Scam Letter(s) from Samantha Logan to Phil (England)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear,
Thanks a lot for taking your time to write me again I am excited reading your mail, it seems you will be a good and honest person to be friends with. It is my pleasure having you as my friend here,
I want to say that my heart is full of joy and happiness for knowing you and i like us to keep this closeness and hope this will bring us to a best.
I want to be talking to you and to know you more, because we can meet when i come to your country, and I will need your help over there in your country . Lets be good friends and be honest in God fearing and trust. I am relocating to your soon as possible
i have been doing some research about your country i am glad your country had a large population and land space cause i am looking forward to do a good business investment, like farming and buying houses for business. What can I say! Okay let me tell you a little about myself and with time we will know more about each other.
I was born and raised up in Bronx, New York, USA, into a family of three, i am 41, single mother. I attended my high school in New York City. After then I proceeded to Californian for my University and graduated as a Medical Practitioner. Presently I work with Honolulu hospital ships Hawaii,
Serving God is my top priority in life because i believe that nothing ever exists without the permission of God, this makes me to believe in the joy of friendship' one thing that has given me the opportunity of meeting people, my job is very challenging, at the moment, i am always at the sea from coast to coast.
So how are you coping with life? tell me about your country again? l have had so many opportunity to be outside the united states, I hope my knowing you will make an avenue for me to be strong when i come to your country by God's grace. This is just a little about myself

I will be looking forward to hear from you my good Friend, infarct I would have love to communicate with you through whatsapp but on the sea here whatsapp is not really working fine, but i will try to activate it sooner so i can give you the whatssapp number.

Letter 2

Hello Dear,
I have lived for almost 4 years, responsible for nobody and dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself and my job, During this period of my life, I considered loving someone as nothing just because of the hurt and pains that come along with love. Then, you came into the picture, and all of a sudden, I realized that I was deceiving myself for been on my own alone.
I find that my life is not all that I thought it was. In fact, it is terribly lacking in many things, the foremost being loved. Now, through some great fortune, I have found that love and along with it, the one person who can make my life truly complete as my life partner . To be honest with you I never thought I would ever utter those three words(I love You) to any man again, but now, they come forth effortlessly and with great sincerity i will say it to you if you promise not to disappoint me or hurt me in anyway. I'll be forever grateful to you if you can show me honesty and trustworthy is this partnership i am about to start with you when i come to your country. At last, I have a chance to give it depth and purpose but i am believing that you are a good person, i do follow my heart, cause my heart never fail me. please i am waiting to read your letter again i have very important news i will write you when i get your letter soon. i am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Letter 3

Hello my Dearest John,
i am sorry i could not reply so early please try to understand the nature of my job i am so busy, i do not even have much time of my own,that why i need to come to to you darling all i do here is work work work, Now I want you to help me and receive my trunk box because I may not be able to come with it. I want to register it in your name so you can keep its safe, i am arranging myself so i can come there in few weeks from now, and i am gonna use a shipping company to send it to your address so that the shipping company agent will contact you for clearance and delivery when they arrive in your country .....and it will be deliver to your house address.

I wanted to tell you something, actually I have so much computer software's with phone applications devices and software's worth about $976,000.00 (Nine hundred and seventy six thousand US dollars) for life investment, it packed as a factory packaged no one knows and some other gold jewelries as well and there are other valuable items i bought for you personal gift for you darling to make you happy and to cement our relationship, they are all in that trunk box.
So please please this trunk box is very very important to us cause it contains so much valuable treasures, I want to move it out from Hawaii,
Now that you are very close to me as my life partner, the only one i can trust and to share this secret with, I know its hard to have a genuine person but in this business i need to trust someone and that someone is you, that why i am letting you know before its arrives to your country please do not disappoint me.
I want to move this Trunk box by shipping courier service to your Country so that you can save and keep the trunk box for my investment in future and buying of houses in your country,i was planing to relocate to your country after my assignment here until I meet you
I want to use cargo shipping company services to send it to your country and I am going to need your help because I can not take it when entering the airport in your country.
All I need from you to be honest and God trust and allow me to register the trunk box in your name and address as a valuable goods and beneficiary to keep it safe. Its was packed in a factory package, with cell phones devices computer devices as well. I want to move it out from here

I am soliciting on you to keep it safe on my behalf till i come over to your country, It's clear to me that you might be scared of this proposal, but i want to let you know that i have made solid arrangements with a Security Cargo Company that specialize on diplomatic delivery and they have promised to deliver the trunk box through diplomatic method to any of my choosing destination
This delivery is going to be handle legally by the Security Cargo Company and there will be no form of risk in the process and the box is sealed and pack safely as a diplomatic cargo and it will be deliver to you in your country by a Diplomat Agent . I have decide to compensate you with 30% of the total income once after the box is delivered to you, while the rest balance shall be my investment capital in your country.

There is no problem in receiving the Trunk box, the cargo agent will contact you when they arrive in your country, and they will delivered it to your house address for you to keep it for me in a safe place
I am a good woman, and i want to meet a good person in your country Meanwhile consider that you help me and i help you too
I am bringing a good and a changing life between you and me, first, I offer you 30%, and you will help me in many things when i come to your country soon.
One more thing there is an envelope inside the box i put some cash (money) in the envelope, i will use it when i come over to your country, please keep it safer for me.
This is my whatsapp..............................+1 712 248 2319

This is the information that the shipping company service asked me to provide to register the trunk box for the shipment and receiver. send me these information below.
Address, Country.....................

Letter 4

Hello my dear John, i am glad to hear from you again, its seems to me that you are a good man, you know i have trust issue in trusting people, but by the time you started written me, i feel something special that i can trust you, well i will be happy to meet you when i come to Brazil, then if there anything you want to tell me then you can tell it to my face when i am there with you cause i am still single, and i need love, if you prove to me that you will love me for whom i am then i will be happier woman,i want tell you i am not coming to you only for business i need a life time partner as well. you have to prove me that you are not online just to see naked woman pictures prove me that you need me for real okay, well i am gonna make you one photo but please i want you to know i am not good in shearing my naked photos. please try and have understanding with me i do not like to shear my naked pictures

Letter 5

Hello darling, As soon as i received your Email with the needed information I quickly called the shipping company and one of the agent rushed down here and picked the parcel, its has been cargo since few hours ago ,i been busy at work, Anyway here is the information to receive the box..the shipping courier service company name Ascope Air Cargo Service...They promise to deliver to you in the next 2 working days, I will be done here soon, i am coming to you in next 13 days, i have paid the charges for the shipment of the parcel to you, when its arrive over there in your country, you have to welcome the agent for custom clearance, there is an envelope inside the luggage i have put some money that i can use when i come over to your country, no one knows money is in the sealed envelope inside, not even the agent, only you cause you have to keep it safer we gonna use it first when i come, I like buying a new car to use at first when i arrive,I hope you are preparing for me darling.

Letter 6

Darling how are you doing today? please darling i do not like what you have made me to do, in my whole life i have not shear my naked photos online, i just did this cause i need you in my life cause you seems to be a good man to me, please darling i really want to have strong relationship with you, i am coming soon darling just prepare for me okay below are the photos you required from me and please do not ask me for more until i come over okay. kisses

Letter 7

Hello, darling i am here to check if you got any information about the box, i am worried, okay good that you are at home today please make sure you receive the box for me i will be there soon, darling i will keep checking my email always so you will inform me whenever you receive the box, and i am thinking of you darling......kisses
yours Samantha

Letter 8

Hello darling i have been worried cause i did not hear any news from you concerning my parcel, please you really need to be alert so the agent can reach you on the contact phone that you have provided, even they have complained on the email i received from them that they could not reach you the receiver, you not eve on whatsapp either. please to avoid the misplace of my box kindly check the contact you have provided to me even your whatsapp please darling. i need to get back to work now........i am waiting for your respond darling..kisses
yours Samantha.

Letter 9

Hello darling, i am eagerly waiting for your reply well i am happy now cause i read from you, yes darling you are right i have to mail them back so they can contact you through the Email.
i did not provide them with your email earlier, was hoping the phone number you gave me was enough for them to reach you, but now i will have to forward it to them i hope the agent will contact you through mailing thanks
yours Samantha.

Letter 10

Estou escrevendo para voce da Ascope Air Cargo Services
Em relacao ao seu pacote de Samantha Logan, tenho o prazer de informar que seu pacote chegou em Sao Paulo
e ha um imposto do Governo (R $ 1650) que voce e obrigado a pagar para permitir que a liberacao da sua caixa seja efetuada e entregue no seu endereco ........ Sitio Amando Cunha, Estrada Amando Cunha, Peruibe Brasil.
Por favor, veja o numero da conta abaixo, depois de fazer o pagamento gentilmente encaminhar a copia do seu comprovante de pagamento para a entrega bem-sucedida.

CONTA: 72822-6
CPF: 190755048-22

James Deen.

I am writing to you from Ascope Air Cargo Services
In relation to its Samantha Logan package, I am pleased to inform you that your package arrived in Sao Paulo
and there is a duty of the Government (US $ 1650) you are required to pay to allow the release of its box to be made and delivered to your address ........ site Loving Cunha Road Amando Cunha, Brazil Peruibe .
Please see the account number after making payment kindly forward a copy of your proof of payment to the successful delivery.
AGENCY: 0194
ACCOUNT: 72822-6
CPF: 190755048-22

best regards
James Deen.

Letter 11

Hello darling, how are you doing? i am not happy you called me bitch why?..i was waiting for you to give me the news if you have gotten the parcel i sent to Brazil, why did you have to abuse me cause of photos? i told you i do not like shearing my naked photos online, but to be honest with you i am for real never you call me a bitch again cause i am not one, please just tell me if you got any information about the box it very important to us.

Letter 12

Darling i am not even happy cause you called me a bitch, i was thinking of giving up on you already, i been busy at work, you know that i am putting in all my best at work for these remaining days before traveling to Brazil, i was thinking, you no longer interest in me cause you saying i am trying to fraud you, why? i am okay with the income i earn, i am not a greedy person to to fraud you, i work for my money darling, but you trying to show me that you are ungrateful after all i have sacrifice to send so you can keep it under your care and put it in the safer place until i come over, i might write to the courier service company for returning my box, until i am through here,i feel disappointed by you,.........Well if you no longer interested in me please tell me let me not lost my box cause i don,t know what going on in your country Brazil. you will have to know better than me cause you live there, please reply me and tell me what to do.

Letter 13

Hello darling, i am really happy that i have a man like you, who wants me. i am also happy cause i found you and you are ready to be in a relationship with me,its really hard to find a genuine man nowadays, i do not want to give any man attention anymore, cause of the heart broken and the past experience,but here you come and i have accepted you in good faith to try a new relationship with you, i do not care about your age what i need now is love and care, and i feel you may be the right man for me, but look at what you are doing now just because of naked pictures, you want to throw away the natural love that is from God, i believed in you, despite i have not seen you yet but i so much have the confidence that you are my future man.and i will make sure i love you with all my heart , please darling like what i have told you earlier, i do not want to shear my naked pictures online, you gonna play with with me as much as you want when i come over to Brazil, but online NO you have to understand that.
One more thing please darling, the thing i have just sent to you i mean the box its really really important, if only you knew the sacrifice i have made in putting all the valuable items in that box hoping that we gonna start from there, for any business that will suite your area cause i am moving for good to you.i am happy that i found you to be my future husband, finally i will bear your name.......please darling according to the shipping company, the more days the box is with them the more demurrage it becomes, so darling try and contact the agent and know how you gonna get the box to your house, i am coming soon darling........million kisses to you darling.

Yours Samantha.

Letter 14

Hello, i am not happy at this moment cause you are taking my kindness for granted which i do not like, i am only contacting you hoping you are a serious man that i can rely on cause i needed a dependable partner in my life, when i fund you i was happy that my coming to Brazil will be very safe with you, not knowing that you are not a serous someone. cause you are joking alot, And i am not in for that, i personally told you everything that i wanted to do when i come to Brazil, but you did not value it neither me..............well i am thinking of contacting the shipping company by tomorrow about my box if there will be a solution about safe keeping my box.
they did not even know the content of the box, only you cause i trusted you and you are taking my trust for granted. i am glad soonest our ship will sail on the port of Honolulu, Hawaii then i will have to get my ticket to Brazil.

Letter 15

Darling please can you stop talking about Naked pictures for now until i come to Brazil?
I am a God fearing woman you persuaded me to send you naked pictures and i did not like shearing my naked pictures on the internet i did what i have to do just to make you happy i know its was wrong, but please can you stop talking about it for now? we gonna be in the same room the same bed when i come to Brazil i see no reasons why you are so much interested in seeing my nakedness on the internet, please for God sake let us be serious and talk something serious about our future okay, as you can see i am a very hard working woman i do not depend on any man thats why i am working so hard to make sure i have a good business of my own so when i resign from my work i will have something to live on in the future.this is the reason i wanted to come over to Brazil, i was so happy when i meet you.
just be patient with me darling you will have to make love to me as much as you want when i come over to Brazil. i am worried so much about my box i do not want those agent to open that box over there before you can get it from them, that box is really important to me than any other thing darling.

Letter 16

Fuck you, to hell with your money and iPhone, i told you do not ask me anything about naked picture and you still do the same fuck you. you are not a good man, i thought i have found a lifetime partner, thats make me thinking you are on the internet asking ladies for their naked pictures, so this is what you do? how many women have you asked to send you their naked pictures?

Letter 17

You have this already then what else are you looking for my naked pictures and underwear? and i say No enough of this nonsense.



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