Scam letter(s) from Christine Cole to Phil (England)

Letter 1
I have gone through your profile and it raised my curiosity ... I would like to know more about you,i will like you to go through my profile too, you can contact me on am Hope to read from you soon
Letter 2
Hello dear how are you doing?. I just got your mail i don't spend much time on the Internet
Letter 3
Hello dear
I am so sorry to hear that. I came online looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, a friend of mine found her husband online so I am hoping it might work for me tell me what do you do for a living?. I am into arts and sculpture am 34 years old will be 35 by November old are you if you don't mind
Letter 4

Hello john
I will be honest with you when i came online looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with i was not expecting anything serious from any young man i believe that older men are more mature and they actually know how to care for a woman and love them so to me age does not matter when it comes to love i can't let age determine how i feel about someone.
Well john i don't think you are wasting your time and why do you think you are wasting your time have you tried online dating and what was your experience?
Letter 5
I too also fell in the hands of fraud he was sweet and kind in the beginning and then before i knew it he was asking for I-tunes card he explained to me what it was i almost sent it i had to squeeze out from the little i had to send to him but then my friend stopped me and i blocked him, am not against sending money for someone you love but you have to build trust and love before i do that and i don't like being lied to i would like you to be honest with me are you really ready to have a younger woman in your life, if you are where are you from, what was your previous job because i guess you are retired now (more alone time for us lol) and what do you expect from the woman you wish to spend your life with.
Letter 6
That is so bad the net is filled with fraud these days i just pray it works for me because i can't stand fraud i hate it, i believe in being real and open to someone if he or she decides that you are loyal and faithful and decides to send you anything it is of your kind gesture and being truthful.I want someone that will love me not for how i look because a lot of guys just want to take advantage of me because of my looks, and that makes it hard to see someone that will love you for who you are and not for how you look, if we are going to give us a chance am ready but it also depends on what you want because i don't want it to be one sided i know love still exists we just have to believe and dare our self to risk everything for love before we can find truelove.
Here are my pictures and am a really shy person lol i forgot to add that
Letter 7
I am so sorry about that i don't know what is wrong are you done with dinner?
Letter 8
Hello dear have you seen them i don't know why it could not send at first i love the pictures you sent you look handsome
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