Scam Letter(s) from Naomi Koffi to Phil (England)

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Letter 1

That's Awesome ..Well my name is Koffi Naomi.....I am Hispanic mixed with Black..I'm 29 years old..I live in Anderson, NC....I work for myself as a private supplier from home....I supply hospital tools but right now am currently in West Africa,Nigeria based on a contract to supply all hospital in Nigeria necessary tools needed...I hope my current location wont be off a problem to you ?

Letter 2

Alright have you ever been to Nigeria or talk to any LADY online before that is in Nigeria before please i would love you to tell me the truth and i promise you to tell you truth to any question you will ask me?

Letter 3

Well I was raised from a comfortable family but very discipline as well,my parents were blessed with 2 kids , a boys and a girl , I am the oldest of all I lost my brother 5 years to a car accident , and also early last year I lost my Parents to stroke , now I am down with only myself and my dog .. I live alone with my 1year old dog which i named after after my favorite wine called Oregon Pinot Gris so funny some will say i am crazy about wine don't get this wrong though,i'm not a drunkard i only drink socially



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