Scam Letter(s) from Clara Lumide to Chris (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Thanks for the message, sorry for my late reply This is my first time on the site. My name is Clara, it would be nice to meet you.,Patient is good but can be frustrating when waiting for long for your prince charming, am looking for a God devoted man of honor and integrity that will forever me by soulmate. I am a easy, loving and adorable woman. i am a hair stylist / make up artist. my work sometimes involves traveling for beauty pageant shows. I decided to come online to get my soulmate. I believe so much in writing and sharing thoughts through letters and mails because of the emotionally feelings involved and critical thinking. I don't want to have a broken hearts anymore, my hearts beat to meet that special man...I just hope you are for real?

Letter 2

i understand you so well.I am also scared of scammers too. i will write you later because i am at a beauty pageant. I hope i told you about my Job as a make up artist and a stylist. my Job involves traveling for beauty pageant shows.

Letter 3

Sincerely I am so honest. In every relationship first thing that can hold it tight is Trust. We need to trust ourselves. When I am less busy I will still write more about me so we can get to know each other better. I have the trust in you and I am ready to share my life with a honest person.

Letter 4

Hello dear, how are you doing? How come you never bothered to reply me

Letter 5

hello Dear, how are you today? let me just tell you about myself I am secured and happy with myself, but...Life is meant for two!!: I enjoy travelling, camping by a lake, gardening, home decorating, Comedy Clubs & Dinner Theater, music and celebrating special occasions. , I have a great sense of humor.
I was born in Switzerland, although my mom is from UK, I have moved to London last year after the Death of my mom. I'm a hairstylist because I love making people beautiful. ...

I do not know if it would be possible if we can meet to have good sex in several position, I love doggystyle. i am basically free for now so I would like to come to you to spend a weekend with you, so we can have fun and make each other happy.i am Single and never married.
Can you tell me about the area you stay? And if next week would be good to meet you?

I would love if you tell me more about you:and what you like you like in a woman
Do you live in an apartment or your house?
Where are the best places you have been?
Would you like to travel? I will expect your quick kind response in optimistic to meet you soon.

Letter 6

Thanks for your email,you seems to be an interesting man. i like it when a man is serious about what he wants from a woman.

i do wish to meet you, we both know the reason we joined the site ,i am hoping to meet a wonderful man full of fun and to spend a good time together , i need someone who can give me pleasure and adventure, honest and open minded man who can take good care of me sexually,i hope you are just like that?.

You are the first member who contacted me that talk so sweet and i really want to have my fun with you, finding pleasure together and make you enjoy sex like never before. traveling all the way to you meeting in a nice hotel or private apartment. sucking and cathing great fun, I want to wake up from you kissing and licking my entire body, taking care of each part of me, letting me feel your wet lips for all my body, making me horny till you make a slow penetration in my hole.

would you prefer us to stay in an hotel?,I hope you know that you are going to take care of my transport money? send me the nearest airport to you so i can check the cost of my flight from Nigeria to you,i am waiting to read from you soon.

Letter 7

Thanks for your message Dear, I hope you slept well. ok Shiphol i think i know the airport in municipal of Haarlemmermeer, North Holland .
i really feel good about meeting you..I would be most pleased if it turns out to be good. We have found what we are both looking for.
I just check the cost of my flight from Nigeria to Amsterdam Shipol, it goes around 350 to 450 euros depending on airline.
I hope you know that you would be responsible for my flight money to come to you then we can talk about what we want from each other but we are going to have good sex during my stay.
i think it would be better to decide on the date you want me to come so i can plan myself. Let me know when you will be sending the flight money so i can send you my full information for you to get it across through Western Union money transfer so i can book my flight and send you my flight schedule and details so you can prepare for my arrival.
hope to read from you.
Hugs and Kisses.
your queen Clara



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