Scam letter(s) from Trisha Maui to Randy (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Randy, I am doing good this morning and i hope ou are doing the same, how has your job been going for you, hope you are having a fun filled time there. I got your mail about your free time and the likely days that you might expect Jenny in the State to come meet you. I ve talked to Jenny i ve asked her over and over again if she really wants you, she had assured me on and on that she wants you and feel that she has a secured future with you. Anyway i want to believe that she knows what is best for her. In as much as she is happy with whatever she is doing am also happy for her too, and would always give her my support. There are some few points that i would want us to get cleared here. One is that is there any way that you would be able to pay me back some part of the ticket money as soon as Jenny get to you? Maybe say after some few that she might have been with you. The truth of the matter is just that i had to borrow the largest part of this money so that she would be happy cos i know that this is what she wants and as a diligent mother i had to do everything within my capacity to support her alway. I borrowed $800 with my own personal $400 to make the $1200 i paid the travel agent. So is it possible for you and Jenny to be able to pay back when she gets to you cos its gonna be pretty difficult for me to pay back this whole lot of money alone. Another option is for her to get a job when she gets to you so that the two of ou can both work on how you help pay back this money. Another thing i intend discussing with you is that the travel agent told me that she would also have to carry some amount of money known as Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) with her when she is travelling. I tried to tell them i dont have this money but i was made to understand that its the ethic that she carries that money with her. i was told that itsa not a must that she has to spend it on her trip but she must have to carry the money as security, incase of any emergency kor she needs to get anything done. So m hands are quite tight here. They proposed a minimum of $500. So what do you think we gon do about this. Since she doesnt have to spend the money is there any way ou could raise it and then pay it back to the lender immediately she gets to you? My hands are quite tight now. it was such a **** raising that $800 for the ticket. The travel agent would also want to know which international airport is closest to you where you would want her to land on arrival. I will suggest you mail the travel agent and discuss the matter of the international Airport with him and the Basic travelling allowance money. This is the email id of the agency, ask for the attention of Mr. Adeniran Adeoye. Explain to him that you are the one that gave me the initial $1200 for the ticket that i paid yesterday and that you would want to know how to get the BTA money to them so that Jenny could take it with her when she is coming during the weekend, sunday as i proposed to them. Tell the agency that Mrs. Debby Baker paid the money on your behalf yesterday. The would tell you how to do the BTA money and you also tell them which international airport is closest to you. Jenny is on her bed right now, she is sleeping. I will ask her if she has mailed you already, if she hasnt then i will make her do that as soon as she wakes up. Have a nice day today and remember to mail me whatever is the outcome of your mail to the travel agency so that i will know what to discuss with them when i get there. Thank you very much and have a stress free working day. Mrs. Debby Baker.
Letter 2

Dear Mr. Randy, We sincerely apologise for replying you late, actually it was due to system break down which was highly regretted. Ealier before now Mrs. Debby Baker paid $1200 on your behalf for a ticket for her daughter whom we were told is coming over to you in the State. we hope this is correct. All that remains now is just the BTA money which is what you have just written about. Its okay, we can get her the correct and most convenient flight down to Jackson ville florida, our services speak alot about us so you can be rest assured that we would give your lady the best treatment that she could hope to get.
the information about the agency is as below TourWorld Nigeria
Isiaka Street
ijikoyijo, Lagos
2348062468321 All correspondence should be directed to Mr. Adeniran Adeoye, including the western union. We hope we have satisfactorily meet your request. Thank you for doing business with us. Yours sincerely
Adeniran Adeoye (Mr.)
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