Scam letter(s) from Melissa John to Gylan (Slovenia)

Letter 1
I am a purposeful girl strong in spirit and courageous of course in my heart i am a romantic like all girls i want to caress and warmth i am humble and in the company of those i do not know i will be quiet but with people i know i will be fun and open i open slowly like a peony but if you open me you get all the flavor and all the grace from me i am honest i promise to tell the truth because i do not like conflicts negative emotions i am sure you are ready for our open and honest conversations i am an idealist all the things that i have always begun to finish up to why would not it cost me i have a conscience and a sense of duty responsibility i always confirm all my words with action...... I am looking for a man tuned to family for me passion and physical attraction to each other are important. kind. honest. i loves to read books. romantic. i love to be traveling to be enjoy dancing. i like to spend time actively. i want to tell you all my desires and hobbies personally.....If you can have me your email to add you to chat more this is a picture of me and you can email me or add me here to talk more to be know ....thank you ...
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Name: Elizabeth Andersson
Age: 25
Name: Abigail Morgan
Age: 32
Name: Sophia James
Age: 32
Name: Elena Yametova
Age: 27
Name: Nina Zharcova
Age: 30
Name: Diana
Age: 41
Name: Betty Trent
Age: 23
Name: Julietta
Age: 29
Name: Antonina
Age: 22
Name: Dorice Pillar
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina Bylkova
Age: 29
Name: Irina
Age: 26
Name: Natalia
Age: 25
Name: Tina Fred
Age: 24
Name: Mallory Braedom
Age: 29