-4 days to transfer money.
1. So, first of all you must go to the
- Click "Create An Account".
- Click I agree.
- Then you must fill the form.
I think that it is not very difficult, because there are even several examples for some fields.
Fill all fields, don't be lazy :-)
Remember or write down Passphrases.
- After you filled all fields, click "Open".
- You will receive e-mail message to the e-mail address you pointed in the form. There will be account number in this e-mail.
So all you need to manage your e-gold account is:
A. e-gold number
B. passphrase (not "alternate passphrase", but simply passphrase) Congratulations, now you have your own e-gold account.
2. But now you need money. Your e-gold account is empty.
How to put some money into e-gold account? It is very simply too.
For example I want to have $100 in my e-gold account.
Go to
At the left panel of this site you will see Exchange.
- Choose Bank Wire -> E-gold
- Enter in the field "You get" $100.00
- In the field "You pay" you will see how much you must pay(your real money) in order to get $100 (in e-gold money).
So you must pay $105.
- Point "E-currency account". It is the number of your e-gold account.
- Point your e-mail address.
- Click "Order"
After this you will receive e-mail message where you will be able to see information about bank account. So all you need now is to transfer $105 from your bank account to the bank account pointed in the e-mail from ProfitRating.
- After you make bank transfer, mail about it to ProfitRating (Contact)
- They will transfer $100 to your e-gold account in nearly 4 days.
They will tell you about it by e-mail.
(You can also send them money by Western Union. This procedure is similar. Choose Western Union -> E-gold and so on).
3. Ok. Now you can go to
- Click "Access Your Account"
- Fill the form
- You will see that you have money in your account and now you can send this money to anybody. All you need is a e-gold number of the person for whom you want to transfer money.
We with Veronika already made an account for her.
That is all.
I hope that I helped you. It is really very easy and convenient.
Good luck.
Letter 4

Greeting my lovely dear Jerry.
I miss you and your mail.
I for a long time did not write to you. But I so would like to make it. Because I love you and I miss you and your mail.
I thought, that can not be so, that it is possible to have warm feelings to the person whom to time saw. You can think, that to me is lonely.
Yes I shall agree with you, is empty on soul, I feel emptiness on soul and a pain in heart. Heart beats very much frequently when I read your letters. A pain in heart which accrues every day.
The love which has arisen from is no place. My dear Jerry. I see your beautiful letters, and on soul of mine becomes warm.
I re-read lines on many times and it pleases me. I am happy, that which person I not to time did not see, cares of me.
I dream of beautiful, colourful, bright life which I could lead near to you. I am absolutely sure in your sincerity in your clean plans in your love to me. As our dreams and ideas completely coincide. You see I as well as you too dream of our beautiful wedding.
About our wedding travel. About beautiful children.
About this lovely way which to us should be passed together. Today at night. I dreamt. I saw the person who compressed my hand. We were in church. I saw as we dressed each other wedding rings.
I felt our love and that as you were close to me. I have woken up in the morning and to me became strongly sad and lonely, when I have understood that it was dream. But I know, that dreams come true. In them it is necessary to trust and want that it has come true.
I want to ask you. You can tell to me, that I dreams you Jerry On work at me all goes it is possible to tell normally.
I see, how the care of doctors has fruitfully an effect on health of children. Him it becomes easier, they recover.
Our working personnel sees it and is pleased to this. Let our work always heavy demands many forces and energy.
But doctors we know, that our work sacred. We help children.
Poorly that the Russian state does not appreciate our work. It tests us for a survival. To work it is necessary in heavy conditions with the long diagram and constantly is longer than it is necessary.
Then we receive from 60 up to 100 $ per one month.
Having recollected about money I have recollected that you are going to help me. To me I admit it is a shame to take your money, but you are fair in the letters. I see about what you think dream. I see, how our dreams and desires coincide. I ask the god that our correspondence has not stopped. I ask the god that our future has come true. I see you present the man which I love.
eticet I have understood, that it is good system.
I am happy that I have time to write you. When I write you a letter I feel like I am near you and tell you my thoughts. But today I am not in such good mood like in the previous letter. I want to explain you why, but I don't know how to start. You know that I attend English classes and that I paid only first half of the sum for it. I planned to pay for the second half after my trip to you.
But yesterday we were asked to pay for the classes whole sum. I don't know exactly why do they do it, but it seems that they have some financial problems. They plan to move to the new office and I think that it is a reason.
So, today I was compelled to pay 200 $ for it. These money were for my trip to you, but I couldn't refuse to pay for English classes. And now I am in impasse. I don't know where to find money. My parents can't borrow me such money and as for my brother he can give me money only after one month.
So the only man who can help me is you Jerry. And I want to ask you to send me 200 $ else. Excuse me, but it is not my fault. I didn't expect that I must pay for my English classes now.
Now I am waiting for you decision. Can you understand, forgive me and send me needed money? Or I will wait for two months when my brother will be able to give it to me.
I have understood system etiket. It is good system. I to it shall use.
At me huge desire to write to you and to increase volume of our correspondence.
I wait for your letters and pictures.
My infinite kisses to you
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